sheer heaven

So I just put on one of my dresses and remembered it has FUNCTIONAL POCKETS and squealed like a guinea pig and jumped around in excitement and

Please imagine Robbie’s in one of his disguises and it’s this rly great dress and Stephanie sees that it HAS P O C K E T S and she’s just!! ecstatic!!!!! but Robbie’s confused until realization dawns and he remembers what dress shopping was like before he started just tailoring everything for himself personally


Everyone’s confused bcz “Robbie Rotten??!!” but he drags Stephanie back to his lair and immediately makes her a brand new dress exactly like her old one except P O C K E T S and she hugs him for like ten minutes and he doesn’t even mind bcz dresses with pockets are Sheer Heaven and then every time anyone has a dress or skirt or needs one they go to Robbie and he’ll give them pockets

Sportacus asks him for a pair of skorts with pockets one day and Robbie is thrilled

I need some help…

I know I don’t have many followers but this needs to get around. As a coach for a local swim team I am friends with a few youngsters. One in particular is 12 and insists that NICKLEBACK is better than QUEEN. Help me prove him wrong even though the whole freaking world knows the answer. Reblog and like. I need to prove something.

Somehow this is post-ep number 3 to 6.05… Huh. No warnings here really, save for the whole elevator situation and also some fairly purple prose. about 300 words. unbetaed (she’d never let me get away with this! hee!) Um, enjoy?


This doesn’t mean anything Blaine says one more time in his head. This means nothing.

But the truth is that’s in another universe.

In this universe, kissing Kurt has always cracked Blaine open. In this universe ‘nothing’ feels a lot like fireworks in his heart and waterfalls in his veins and bright, bright electricity in his nerves. Their lips meet, Kurt’s mouth soft and wanting. Everything slows. Every detail comes clear. Kurt’s hand, broad and mobile on Blaine’s shoulder, Kurt’s sweat and Kurt’s skin, delicate under Blaine’s fingers. Kurt’s heartbeat, quick against Blaine’s chest. All the things Blaine has closed his eyes to since Kurt’s return.  

There is no more elevator, no more horror show puppet, no more anything. The world could end and Blaine would still want to kiss Kurt forever.  

Perhaps fortunately, biology makes that impossible. They pull back. Blaine breathes. He starts to piece himself back together.

Kurt is still there in front of him, looking almost as young as he was when they first met. His eyes have lost their earlier wariness. Blaine understands that. What more is there to be careful of ?


This is not something Blaine planned for. He feels the tug of Kurt, feels answerable for his pain, longs to chase after Kurt’s touch and make all that hurt go away.

Instead he holds himself still. He can’t make this better and he can’t afford to make this worse.


It turns out This means nothing is completely untenable.

Blaine pulls on his clothes as he runs down the hall. He thought he could live this life he’s rebuilt. This three-quarter life where his voice is heard and his heart is safe. But he’s learning to look after himself better. He’s learning to listen. And every hidden part of him is shouting that he wants a whole life. Every hidden part of him is shouting Kurt’s name.  

The Bakes Of Wrath pt. 10: The Final

Summary: Lily Evans and James Potter are contestants on the 2015 Great British Bake Off. Lily is determined to beat James. James is determined to win. And to make good cakes. Rivalries and Twitter wars ensue.

I apologise for the fact that this took so long. My personal life has been busy, and I simply haven’t had time. There will be one more chapter, which I hope to have done in the next two weeks.

Full notes and the chapter are on the Ao3 here.

It probably should’ve been weird, getting the train up with Lily. James felt like it was supposed to be weird. But it wasn’t, and that was probably because they were living together, and once you’ve seen someone stumbling out of the bathroom in Hello Kitty pyjamas, boundaries tend to blur a little. They sat next to one another in silence, which probably should have been uncomfortable, but wasn’t. Lily got caught up on her reading. James pretended to do his, and instead doodled in the margins of his notepad. He could’ve kicked himself when he saw that what he’d drawn were the letters L.E in a little love heart.

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