sheep pics


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I went to the Del Mar Fair yesterday with my friend visiting from Fallbrook. I saw some baby sheep, a donkey, a ram, and one baby goat (who had an itch). I did see a few other animals that were not pictured (chickens, cows, piglets, alpacas, rabbit, guinea pigs, horses, and two adult goats) but I will be going back on Wednesday with other friends so I’ll make sure to take more animal pics.


An explosion of lambs happened! Two white goats and five pygmy goats were born… and the other Nubian goat even got four lambs to raise! Two need a bit of help to ensure they drink enough but they’re doing very well!

Now it’s waiting for two landrace goats to give birth, and after that the many sheep!

(Bonus pic underneath of the mother Nubian goat being a huge derp)

Edit: And I forgot this precious one of the white billies. They’re way too cool.