sheer chiffon blouse


Now you see it, now you see it again: 

Pt 2 Black magic

@quiltingmom requested a post about the sightings of Phryne’s beautiful sheer black chiffon blouse that makes an appearance in at least two episodes as well as the gorgeous publicity shots featured above (courtesy EC).

In Murder in Montparnasse (Season 1 Episode 7) Phryne wears it with a stunning diamond chocker to an up-market French restaurant where she and Jack have contrived to expose her past lover as the thief of a missing painting and a murderer.  As one who subjected her to abuse, for the first time Phryne appears vulnerable.

Jack does all he can to distract.  A touch…

And then…

That blouse has a lot to answer for, and the fandom is forever thankful.

The next sighting is in Season 2 Episode 2 Death Comes Knocking. Phryne has arranged for psychic and paranormal intervention to help a relative overcome traumatic events on the battlefields of WWI.

A sceptical Jack refuses to give credence to what everyone else can see:

Mrs B: True love must never be denied, Detective Inspector…

Inspector, believe what I say, for your own sake. The heart line never lies. You know that your greatest passion is very close at hand. Pursue it.

Phryne attempts to bring him to understand what lies beneath his resistance later…

And perhaps that gold bolero might be the subject of the next part in this series.