‘Double Black’ and ‘Sheep Song’

I really feel the need to appreciate how the creators of ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’ have used the poetry/prose of the respective authors to influence their ability. Some high quality analysis must have been put in to create and translate this onto paper. Please forgive this rant, I’m an English student and can’t help it…

The character of Chuuya has a chant that comes from Nakahara’s ‘Sheep Song’, everyone knows that, but the rest of the poem almost describes the effect of corruption after it has been nullified. For example, when we know the line ‘O acquaintances, grantors of dark disgrace,do not wake me again!’ activates corruption the rest of the poem becomes more interesting. The narrator describes his arms, which are ‘seeming already useless.’ and his eyes that ‘open doubtfully’ and ‘stay motionless for a while’. This is reflected in Chuuya’s exhaustion after corruption is finished. The writers of BSD have done a great job translating that into their own character of Chuuya, with corruption having it’s physical effects that will kill him if not nullified. 

Similarly, there is important insight into the character they have created from looking at the original works of the author, personality traits are reflected in the newly created characters. The narrator in ‘Sheep Song’ says his heart ‘believes in others more than itself.’ and this also, has been very cleverly translated into the manga as seen in Chuuya’s trust in Dazai to stop corruption when he has no control. The poem ends on a sombre note, with the narrator saying ‘I enjoy nothing anymore but my wretched dreams.’ Loneliness seems to be a bit of a motif in Nakahara’s poetry, and to an extent, this was also translated into BSD when Chuuya’s character was left without the person who can eventually stop him from destroying himself, or maybe the character is just very lonely.

To conclude, I appreciate the writers of BSD for analysing these wonderful author’s works and translating them so well into a form for the modern generation to enjoy. I hope this gets others into reading poems and literature from both Asian and European/American authors, as the original works are amazing, and in my opinion, this manga has done a great job to almost immortalise these authors and their works, and translate them into a story all can enjoy. BSD creators, I salute you!      

Hello Studyblrs!

I haven’t posted for a while, I had some personal problems going on, and during times like these its hard to keep up with social media.
I am almost done with the 100 days of productivity challenge so I decided to start again + start a completely new challenge.

Btw, check the picture I took yesterday during our lab session, we finally got to do some dissecting, its a sheep heart, it is very similar to the humans heart, studying on it helped us a lot for our cardiovascular chapter!


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Hi I was wondering if you know where I can find a pic of Yixing with sheepheart that I could use for my lockscreen?

original photo (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) or you can google it ‘Lay - 150212 Beijing Airport, departing for Guangzhou’ // for edited version you can check out my tags :)

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It’s this sheep’s lucky day! Open heart surgery to fix a broken heart was a huge success and the lamb is expected to make a full recovery. 💔🐑✂️
I finally found a use for one of three sheep hearts that have been taking up space in the freezer since 2015. I made an incision into the right ventricle and practiced various suture patterns in preparation for my upcoming surgery and anaesthesia OSCEs. The heart muscle is a surprisingly good tissue for suture practice because it’s so strong and doesn’t tear easily. I managed to perfect my simple interrupted, cruciate, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, simple continuous and buried simple continuous. I even had a crack at a lumber and halstead pattern and was satisfied with the result. The only pattern I found tricky on the heart is the ford interlocking because it just everts too much.




AUTHOR: hiddlemediddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki taking a relaxing train ride with you..

RATING: T (13+)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Inexplicably fluffy.

The trees that had once been in such close proximity to you now slowly faded away as the train began to move along the tracks. The wind proceeded to move the trees from one direction to another, the countryside expanding further and further as your eyes ventured across the rich landscape of farmland. The train station and the train itself with its tracks seemed to be the only objects made by man, while the curves of the hills and the flowers blooming across the grass were made by the hands of mother nature herself.

You found it gratifying to be away from the stress of the city, the shouts of people along the streets. You felt the remnants of your stress culminate within your stomach. You had suffered social anxiety for as long as your brain permitted you to remember - today had been one of the days where you had felt constricted within a meeting that morning. You had called your boyfriend, Loki, to tell him of your imminent panic attack, to which he left a small cafe he had near inhabited as you attended such meetings. You had calmed, thankfully, away from the array of faces and proximity of work colleagues to be alone with the most recognisable and comforting of all faces.

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Lay - 170820 Weibo account update: “老绵羊小绵羊随心变 来微博 看我的故事”

Translation: “Old sheep young sheep change of heart, come to Weibo, watch my story”

Credit: 努力努力再努力x.