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Josh Keaton just very kindly allowed us a peek at some of the sweet merch he has in his studio!! It’s a family movie night drawing and a letter from Shiro to Josh accompanied by a drawing by Joaquim Dos Santos I’m melting ;A;


To the same extent as all of your unpleasant traits, your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me, it was blinding! To me, you were an amazing, inspiring person… who was even closer to me than All Might! And because of that, I always chased after you!!

Happy belated Birthday HT!! (@ukiinas) o((*^▽^*))o

my emotions are the following and the following only:

  • humor/everything is funny
  • super intense emo depression
  • want and NEED attention/super lonely
  • some sort of elation
  • complete and utter boredom / emptiness, numb, feel nothing, huge urge to do risky™ shit to feel something (95% of the time)

For me, it was the stuff of dreams. That is what you play football for. - Rio Ferdinand


Prompt: 82 “Looks like we’ll be stuck in here for a while” 75 “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Paring: Aaron x Reader


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As everyone seemed to clear out of the building you were slowly left to yourself completing paperwork. There was no need to go home, it’s not like there was anyone to go to anymore. Not even a dog to keep you company on the long nights. As the day drags on and the only noise accompanying you is Hotch in his office. Every now and then a sliver of his conversation with himself would waft into the office. Eventually all the paperwork is completed and it’s finally time to make your way out of the building. As you reach the elevators you hear someone call out behind you.

“Y/L/N, Would you like a ride? It’s quite late by now.” Hotch says reaching you at the elevator.

“That would be lovely thank you Aaron.” You say smiling back at his kind gesture. As you start descending the suddenly feel a jolt as you stop and the lights turn off. How cliche. Stuck in an elevator. You look towards Hotch your heart rate beginning to pick up as you suddenly become more afraid, feeling like the walls are closing in.

“Looks like we’ll be stuck in here for a while…” Hotch says staring at the doors and he tries, and fails, to pry to doors open. Oh god… Of all the people you could possibly be stuck in an elevator with it had to be him. You couldn’t deny your almost odd attraction to Hotch. There was just something about the way he held himself no matter what, how he always let some emotion slip through on cases but not enough to waver his decisions. Oh who are you kidding he’s basically a superhero in everyone’s eyes, and now you’re stuck in an elevator with him… You’re stuck in an elevator. As you quickly look around the small confined room you can feel your heart rate increasing even more than before.

“Y/L/N… Are you okay?” Hotch says and even the end of the sentence faded as your world faded to black. Feeling your body being shook slightly is what woke you up. When you opened your eyes, even with the emergency red light shining, you see Hotch looking at you from above. Then you realise he was holding your body and all your hairs stood on end.

“Y/N. Are you okay?” He repeats, this time using your actual name. Your eyes go wide hearing your actual name go past his lips. You slowly nod before looking around confirming your suspicion that you were in his arms.

“Oh god… What happened?” You say groaning slightly.

“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He says laughing slightly, obviously trying to make the situation lighter for you. You stammer to even put a sentence together. You now really can’t deny your attraction to him but you’re going to need to deny it right in front of him. As you picked your body up and lent against the wall you looked directly at him.

“Th-That wasn’t my intention, Sir.” You lower your gaze from his direct eye line feeling almost intimidated but slightly turned on by his gaze. He moves closer towards you, you stand up with your back against the wall. As you do this he stands up and closes most of the space between you two, your heels only making you a few inches shorter than him. 

“What do I have to do to get your attention then?” He whispers almost into your ear, however not really as he still isn’t close enough. Your hairs stand on end and goosebumps raise across your whole body at the tension in the space right now.

“M-My attention?” You seem to stammer out some words looking straight up at Hotch who is still towering over you with not much space left. He mutters a quiet and husky yes before he closes the space in between you two. As he presses his lips to yours his hands move to cup your face and your hands go straight to his waist. Your lips move in sync as your breathing becomes heavier and things start to stand to attention. You feel the surprisingly soft feel of his lips against yours and you both keep your hands in the same place until you run your hands slowly around his waist to the front of his belt. His member twitches at this movement and Aaron groans into the kiss. 

