hello wow so i recently hit my goal and i’d like to thank all you little blond peoples. amazing. SOOO in honor i thought i’d do an awards

rules (real easy stuff)

  • mbf the pimp
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count but you can use them as a bookmark )
  • talk to me if you want 


  • best theme
  • best original posts 
  • best url 
  • cutest people 
  • honorable mentions
  • it was kinda like she was a big lesbian werewolf award


  • followback  (if not already)
  • ill tell you an inappropriate joke upon request 
  • unlimited selfie/post reblogs for a month (tag me or ask)
  • spot on my blog for a month
  • ill date you probably 

if this gets no notes don’t mention it ever it will bring me great sadness. any questions hmu 

okay so since I reached my goal(5K) I decided to do a tumblr awards(yay!)
the rules are normal:
mbf: me facebookstaff
reblog this post
likes don’t count and will not be counted
it’s that easy woo!!

the categories are:
best url:
cutest people:
nicest people:
best mobile theme(bc no computer):
my faves:
overall best:

the rewards are:
a follow from me if I’m not already
post reblogs upon request
selfie reblogs
a chance to enter my network the pokedex network
my friendship
anything else within reason
creds to me for the banner

if it doesn’t get notes well forget about it