Mac OS? Yeah, it runs Quake 2.

Ported over by Logicware, this version of Quake 2 required Mac OS 9, and this time it doesn’t really have any charming Macintosh-specific eccentricities. It’s more or less identical to the Windows version. Was a bit of work to get playing nice with SheepShaver though, so I’m still posting a screenshot!

An official OSX port was released in 1999 by OmniGroup as a free download for owners of the PC version.

softchassis  asked:

Mind if I ask how you're playing all these Mac games? Is there an emulator for Windows?

Sure! I’m using a program called SheepShaver, which is part of a group of Macintosh emulators for Windows/Mac/Linux. It can be tricky because you need both a ROM file and a copy of the OS you plan to run.

SheepShaver is for running PowerPC-based Macs, Mac OS 7 through 9. The other two big ones are Mini vMac (which emulates earliest, black-and-white versions) and Basilisk II (versions 7 through 8 basically). Check out E-Maculation for information about setting them up. That site has great documentation… and basically the only documentation.

As far as the ROM files, there are two types: Old World (generally for use with older versions of the operating system) and New World (usually PowerPCs, for use with SheepShaver). These are technically illegal unless you’ve obtained them from an actual Macintosh, so unfortunately I can’t really link to them.


In which Lion Entertainment sneak in a little something for the home crowd.

Strangely enough, I have no idea where this is actually stored. It’s not in the GRP or CON files to my knowledge, and curiously absent from the CD. Maybe it’s embedded in the executable?

Border and subtitle font taken from the XBLA version of the game. Recorded from a Mac OS 9 install running in SheepShaver.

Special Thanks to Retro Gamer Magazine for alerting me to the existence of this egg with their article “The Bluffer’s Guide to Mac Gaming” in issue 90.