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So how are the modern!soulmates getting on?

(( Let’s peek in on them shall we? ;) ))

Gold fidgeted beside Belle. His soul mate. The one whose name had been on his hand since he was 18. It seemed so surreal. She looked at him with a small smile.

"Are you alright?"

"Of course, Dearie. I just…I don’t much like flying."

"Me niether." She admitted. "This is the first time I’ve flown first class before though."

"Well I couldn’t have us riding in coach could I? Too cramped."

He stretched out his right leg as if to punctuate that. He gave her a sheepish smile that looked almost shy as she eyed his ankle curiously.

"Old injury." He explained. "Never healed properly."

"We all have those." Belle said with a smile. "Just not all visible."

Gold blinked, his heart stuttering in his chest. He was grown. He should not be feeling like a lovestruck schoolboy. But here he was, sitting beside this petite brunette looking at the clouds out the window who he now knew liked to read and write and wanted to travel and he was considering giving her the library just to see her smile like that again. He owned it. It would be easy.

"So where have you flown before?" He asked in an attempt to make conversation and not be so pathetic beside the woman he was destined to be with.

Belle blinked at him, as if surprised he’d asked. “Oh. Nowhere exciting. This route actually. Storybrooke to Manhatten and back.”


"Yep. Every holiday season and summer." She didn’t look like she would continue, but he tilted his head at her in general interest and she did. "My parents. They uh…they divorced when I was young. So I did a lot of flying back to Storybrooke to see Dad."

"I assume you called to tell him you were coming back."

"Oh yes! He’s very excited. He’s preparing my old room. And I think Ruby’s already got a girls night planned."

Suddenly she was giggling, and Gold frowned. “What?”

"Nothing I just wish I could have seen their faces. Apparently you being my soul mate is surprising.

He couldn’t imagine why. But then Belle was the one looking shy, and he realized perhaps he was not the only one who had been instantly smitten. Gold tried not to stare as she looked back out the window and traced his name on her palm absently. Without even having to look. It stirred something in him he hadn’t felt in far too long. He was turning into a fool.

A damn fool.

To hell with it.

"Belle?" His voice cracked but she still turned to him. "Would you like a library?"

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You already know what I'm going to ask for but I'm going to ask anyways; Cousin and/or Davesprite, doing literally anything as long as it's cute OTL

You stare at the cake for a long, long time. Probably too long, all things considered, as his face starts to fall and look sheepish, before you can kick your damn birdbrain into gear.

"…was it a dumb idea?" He asks, shrinking back a little. "It was a dumb idea, wasn’t it? I’m sorry, I just figured you’d think it was funny. It’s still good cake, though! I mean, Jane helped, so it’s not… poisounous or…"

You reach in and kiss the dumb adorable bastard into submission.

On the table, the brightly orange fondant-covered cake reads: WILL YOU BE MY ROMANTIC SIDEQUEST?

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39 for Zach and Kaidan? :)

(I hope you don’t mind that this one got sappy as hell.)

39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

Shepard looked up from the task of scarfing down Kaidan’s cornbread muffins, blinking owlishly; he’d stopped in the middle of buttering the remaining muffin while still in the process of chewing the first one he’d stolen. “Fhowwy?”

Kaidan rolled his eyes. “No you’re not.” Trust Shepard to start stealing his food while Kaidan was distracted with the matching game the staff provided on cheap datapads for people to amuse themselves with.

First date since the galaxy had been saved - first date since Shepard had gotten out of the hospital, with a prosthetic arm and a haunted look in his eyes - and already things were starting to feel a little normal again.

Looking sheepish, Shepard tried to hand Kaidan the muffin he’d been smearing butter on, but Kaidan sighed and dismissed it with a wave. “No, you go ahead.” Just how was Shepard managing to hold the thing without getting butter on his fingers at that point — oh. He was getting butter on his fingers. Pff.

What a big, dorky, impossible dumbass.

Shepard swallowed the remainder of the muffin and set down the one he’d been drowning in butter, giving Kaidan a long, curious look. “You’re smiling.”

"Heh." Yeah, Kaidan supposed that he probably was. "There’s reason to, though."

A soft smile - sad, and gentle, and so full of relief and contentment that it indirectly showed just how tired Shepard had been towards the end of the war - spread across Shepard’s scarred, angular face. He reached out with his cybernetic hand, which was still a little stiff from him not being used to using it just yet, and placed it gently over Kaidan’s left hand, tracing the gleaming band of titanium on Kaidan’s ring finger with his thumb.

"Yeah," he said. "There is."

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"I saw this at the new store downtown and thought you might like it," Lin said as professionally as she could but kept her eyes on the ground as she held out a small bag containing a green tank top made of bamboo. She figured the soft material would be nice to workout in however she failed to realize how affectionate the small act probably looked.

With a look of befuddlement on her face, Kuvira looked at the bag that was being offered towards her and then at the surprisingly sheepish police chief in front of her. This was a sight she never thought was possible. Lin Beifong? Flustered?

She blinked a few times before reaching out and taking the offering.

"Thank you?" Her eyes flickered down at the contents of the back. "What’s this for?"


artist: aot7
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DIY Easy Knit Bow Ring Pattern and Tutorial from One Sheepish Girl here. This is a beyond easy DIY even if you are a beginner knitter - size 6 needles, and less than 20 rows. If you don’t knit she has these on sale at her Etsy store for $15 here. At the end of the post she adds: *Note: This pattern is meant for personal use. Please do not reproduce for sale. First seen at Saved by Love Creations here.


He smiles widely all the time we’ve estabilished that.. not to mention the fact that he looks dashing at all times.. but when it comes to him and smiling don’t you just love this sheepish, boy-ish, cute, closed-mouthed-no-teeth smile..? I mean, I love his big smile, but my heart melts when I see him look like this..