You both pull away from the kiss from a moment looking into each others eyes. You move your hands ever so slightly down towards his member and Aaron nods slightly before leaning into the kiss, this time making it harder and more passionate. Your hands slowly, and I mean excruciatingly slowly, undo Aaron’s belt, every time your fingers brush against his bare skin his member twitches and he groans a bit more into the kiss. Finally you full undo his belt and you quickly rip it away throwing it somewhere on the floor. Aaron’s hands move down from your cheeks towards your buttons. He goes slowly to give you chance to stop him just in case. As he undoes one, your body hungers for whatever is about to happen. You move your lips to his ear and whisper.

“Just tear my clothes off already.” As you speak you kiss underneath his ear and without a second of a doubt your shirt is torn away from your body leaving you in your bra and a pencil skirt. You pull back from kissing Aaron’s neck to see him just observing you, you reach up and remove his tie and start unbuttoning his shirt quicker than you thought. He places his fingers on your collarbone and runs them down your body, running in between your boobs and slowly down to the waistband of your skirt then down to the hem of it. He slowly pushes it up running his fingers up your thighs making you shake at the sheer lust of everything that was happening. As his finger makes it to the hem of your underwear he slowly moves his hand to the top of them and slowly pulls them down. 

“Why are you doing everything so slowly, just fuck me already Aaron.” You whisper hungrily into his ear. As you said this you feel the quick pleasure of one of his fingers as it enters you. Your gasp makes Aaron smirk as he begins to pump his finger inside of you. You fumble your way to his trousers quickly unbuttoning his trousers and pushing them, and his boxers simultaneously. As you push his boxers down his member grows to his extent and you look at it then back at Aaron smirking. As Aaron continues to pump his finger inside you can feel your growing orgasm build up. Aaron removes his fingers and then smirks at you. 

You then grab his shoulders and push him down onto the floor before climbing on top of him. You look into his eyes before lining yourself with Aaron and you slowly lower your body feeling Aaron’s member go inside of you. You moan feeling Aaron enter you as you hear him groan, this turning you on more. You begin to take control riding Aaron’s member. As Aaron groans more you start to slow down and he opens his eyes. He puts his hands on your hips and starts to give you a slight bit of help by moving your body and your riding his member.

“Fuck.. Y/N.. Faster.” Aaron groans as you adjust your feet so you can move faster and harder. Both of your groans fill the elevator as your building orgasms become more intense. Your movements become erratic as you begin to ride out your orgasm, you dig your nails into Aaron’s chest while still riding his member. The clenching of your walls on Aaron’s member causes his orgasm to trigger and he groans loudly into the air and you release your nails from Aaron’s chest. You climb off of his chest and you lay next to Aaron on the floor before you slowly start to laugh. 

“What are you laughing at?” Aaron asks rather afraid of you randomly starting to laugh.

“Ahh Derek owes me 50 bucks now.” You say remembering the conversation you had the other week.

“What did you bet on?” He asks now sitting up looking at you.

“I bet 50 bucks that you enjoyed being dominated. He lost.” You say laughing at the realisation at what just happened. 

“You bet on my sex life?” He asks rather amused now. You nod and start to laugh which triggers Aaron to start laughing. Then you realise, your sat naked in an elevator with your boss… after you just had sex. What the fuck just happened.


He Was Gone // Chapter 1

Hey there! So attempting a multi chapter because I got this idea and I really wanted to try it out… AU in which Jughead’s family move away from Riverdale abruptly under mysterious circumstances. Jughead was swept up in chaos and didn’t have time to say goodbye to his best friends.
A/N: This fic will take place in two different times so chapters will be labelled as Now/Then
Please let me know what you think my loves <3

Three years ago, Jughead Jones vanished.

