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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 9.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: Wow…I can’t believe this story is ending next part LOL. I was going to dump the entire finale into one massive last part, but I got too antsy and wanted to release what I have now instead of rushing myself to finish everything in one go xD hope you all don’t mind waiting in anxiety one last time (for this series) ~ Enjoy! <3 And thank you so much for the birthday wishes ~ it is my birthday today hehehe

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          “What’s Forrest Gump’s password?”


           "1forrest1!” Jin cackled excitedly.

           Most of the other students giggled along while others shook their heads, fighting back a smile. Kim Seokjin had always broken the ice with humor, and more or less, it had always worked for him in getting people to begin a friendship.

           But that wasn’t the case with you.

           He first saw you walking with a book attached to your face on the first day of school, freshman year. He had to admit he was curious as to how exactly you were avoiding people so well and concentrating on the words on the page. Coincidentally enough, as he followed you (not because he wanted to), he realized you were heading to the same exact class.

           And you irked him.

           And Kim Seokjin wasn’t one to be irritated easily.

           BUT you never reacted to his humor, so he found himself beginning to seek your approval when he’d hit the punch lines to every joke, to every pun. Whenever your face remained emotionless and unfazed, he would find himself annoyed. Kim Seokjin always made people laugh and he wasn’t going to ruin his streak so early in his life.

           "Hi, I’m Kim Seokjin. You can call me Jin.“ He finally mustered the courage to introduce himself to you despite your standoffish aura.

           Your eyes traveled up to him briefly before returning to your book. "Hi.”

           He stood there awkwardly with his hand outstretched. “Um and your name?”

           "Y/N.“ You replied curtly, clearly not taking the bait to invest in a conversation.

           He pursed his lips. "Hey, you’re smart, right?”

           You simply raised an eyebrow at him skeptically.

           "See if you can answer this.“

           You closed your book slightly, meaning you were intrigued. He grinned widely, and pulled a chair in front of your desk.

           "I travel all over the world, but always stay in my corner. What am I?”

           You hummed for a few seconds then replied, “A stamp.”

           "Crap.“ he hissed. "You’re good. How about… what kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?”

           You yawned and opened your book back up, already losing interest. “A coat of paint.”

           Jin panicked, feeling like he was losing his only chance to gain your approval. “And why did the cow cross the road??”

           You exhaled. “To get to the other side.”

           "No, no, no.“ Jin wagged his finger confidently.

           You gave him a questionable look. "It is.”

           "No. It’s to get to the udder side.“

           You shook your head, but Jin placed his hand over your book, stopping you from returning your attention there boldly.

           "What do you call a cold dog sitting on a bunny?”

           You pursed your lips and averted your eyes, in deep thought. “Hmm…”

           "Give up?“

           "No. Hold on. Let me think.”

           Jin grinned widely. He had gotten in.

           "Um…“ You mumbled various answers to yourself, but not satisfied with any of them.

           "A chili dog on a bun!!” He bellowed excitedly, not able to bear with waiting any longer.

           You looked at him like he had four heads at first, but slowly, as the answer pieced together, your lips curled up and you giggled.

           And it was a beautiful sound.

           His heartbeat quickened as he gawked at you. Your smile was gorgeous and your shy laughter was like music to his ears. Was it only because he had waited so long to get such a reaction out of you?

           As quickly as your smile came, it faded. You hurriedly picked up your book, and covered your face once more, embarrassed.

           "Nice to meet you…Jin.“ You mumbled.

           He felt himself grinning from ear to ear, and he determined that he would try to make you laugh at least once every day from now on. Part of him wanted to know what that momentary feeling was, and the other really just enjoyed hearing and seeing you laugh. He felt special, accomplished, since no one else in the class seemed to have done that before.

           You were mysterious, and he was intrigued.

           And so began your friendship.

           "Y/N! Y/N!” Jin was practically glowing the following day.

           You appeared surprised that he was speaking to you again, and so candidly at that.

           "I have another for you.“

           "Another?” You questioned.

           "Okay, where did the sheep go on vacation?“ he asked, slightly breathless. He may have just sprinted into the classroom as soon as he arrived on school grounds to get to you. But you didn’t have to know that.

           "Um…the farm?”

           He clicked his tongue. “So naive, Y/N.”

           You glared at him a little, and for some reason, even that reaction he found quite adorable. He shook the feeling away to get to the answer.

           "The BAAAAAAAAAAHAMAS!“ he mimicked a sheep.

           Immediately, your hand covered your mouth, trying to suppress your laughter. Jin beamed.

           "Was that funny? BAAAAAAAAHAMASS!” he persisted.

           You couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

           "How could someone be so shameless?“ You breathed as you wiped your tears, and regained your composure.

           "How could someone not have a sense of humor? Come on, Y/N. Laugh longer! Live a little!” he urged.

           You furrowed your brows. “You don’t know me.”

           "But I want to.“ Jin blurted out. Oh? When did his mouth move?

           You two stared at each other, in surprise at his confession. He felt his cheeks warm.

           "I mean we’re friends now! You laughed at my joke, okay? Okay!”

           He didn’t even wait for your reply before scrambling away. Once back in his seat, he glanced over at you curiously, finding a small smile splayed on your face while reading.

           And that’s when he knew, he just had to see that every day.  

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