The Signs as Manic Pixie Dream Girls

*check your rising and Venus signs, as well as your sun

Aries: Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

Taurus: Marla Singer (Fight Club)

Gemini: Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

Cancer: Claire Colburn (Elizabethtown)

Leo: Sheeni Saunders (Youth in Revolt)

Virgo: Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Libra: Summer (500 Days of Summer)

Scorpio: Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska)

Sagittarius: Lux Lisbon (The Virgin Suicides)

Capricorn: Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Aquarius: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World)

Pisces: Sam (Garden State)

Finding Home (1)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of weed? Something resembling a panic / anxiety attack, though probably not, but just in case. No specific ship in this entire story, tbh, but I’ll make sure to add some fluff + sexual tension between you and everyone, lol.

Author’s Note: HEY. So, it has been a long time since I’ve written any fanfic, much more an Avengers fanfic. I hope all the characters are in character, ehehe. So, I’ve decided to do a series of connected one-shots of your high school senior year with the Avengers gang + other Marvel characters, inspired by the 30 day drabble challenge (although I will not be doing drabbles, and for now, I’ll just do seven of them, depending on my inspiration). So, hope that you enjoy this! Let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you! (:

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

1: beginning

n. a starting point / new or inexperienced

This office was such a fucking dump. You looked at the pee-colored wall, bare but for the chippings on the corners by the ceiling. Good thing a few bulky, metal cabinets covered that eyesore of a wallpaper – although that still didn’t help in the general aesthetic quality of the room. There wasn’t even a window in here.

Your gaze fell on the small desk in front of you, unoccupied except for a laptop, a fuckton of paperwork, and some kind of 1940 action figure of a man in blue-white-red spandex. Oh, and of course, the name of your class advisor-slash-guidance counselor on a rusty, golden plaque: Mr. Phil Coulson.

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the great autumnal compromise;

wen junhui | if you were going to fight a complete stranger (and a very handsome one at that) over the perfect pumpkin, well… go hard or go home, dignity be damned. | 2.2k words. | romance, humor. | for @write-svt‘s september prompt event, prompt: “1. You headed to the pumpkin patch to find the ‘perfect pumpkin,’ but when you finally found one, apparently he found it at the same time, and now you are fighting with a complete stranger over a pumpkin….”

Originally posted by minyoangi

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To Protect and Serve (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine Bucky Barnes being hired as your personal body guard, but things don’t go as you or your family anticipates.

Word Count: 1735

Warnings: Language (possibly, probably not, but possibly), some violence, traumatic memories/events

Notes: Collab work with my BFFFFLLL Bee @amarvelouswritings This was an idea that hit us both and we just took off with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved drafting this.

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To Protect and Serve Tag: @scamanddaaamn


The first week was absolutely easy. I checked every room before you entered, I watched over you as you read, ate, played, and sometimes even slept. I stood outside your quarters to make sure you weren’t disturbed. You appeared even more childlike than I presumed, but it wasn’t immaturity by any level. You were a free spirit, but bold. When someone told you you couldn’t do something, you proved them wrong and impressed them. It wasn’t a spiteful action, it was a message that you shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Enchantimals characters

Bree Bunny & Twist

Bren Bear & Snore

Cherish Cheetah &  Quick-Quick

Crab Enchantimal

Danessa Deer & Sprint

Ekaterina Elephant & Antic

Fanci Flamingo & Swash

Felicity Fox & Flick

Fluffy Bunny & Mop

Hixby Hedgehog & Pointer

Karina Koala & Dab

Lion Enchantimal

Lorna Lamb & Flag

Merit Monkey & Compass

Ohana Owl

Patter Peacock & Flap

Peeki Parrot & Sheeny

Petya Pig

Preena Penguin & Jayla

Prue Panda & Nari

Raelin Raccoon

Saffi Swan

Sage Skunk & Caper

Sandella Seahorse

Starling Starfish

Taylee Turtle & Bounder

Zelena Zebra & Hoofette

destiny pt.1;

⇢ summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

⇢ relationship: jeon jungkook/reader, min yoongi/reader.

⇢ genre: supernatural, angel!au, demon!au, romance, thriller.

⇢ words:  4.3k

⇢ warnings:  depressing thoughts, attempted suicide.

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Rule I: Each angel is granted three warnings. If an angel sins, a warning is given. If an angel uses up all three warnings, that angel is stripped of their wings and cursed to live out their days as a human, with no guardian angel of their own to protect them from harm. When this fallen angel dies, they are headed for hell. No exceptions.

Hanging from above Han River, you couldn’t help thinking about how inviting the water looked below. You could already feel the icy water enveloping you, biting your skin until you felt nothing, as the same water filled your lungs and your eyes shut for the last time. That’s what you would have liked to have happened, at least. 

