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Criminal Consultants here to help!

Greetings earthlings. My cohort and I, aptly nicknamed Sherls and Watson, are here to serve.

We are third year Forensic Science majors in Canada, amongst other things. After the beauties that are @scriptmedic, @scriptlawyer, @scriptecology, and @scriptphysicist, we felt it is time to take up the torch against crime scenes, death scenes, and police conduct.

We are by no means experts, not yet anyways, but do have a knowledge broader than the average joe. Plus oodles and oodles of professors to bother and a healthy relationship with Google Scholar (all hail the Google God!!).

Please, if death has has got you down, if crime as confounded you, if you aren’t quite sure exactly how the blood hits the fan (read wall) we are officially here to help.

  • Garth- Guess what this sweater's made out of.
  • Sam- *rolls eyes* let me guess, boyfriend material?
  • Garth- Nope ^^ 100% wool
  • Garth-
  • Garth- I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing
  • Sam-
  • Garth-
  • Garth- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((WELP I HAVE TO SLEP NOW XDDD I just spent around 5 hours drawing this ErrInk fusion but I’m so happy with it ;u;u;u;))
((Error belongs to @loverofpiggies))
((Ink belongs to @comyet))
((I ship them because of @miya-sheep‘s AMAZING comics(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧))
((Well, gotta go to slep))
((goodnight, mah friends))

In which Chapter 52 is pure GOLD, but this takes the cake because Jamie’s dirty talk and Father oh-look-it’s-a-sheep Fogden would take too long to type up.

“Stay here, the both of ye, and dinna stir a foot or I swear I’ll beat ye senseless.”

Without pausing for a response, he whirled and strode back through the trees, towards the beach.

Marsali and I exchanged stares, which were interrupted a second later, when Jamie, breathless, hurtled back into the small clearing. He grabbed me by both arms, and kissed me briefly but thoroughly.

“I forgot. I love you,” he said, giving me another shake for emphasis. “And I’m glad you’re no dead. Dinna do that again!” Letting go, he crashed back into the brush and disappeared.

Finally! ! A lyric comic to one of my fav songs for one of my fav games :) the comic starts around 1:45 in the song, god imagine how long this would be if if i did the whole song? anyways, enjoy!! more under the cut :)

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anonymous asked:

I'm kinda glad bleach ended horribly because I can now see who are the real bleach fans, like I've seen IHs praising it because Kubo made them canon and they calling themselves real bleach fans. I'm not the one to choose pairings since Kubo said he wasn't doing romance and to see this cliche ending made me barf for not only for the pairings but the horrible development on characters.

when the only good thing about an ending is the pairing that’s when you know you’ve messed up. some IHs may think that IR shippers only criticize the ending cuz of the ships but i wish that were true. even if you disagree about character development, no one on this god damn earth can tell me that the art for the ending was fine. that was the ugliest art bleach has ever gotten and it showed how much effort was put into it. and that’s only the surface.