sheep in wolfs clothing

Mark my words, one day,
You will pay, you will p̧͞a͞y̛,̕͜
K̀͡͠a͏̀r͜͜m̡͏a̶̛͞’s ̀g͘͜o҉ǹ̷̡na c̴̫͞ǫ͈͔̝̼̪͔͉͔͔͘m̛̜̫̖̜e̳͚̱͉̱̰̮̹͠ ̶̞̠͚͔̣͕̪ç̸̷̱̙o̻̲͕̝̘̹͔͢͡l̻̗͟͝ĺ̫̺̣̙e̛̜̭̪͠c̴͔͇͚̼͚̥͉͡t͔̰̫̥̺̥̹̖̻͝ ͈̮̰̺͚̝͇͖͡ͅy͇͖̼͟o̸̻̲̣͇̻͙̩̻͝u̷̗̥̩͎̙͉̰͟ͅr̸̫ ҉̙͙̯̺̯d̯̪̱̥̠͚̀͢e̩̠͞b̛̩̭̦͝ṱ̰̟͕͚̺̜́.


Inktober 2017, 31/31: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
ONCE UPON A TIME a Wolf resolved to disguise his appearance in order to secure food more easily. Encased in the skin of a sheep, he pastured with the flock deceiving the shepherd by his costume. In the evening he was shut up by the shepherd in the fold; the gate was closed, and the entrance made thoroughly secure. But the shepherd, returning to the fold during the night to obtain meat for the next day, mistakenly caught up the Wolf instead of a sheep, and killed him instantly.
Harm seek, harm find.
– Aesop’s Fables, translated by George Fyler Townsend

Sheep in wolf’s clothing

You were captured by the Saviors after a year of making it on your own out in the woods, on the one year anniversary as independent. Funny thing is, they all think you’re a young boy named Michael.

Part I - Run boy Run

Characters: Negan x Female Reader

Words: 1520

Warnings: Language (also should be a warning that this is my first time writing stuff like this, so it might turn out shitty, you have been warned)

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The sun was about to set when you found the opening meadow deep in the forest. You had pretty much been on the move all day since early morning and your feet were starting to kill you, and so were your head. You were drained, both physically and mentally.

Putting down the backpack you looked around, planning out where you could put out your ”walker-warners”, as you proudly named your own invention. Slowly walking around, searching the area for potential dangers you also found a big raspberry bush with lots of pinkish red berries, a brook with what hopefully was clean water, and some dry wood on the ground, perfect for a campfire. This place was absolutely perfect and you clapped your hands in excitement. ”I need to celebrate!”

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You will come upon people who are a wolf in sheeps clothing,
And you will meet people who are sheep in wolves clothing.
My darling what’s so beautiful about you, is that you bare your heart on your sleeve and you wear your mind like a crown.
You are neither a sheep nor a wolf, you are a brutally soft woman with the courage of a lioness.
In a world full of the unadorned, you have always been deeply unparalleled.
—  indieluhv, “Unorthodox has never looked so beautiful”

Who am I kidding?    


                        Now, let’s not get overzealous here

You’ve always been a huge piece of

                                                                               S H I T

           IF I COULD KILL YOU

                                                          I WOULD

             But it’s frowned upon in all fifty states

                                                                              Having said that




Duality songs in one sentence
  • The Haunting: Have fun getting over me.
  • N.M.E.: Does your new significant other know you're an asshole, because if not, I'll totally let them know.
  • Why Worry: Stop stressing, it's not good for you.
  • Ancient History: I should REALLY break up with you, but you're hot so I'll wait a bit.
  • Bleak December: I should've found out you were an asshole before we got this far into our relationship.
  • Duality: I'm not a good person, but hey, at least I admit it.
  • Tomorrow: You'll make it through this, and you're chance will come, trust me.
  • Bad Guy: Why are you calling me an asshole when all I did was try to keep this relationship alive?
  • Miss Mysterious: I didn't know you were an asshole because you're so good at hiding and now I regret it.

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