modern bagginshield au: sheep on the tracks

Thorin Durin is on his way to Wellington, but not even the bucolic view out his window or the prospect of visiting his sister and nephews can lift him from his mood as the train stalls for sheep on the tracks. That is, until another train pulls to a stop next to his to reveal a gorgeous stranger just across the tracks. And when the man looks up and catches his eye with a smile– Thorin’s day gets more interesting.

insp. by thorinshielding (x)

sheep on tracks au

where bilbo and thorin are both on trains that stop because of sheep and they spot each other across the train windows and hit it off, with bilbo writing messages on his notebook and holding it up to the window so thorin can see and thorin trying to hide behind his newspaper pretending to not sneak glances bc damn that man is cute 

  • Aries:Maybe if I hit my head against the wall multiple times I'll fall asleep
  • Taurus:Stumbles downstairs to make some tea
  • Gemini:Calls their friends and complains about how they can't sleep, eventually tires themselves
  • Cancer:Grabs a couple of stuffed animals and cries themselves to sleep
  • Leo:Takes a couple (dozen) sleeping pills
  • Virgo:Counts sheep, loses track, starts over
  • Libra:Changes pajamas into very fluffy ones and has a full on fashion show until 6 am
  • Scorpio:Masturbates until they tire themselves
  • Sagittarius:Punches wall, breaks hand and makes a dent in the wall
  • Capricorn:I shouldn't have taken Adderall fuck
  • Aquarius:Tries to astral project
  • Pisces:Can't stop shifting positions, eventually reaches for the Xanax

Sandy was a Shetland Sheepdog, and while they were more fit to be herding and tracking sheep over grassy plains rather than rabbits and deer through dense forest, it didn’t stop me from taking him with me on every excursion I possibly could. Sandy had been by my side for enough hunting trips that he’d grown accustomed to waking up just before breaking daylight, and on a few occasions helped track down small game like squirrels and rabbits through considerably large areas of forest.

Sandy wasn’t my property, and wasn’t treated like he “belonged” to me. Sandy was a member of the family, my best companion, and my truest friend. I think fondly back on all the times he’d sit in the front seat of the truck without being told, ready to go for a walk in whatever part of the forest I took him to. I can honestly say that there will never be a dog that will fill the void Sandy left in my life. I find that dog lovers relate to that sentiment more than others. []

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