sheeps brain

Insomnia (the 3rd and final movement)

Trying to sleep,
Counting some sheep.
Brain’s all a'mess;
I’m starting to stress!

Yearning to doze,
Brain spasm grows.
No rest in sight;
That Sandman’s a shite!

Bored of this crap,
I must have a nap.
So then I guess…
I’ll try to “de-stress”!

No sleep from that,
I reach for the cat.
Wipe down my middle,
Then kick out sweet Tiddles.

Losing my rag,
My sanity sags.
My thoughts scream and ache:
“God, why? For fuck’s sake?!”

I start work at eight,
It’s getting too late
For even an hour!
…I’ll jump in the shower.

But fate’s quite a trip;
In shower I slip.
Crack open my head
And fuck me, I’m dead!

At last, off I go
And blood starts to flow.
My dreams down the drain
With bits of my brain.

And so, in the end
The moral dear friends
Is: showers are shitty,
Just make do with kitty.

anonymous asked:

you can't really blame the new blogs for being fucking stupid, with the way leafys content has gone so far downhill they just take after his idiocy:/

…ik like i hope calvin realizes that the more and more he makes these bad videos, he’s is killing off the good side of his fanbase. now, his fanbase is half brain-dead sheep or 12 year olds w/ a lack of maturity and critical thinking skills, example being the new blogs, and the other half are people sucking his dick so hard for notices on twitter and pretending everything is okay. and the good side of his fanbase, he’s just pushing away more and more. 

A goat is a worrying thing if you’re used to sheep, because a goat is a sheep with *brains*. But Tiffany had met goats before, because a few people in the village kept them for their milk, which was very nourishing. And she knew that with goats you had to use persykology. If you got excited, and shouted, and hit them (hurting your hand, because it’s like slapping a sack full of coat hangers) then they had Won and sniggered at you in goat language, which is almost all sniggering anyway.
—  Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full Of Sky

More detailed brain scans reveal that the brain is more complicated than we thought! And cloned sheep might be healthier than we thought!

In the Flesh Questions/We Need Season 3

Having watched all of “In the Flesh”, I have questions. A lot of questions. Questions that need to be answered with more ITF.

1) Did The Rising only happen in Britain/to British people? 

2) Why is Roarton the site of the First Risen?

3) Was Amy the first to Rise, or Kieren?

4) What caused the Rising?

5) What will happen with Victus now? Has news of what Maxine Martin did spread?

6) Who are the people digging up Amy, and why?

7) Who is the Undead Prophet?

8) If PDS sufferers don’t/can’t eat, how do they subsist and how do they eat sheep’s brains?

9) Who else did Kieren tell about Gary’s attack on him? 

10) What will Jem do with her life now?

11) What happens at the treatment centers?

12) How are other countries dealing with PDS, if it does in fact affect other countries (See Question 1)?

And this is just a sampling! I definitely have more questions. The most important of which is WHEN ARE WE GETTING SEASON 3?!?!? 

(If you have answers, feel free to reply). 


26th~28th Apr, 2016 I have definitely been slacking with original posts these days…had some bad days 😓😓 

On Tuesday (26th), after uni I pretty much only had time to do my midterm take home for linguistics (it’s an exam but we do it at home in our OWN time and we have 24hours to do it, though that’s not true at all because I mean, we’ve still got uni?!). It was really hard 😰📝 

Wednesday’s photo (27th) was me studying bio in the library during a break. Dissected a sheep’s brain and a cow’s eye that day! ☺️💻🔬 I love dissecting eyes <- damn I sound crazy hahaha 

Thursday (28th): spent quite a while redoing my psych online quiz to get 100%, but I got there in the end 👍🏻

Remember that even if you have bad days, that doesn’t mean you’ve got a bad life. 

I read that from a tumblr post somewhere haha I know people usually don’t read the descriptions properly, at least I only skim through and look at the photos, but I always end up writing essays of descriptions because I was never good at summarising—I guess if anyone’s ever curious as to what I was studying– 

Okay, wherever you are, I hope you’re having a good day, or if it’s night, then goodnight, have a good day tomorrow ❤️❤️❤️