sheep too


“this is getting a little personal”. i love pet names. look at this cutesy crap.
guys, i promise, i have dark stuff on the way. this… isn’t it.
(apologies to any polish-speakers out there… feel free to correct me if I use words wrong!)

just wondering (can we be friends?)

Synopsis: There is no way you had a crush on Daniel. Absolutely not. No matter how many times you drunk dial Seongwoo saying that you did nor how many signs get shoved in your face. Nope.
Member: Daniel/Reader
Word Count: 6,727
Notes: i definitely wrote this for @yugenvevo and definitely not because i’m weak for daniel. that sounds fucking stupid, being weak for him… honestly, my french anon, i wrote this for you too. for all the daniel hoes, how about that. now to fling myself into the sun. goodbye. enjoy.

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Exchange your number

Pls with all the love in the world write more doyoung !! Can you do one about doyoung in collage and the reader is a exchange student? You can literally do anything I just want to read more doyoung :“) thank you !! 

Doyoung is the most distracting tour guide in the history of forever.

YO I WILL WRITE. all the doyoung for the end of time. because he’s my bias you know gotta write the bias and not anyone else definitely not lty or anything. This is short but i liked it short so I hope you enjoy ^^

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Something I wanted to clear up. I know this isn’t the case for all but personally when I say I miss Yixing it not because I don’t keep up with every show, ad, movie, or album he puts out. I miss him with his brothers and I’m just pointing out that I want them to unite in the future…

how did this even happen

soooooo I’m taking a break from my heist novel because the plot-tweaking process for that was getting frustrating and demoralising and I wanted to give myself something to do for a while that was not designing a complex con

so I thought

how about I write a short, fun, decidedly unserious gay romance novel!

kissing! disguises! lies! emotions! a whole lot of sex!

that will be just the kind of relaxing break I need!

it is now a week later and I have outlined every scene except for one, for which the description just reads [INSERT THE FUCKING CON HERE] because I have somehow managed to plot myself into a corner of my ABSURD ROMANCE NOVEL where A CON IS NECESSARY FOR PLOT REASONS because I am a deeply ridiculous human being and should not be allowed near a keyboard.