sheep stare

The signs when they can't sleep at night
  • Aries: plays the day over in their head
  • Taurus: lays in bed staring at the ceiling
  • Gemini: goes on their phone
  • Cancer: starts overthinking
  • Leo: thinking of outfits to wear
  • Virgo: reading a book
  • Libra: stalks people on tumblr
  • Scorpio: thinks of scenarios in their head
  • Sagittarius: counts sheep
  • Capricorn: stares out window
  • Aquarius: tries to get comfortable in bed
  • Pisces: daydreams
When the Signs Can’t Sleep At Night

Aries: Plays the day over in their head.
Taurus: Lies in bed staring at the ceiling.
Gemini: Screws around on their phone.
Cancer: Starts overthinking.
Leo: Thinks of outfits to wear.
Virgo: Reads a book.
Libra: Stalks people on tumblr.
Scorpio: Thinks of scenarios in their head.
Sagittarius: Counts sheep.
Capricorn: Stares out window.
Aquarius: Tries to get comfortable in bed.
Pisces: Daydreams.


some demon sheep I designed. They are based on finnsheep since that’s the breed I’m most familiar with. Probably different breeds will have different designs and so on.

Notable things:

- sheep generally have front teeth only in their jaw. It looks absolutely hilarious and they hate when you find it out. They also have cloven hooves with really cute pink pads you just want to squeeze. 

- finnsheep have smol tail and proper horns are rare among them, even for the rams. Usually they have only small stumps which will fall off all the time. Some will get lucky tho.

- a flock of sheep staring at you in the dark is one of the most horrifying things you will ever see. Sheep’s pupils are split horizontally and look cool as heck (always here to debunk “bill is the goat because of the eyes” myth at your service).

[ Uncivilized Science ]

The sheep was staring at him.

Although Wheatley had been prepared for the chickens, their eyes as soulless as their foreboding cluck, he hadn’t been prepared for the sheep. It was only one. A fluffy, stout creature whose own plague of off-white cotton was so out of control that he couldn’t even see the eyes of the animal. That didn’t stop the core from having an intense staring contest with it.

“… Lady?” In a faint and troubled voice, the core called out toward the woman beside him. She had set him on a rock what felt like some time ago, only a few yards away from a worn wooden fence that split this field from their field. It was a mishmash of just alien creatures, overwhelming him to the point where awe became touched just so slightly with fear.

He didn’t see any of those horses yet, but there were plenty of massive splotchy animals on hooves alongside the fluffy, smaller counter-parts. The chickens she had warned him about seemed to be free-ranging along the fence, pecking and scratching busily in the turf without much concern of the woman and her strangely animated object.

“Lady, I think it’s plotting something.” The ears of the sheep, little more then puffs of white amongst white, swivelled forward ominously. His voice dropped to a stage-whisper, refusing to look away from the animal to check if Chell had even looked up from her busy scribbling. “I think it’s plotting something.”

getting in a fight with calum after he said some things he didn’t mean so you had demanded he slept on the couch for the night. you crawled into bed, already missing his strong arms around your waist and his face nuzzled gently into your neck but you knew you couldn’t give in to him. he was being an ass and he had to know that you weren’t going to take it. hours of ceiling-staring and sheep-counting had passed when you figured, “fuck it.” you climbed out of bed and padded down the wooden stairs of your shared home to find calum asleep on the couch, his knees curled up towards his chest and a shirt of yours being used as a pillow. without a word, you nestled up beside him, taking his head into your arms and playing with his dark hair. although you were sure he was fast asleep, you could’ve sworn you’d seen his sleepy lips turn up into a little grin, knowing you were happy with him again.