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All right. Let’s get down to business.

Cg/l and its other forms are a huge slap in the face to those who have suffered some kind of sexual abuse, especially those victimized by a family member.

Why is that, you ask? Sit down and buckle up because Doa’s here to explain.

First, the entire base of the “kink” is pedophilia and incest. If you get off to people dressing, talking and acting like children then buddy I’ve got some bad news for you. That’s pedophilia, pal. There’s literally nothing you can say to change or defend that. This especially goes for dd/lg. You are the worst of the bunch. Your shit kink fetishsizes incest and pedophilia and if you don’t see the problem with that holy shit do you need special help.

Second, a lot of what I see is straight up abuse, even rape. And that’s much horrible. Like. If someone says “no”, you stop what you’re doing. You don’t say “you can’t say no to daddy” and keep going. You know what that is? Rape. Rape with a capital R-A-P-E. Beating/spanking someone until they cry and beg you to stop is also abuse. And if abuse gets you off you honestly need to not be around people.

Third, and this one is especially for the dd/lg crowd, you force your kink into public spaces and onto non-consenting people. If you pull your “daddy I want this stuffie pwease” bullshit in public where there are other people and CHILDREN around, you are forcing your kink down the throats of the non-consenting. If you reblog pictures of plushies and give captions like “this looks like something daddy’s little whore would like” you are forcing your kink down the throats of the non-consenting. And do you know what that is? Sexual harassment.

Fourth, the concept of “little space”. I can’t even begin to explain how fucking stupid that sounds and how offensive it is to people with actual age regression. Your mind doesn’t just decide to make you want to watch cartoons and make “grabby hands” at everything you want. I’m just. I’m too tired to get into full detail about this shit right now.

And now to get personal. I’m close with my father. I call him daddy. We watch Disney movies and cartoons together. I’m eighteen years old and it took me that long to get this way with my dad. I cherish everything we do together.

Imagine my devastation upon finding out about this festering malebolge of incestuous sexual abuse and sheer filth that is dd/lg. How everything my father and I do is sexualized by you abuse-apologizing fucks. How much it disgusted me and made my skin crawl. How much it made me sick as it mirrored my childhood sexual abuse by someone who called himself my caregiver and called me princess.

And, hey, I’m guilty when it comes to “fucked up” kinks. I won’t go into detail because that’s not why I’m typing this, but I’m far from vanilla. And that’s why it came as a shock when this godawful kink got so far under my skin.

I’m so disgusted with the lot of you. But what are you going to do? Go cry to your daddies about how mean the big spotty kitty is? Scream “but we’re consenting adults!!1!” until you’re hoarse? Ignore literally everything I’ve said and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about? You have no real argument, no good defense.

Keep your shitty kink out of public places and away from other people. Keep that shit off tumblr and away from survivors of the abuse that you’re roleplaying and fetishsizing.

Once more unto the breach…
Since the first North Sea Body Music (NSBM) EP crashed upon the shores of the more discerning dancefloors of Terra Firma in 2013, much has happened to Emile Strunz. Firstly, he made his live debut in Rotterdam headlining a show alongside cult electro act, Das Ding. Shortly after ‘Elan Vital’ from NSBM #1 was picked up by Andrew Weatherall for his Inter France broadcast, his mother tragically, horribly, succumbed to an aggressive cancer. He relocated in a bid to escape the harsh social and economic conditions of his native North East and to heal his grief, and successfully negotiated several challenges, barriers and tests to be appointed (in his daytime persona) as the spin doctor for the highest ranking official at Leicestershire Police. He then played shows in Newcastle, at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London, and in the middle of the New Forest, refining his performance to incorporate live percussion.
However, the confrontational polemic persona of Emile Strunz was deemed to be at odds with the sensibilities of the English Establishment, and he was accused of everything from holding extreme political views to being ‘a producer of pure pornography’, as his reputation was smeared and he was removed from this position and his main source of income on the grounds of “a breakdown of trust and confidence between employer and employee”. Battered, bruised, and betrayed, he returned to the calm of the New Forest to regroup, refocus, and rebuild.
In January, his epic 10 minute body-beat opus to addiction, desire and temptation, ‘People who you know (who can’t say no)’ was released on Ali Renault’s VIVOD imprint, and played by Erol Alkan on his Friday night show on BBC Radio 6 Music describing it as “an amazing record”, playing it in its ecstatic entirety. Emile then toured Russia playing to packed venues in Moscow and St Petersburg before preparing for two London gigs, first playing live alongside Timothy J Fairplay and Scott Fraser with Andy Blake and Amy Alsop on DJing duties, before he appeared alongside the legendary Test Department, closing the “Still The Enemy Within” event to mark the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike. A further live show at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room followed, before Emile jetted off to play the Magic Waves festival in Berlin.
Emile now returns with a second instalment of North Sea Body Music and three tracks of hypnotic, hard-hitting dancefloor tension.
‘Merck 274350’ – a Situationist reading of the impact of a chemical compound first synthesised before the First World War which transformed the social, cultural and economic landscape of the UK is body music writ large. With its propulsive piston-driven basslines, industrial-strength percussion, and a Germanic vocodered mantra, this Teutonic Panzer Tank of a track takes absolutely no prisoners – an electronic matter of fact statement inspired by the passing of time, fate, circumstance, and synchronicity. Holland’s misanthropic high priest of psychedelic , doomy, dark house & techno, Drugcvltvre, delivers a trippy interpretation, turning the track into a lysergic love letter to this iconic chemical catalyst, maintaining the dynamic bassline of the original but adding a nagging 303 line to deliver an explosive 3am dancefloor device.
‘One Step Closer to Heaven’ begins with a metronomic, rhythmic New Beat stomp and a nagging insidious synth refrain that recalls the more electronic side of New Order. Muscular synth riffs drop in and out of the mix, taking the track into dark EBM territory and ramping up the pressure before the influences of Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone come to the fore, propelling the track into a rapture of hypnotic celestial electronic disco.
So dip your toes once more in the North Sea Body Music of Emile Strunz and take One Step Closer to Heaven.

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What do you think of this synopsis for the next OuaT and the sheer filth implied? Enter the Dragon” – In order to infiltrate the Queens of Darkness as a spy for the heroes, Regina must prove she’s still willing to get her hands dirty.

Regina: And now, to prove I’m a true villain, I will ravish Snow White’s virginal daughter!

Emma: (whispering) Laying it on a bit thick, aren’t we?

Regina: Quiet. Don’t blow my cover.

Emma: Do the Queens of Darkness really have to watch?

Regina: …no?

Emma: Yes. If anyone asks, the answer is yes.