He had been an ever-present force of happiness and friendship in Betty’s life. He meant a constant flow of greasy burgers and sickeningly sweet milkshakes, of dry humour and playful teasing, of too much imagination and too little time, of endless mischief and adventures, of mutual support and unconditional love…

And then he was gone.

Worse still, she had no idea why.

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Bloom (4/?)

It’s nice for the latest edition of The Happiest Pregnancy Ever! In this chapter, Belle and Killian discuss Gideon’s magic, leading Killian to freak out about what it might mean for his unborn child. Good thing he has Emma there, right?

Many thanks for @unfolded73 for the beta!


You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 4: Magic

There were many things that Killian believed the denizens of the Land Without Magic took for granted. Warm running water, the machines that kept the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and the sheer availability of everything – clothing, food, and information. The first time he’d stumbled across the food market, he’d marveled at the options. He could purchase fresh fruit and vegetables out of season, and there were spices from all over the world that cost barely any coin. Even better, he could use the magic box and “google”, as Emma and the boy called it, a variety of recipes which he could then follow in the kitchen. He still preferred books to the Google, but he marveled at how easily he could find information cobbled together by experts on this matter or that. 

It was his quest for more information by means of books that drove Killian to the library. He had a few texts tucked under his arm to return, and was intent on gathering more. Besides, he hadn’t spoken properly with Belle in a number of days, and he was eager to catch up with his friend. Unfortunately, when Killian entered the library, he found a mess of books scattered across the floor flung around the room, a shelf knocked haphazardly to its side.

Worry pricked at him, and he found himself reaching for the cutlass at his hip. It technically wasn’t proper regulation for the Sheriff’s deputy to carry a sword, but that was not a concession he was willing to make. Despite wearing the star of law enforcement, Killian was still a pirate, forever and always. A sword he would carry. He set down his stack of books, giving him free motion with his hooked arm. Should anything attack, he would be prepared.

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Stop all the Clocks (1/6)

Set in a semi-AU post season 5 world where they actually make it home before Killian gets sucked into the Land of Untold Stories. Because they deserved some slack after going through the Underworld. Chapters are sequential but for the most part can be stand-alone.

Warnings: Sexual content. (Like, I’m warning you away and I write smut sort of thing.) Vague, non-clinical descriptions of PTSD. 

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She’s shaking by the time they reach the house.

His Swan: his beautiful, strong, saviour of towns and slayer of demons, is shaking in his arms.

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I think I figured it out now that I heard others solo efforts: they had to quench z creativity in that band because if they have let him be himself and sing all the parts he should've sang others would have stood forgotten by everyone in the background and singing z back vocals. Imagine just bullying he must have gone through so that others mediocre asses could appear creative and better than him in that band. So glad he's far away from that and doesn't have to endure mediocre art anymore

TEA 📢 like my god, the sheer mediocrity of everything my ears have been forced to listen to these past weeks have made it shockingly clear how… not good the others are at this lmao. listening to an album like mom where it was so apparent who zayn is and what he wants/has to say versus niall’s middle of the road nothingness, harry aping every single rock artist who’s ever lived while telling us nothing of significance abt himself, and liam who is obviously pulling a miley except with even more embarrassing music under his belt. i’m agog. and continuing to thank god and jesus every day that zayn left that mess since it was quite obviously holding him back to the benefit of the others


amadeus cho really wants to destroy s.h.i.e.l.d

also let’s discuss ‘CHOwned’ and his bff the coyote as the mac symbol ok

There is no greater influence in the world than the Presence of a Radiant Enlightened Master in the flesh. Acknowledge this Power, unleash your electronic Presence all around you. If others, in their free will, create havoc in the world, we have every right to make our Light felt.

Such is the power of the Embodied Divine: your sheer Presence changes everything at atomic level, no need for permission. By the Law of Entrainment your frequency lifts the whole earth vibration immediately. Now. And now, and now, and now.

So, be your Radiant Self. What are you waiting for?