sheep pics


Saturday 05/12/15 • 56/100 days of productivity

Not sick anymore, yay. I went to Judo yesterday evening and only my sore throat is worse, but my headache is gone, so i’m happy💪🏼😁.

My day till 12:01 in pictures 🙆🏼

1st pic: My breakfast 🍌🍯, tea and my biology homework.
2nd pic: biology to do list for my next testweek 📒.
3rd pic: I read ‘De Ontdekking van de Hemel’ by Harry Mulisch 📖. And i really liked my socks in combination with my sheep blanket thing 🙈🐑.
4th pic: I rewrote my biology notes and now i’m going to take notes on the respiratory system, thanks to Crash Course. While I enjoy my cacao chocolate milk ☕️ and the ‘Donny Craves’ oatmeal cookies 👌🏼🍪.

Have a nice day everybody! 💕💕