You were just seconds from letting go of the railing, thoughts of nothing but emptiness and calmness overtaking your mind, when a strong arm wrapped around your middle and you felt yourself being jerked backward roughly, right back onto the gravelly ground, nowhere near as peaceful as the water you had almost plunged into. Your eyes were shut tight still, the anticipation for death so mercilessly ripped from your fingertips that you all but screamed out of frustration. You shot open your eyes, ready to yell obscenities at whomever had dared play hero this time. This wasn’t your first brush with death, yet somehow, somehow, every time you got close to the edge, something ended up pulling you back. A phone call, a last, sudden thought of someone or something that you loved, and now this asshole.

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Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll



The next week’s Friday morning, Alaina is dragging her feet as she picks something to wear. “Honey, we need to hurry,” I call out, slipping into my flats.

“I can’t find my shirt!” she shouts back.

I hurry down the hallway and peek my head into her room. “What?”

“My softest shirt!” she says, and I see clothes being thrown out of her closet at a rapid speed.

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babeeee. the legendary M-C DEBRA! has me rollin on the floor

LEgendary quotes: 

5:22 - And you gonna always Get it, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

6:30 - she don’t have to see it cuz she knows it

6:35 - Ya small back lmaoooo

8:21 -Lemme give her some Bundles!


9:20 -dead color, dead hair

9:22 -She need some oil sheen

i live and died, came back to life and died again bitch!! *cryin

Chapter One

Title: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Theme Song: Team by Lorde

Word Count: 4,960

Warnings: language & mention of blood

Characters: (OC) Harper Raven, (OC) Maisie Raven, (OC) Piper Evans, (OC) Philip Calloway, (OC) Danny Anderson, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Dean Winchester (mentioned)

POV: Third Person

A/N: Harper x coffee is the real otp of this series. also im lowkey in love with Danny and if you have any good ideas for a Harper/Danny ship name let me know lol also originally part 1 and part 2 were supposed to be one part but it was too horrendously long… so we split it up for the readers sake… -mara

Forgive us for the lack of Winchester’s for the sake of building our own characters, but trust me, there will plenty of Sam and Dean in the rest of the series! If there are any triggers you think should be added to the warnings, please let us know. And yes, I know those are gifs from gossip girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but for our intents and purposes that is Haper and Maisie and Phillip lol  -Hope

Read the Raven Sisters Summary here!

Read chapter 2 here!

Check out the Character Roster here!

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Almost Famous
Almost Famous is a film about a teenage boy named William (Played by Patrick Fugit) seeking out to become a journalist while he’s still in high school. William goes on tour with Stillwater, an up and coming rock and roll band. William is faced with all the rock and roll temptations. Written, directed and based on the early life of Cameron Crowe and his experiences as a teenage rock journalist.

Girl, Interrupted
This is the true story of Susanna Kaysen,  a smart young woman who wakes up after an overdose and gets sent to a mental institution for a short rest. Rebelling against the head nurse, she befriends all the loonies and turns her short stay into one of eighteen months, until she realises that to win her freedom, she must face the one thing that terrifies her the most - herself.

The Last Word
Evan Merck is a poet that makes a living out of writing suicide notes for the soon to be deceased, this business goes well for him until he finds himself falling for a client’s sister.

A movie based around a group of students at a Christian college. The main character, Mary, finds out that her boyfriend is gay, shortly after, she hits her head and see’s Jesus telling her that she needs to save him and so, she sleeps with her boyfriend to try and “degayify”  him but then she falls pregnant and has to try her hardest to keep  it from her mother who is dating the pastor of the church and the principal of her school. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit, Jena Malone, Eva Amurri, Martin Donovan, Mandy Moore and Mary-Louise Donovan.

For thirteen-year-old Straight-A student, Tracy, everything is all studies, boring friends, no cell phone and hand-me-down clothes, until she is befriended by the most popular and beautiful girl in school, Evie, who draws her into a world of drugs, sex and crime.

Wristcutters:  A Love Story
Ziah is in all sorts of emotional pain after his girlfriend, Desiree leaves him. He decides that he has nothing to live for and takes his life. The next day, he wakes up in another world where the sun doesn’t shine and people aren’t allowed to smile and everyone has “offed themselves”.

Youth In Revolt
This is the story of Nick Twisp,  a teenager with a taste for the finer things in life, like the music of Frank Sinatra and the films of Federico Fellini. While on a family holiday, Nick falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful, free-spirited Sheeni Saunders But family, geography and jealous ex-lovers conspire to keep these two apart.