sheep art

[Drawing of a purple and white sheep next to a caption that says “It’s okay if you want to share your art publicly. It’s okay if you only want to share it with a few people. And it’s okay if it’s just for yourself. It’s your art and it’s your choice.” in purple text on a blue background.]

My sister made the joke, so I couldn’t resist drawing it out. =P

(And to clear up confusion I’ve seen, yes: both Bellwether and Doug are sheep.
And all sheep have those weird rectangular pupils in real life.

They decided to give Bellwether ‘normal’ eyes to help the audience relate to her as a “cute little sheep”. They succeeded, but it was a slight inconsistency among the sheep species depicted in the movie. Oh well… Still cute.)


“this is getting a little personal”. i love pet names. look at this cutesy crap.
guys, i promise, i have dark stuff on the way. this… isn’t it.
(apologies to any polish-speakers out there… feel free to correct me if I use words wrong!)