Sx/Sp Problems

Yes yes the instinctual variant that combines with your enneagram

  • waking up hugging your pillow
  • (and to the same snarky personality that you have)
  • like wtf
  • sx-dominants are relationship-focused 
  • but on the other hand they don´t really like other humans (the social instinct is our blind spot… Think Wolverine)
  • single or taken, they struggle eternally, especially the introverts among them
  • “I want to be alone!” - “I need someone…” (Sx moods. Seriously.)
  • Another problem is noise 
  • caused by - you guessed it - humans
  • no! music doesn´t count (btw. they have the most extreme tastes…)
  • yeah so contradictory
  • Sx/sp ppl are thug-sheeps, the fluffiest monsters out thereヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ
  • what? that sounds problematic.
  • they´re the type to want to go to the club because clubs are fun… but without the other people there
  • no! the dj doesn´t count.
  • dancing alone is sx/sp territory, it´s a good way to let out all the energy that is tearing them apart from the inside 
  • they excel @ nice moves because the sx instinct rules attraction force (they can make it look good, good dance needs an appropriate vibe)
  • but on the other hand
  • (again)
  • sx rules repulsion as well!!
  • they know exactly what they like and dislike and that´s hard because it makes them stubborn and self-centred
  • it hurts and overwhelms others. they have to learn to accomodate
  • but being a 50% person isn´t the way they roll
  • keep it 300 like the romans spartans
  • intense characters bring bad habits
  • Have my signature phrase:
  • ★ ★ ★  Badass until they close dat coffin!  ★ ★ ★

Stay tuned, everybody. My “Perks of being Sx/Sp” post is in progress. Also: Request the other variants if you like. <3

FOTOoftheDAY134: She broke my heart in two… For once this phrase is literal.  Here is a bisected sheep heart.  The heart is extraordinarily intricate and amazing organ.  So much has been attributed to  el corazon.  Here it is, in its clinical glory, cut in half and open for display.  I could say so much about what is seen here, but I will leave that to the picture.  And…fear not,there is no heartbreak over here.


“A Sheep, with Heart.”

The paper is from the fibers of red onions, made by me.  

The story behind this journal is that I didn’t intend for it to be a sheep.  I cut out the heart originally, and that was going to be the cover.  Then I decided I wanted a background for the heart.  I changed the arrangement, and voila- sheep heart!  It took me awhile to see it.  I showed it to other people and they were certain it was a surreal animal.  I believe it’s quite cute, what do you think?