page 113 - Do you see this island? Look at how all the fields and enclosures work together, like a giant jigsaw. You can’t pre-plan this layout, it’s organic as shit. And do you know what happens if one of those little walls falls down? Not much. Resilience.And the island looks like a cool brain or the endless bifurcation of bronchial tubes.


More cute friends for @littlebean-jellybean and everyone! The lamb is a baby ram I bottle fed the other day, he’s a hungry little thing! The heifer on the bottom is named Rose and she insisted on head scratches.

I squeezed in a quick workout at the school gym because a group of my classmates are going out tonight and I won’t have time to go after class. No cardio because dancing tonight and my shins were acting up, bit I did take a lovely 2.5-3 mile walk around campus in the sun! (Even though it’s still cold).
I’m excited for dancing tonight! I’ll try and take as pictures in my going out clothes!


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood


[drawing of a pink and white sheep next to a caption that says “You make my life better and I hope I do the same for you because you’re an awesome person and you deserve as much awesomeness as you give.” in pink text on a black background.]