This day was blessed! Haha! I mean, I had a great day today. I watched Star Trek— which I was craving for since last month. Lol.
Although I’ve just watched it by myself, it was still fun. I know you don’t get it, but maybe some of you know that we still need some “alone time”, right? I dated myself this day. I treated myself a good—Awesome, I mean!—movie and a tasty cup of icecream (which is my favorite, so far!)
After that, I went straight home and then I watched some TWD and Doctor Who episodes (not the DW season finale yet!) I was just killing some time since I had to leave again for a dinner and dance party for our church. The weather contributed too on how my day was blessed. It was warm this day. Not too hot, not too cold either. It was basically my ideal weather! Haha.
I had so much fun this day even though I just spent it by myself.

Sometimes, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.