I guess when my grandmother called my momand us kikes and when kids at the christian school used to throw pennies at me and mock my nose and grown adults used to make hitler and sheeny cursw jokes at me it was all just bants ecks dee

“Champ realized, that he had a problem.”

Seeing how it is the day of LOOOOOOVE! I’ve made a little poem for…this gal –> @dastardlysqrly

Roses are red…

Corpses are gray…

I think I’m obsessed…


Dedicated to Jack, who by now must think, that I’m some 22 year old creep, with a sick obsession.

(never leave me alone in my room, after I’ve only slept 2-3 hours)

The Signs as Manic Pixie Dream Girls

*check your rising and Venus signs, as well as your sun

Aries: Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

Taurus: Marla Singer (Fight Club)

Gemini: Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

Cancer: Claire Colburn (Elizabethtown)

Leo: Sheeni Saunders (Youth in Revolt)

Virgo: Clementine Kruczynski (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Libra: Summer (500 Days of Summer)

Scorpio: Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska)

Sagittarius: Lux Lisbon (The Virgin Suicides)

Capricorn: Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Aquarius: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World)

Pisces: Sam (Garden State)


Roppongi Hills Tree by vagrant bugler
Via Flickr:
Sheeny Christmas tree @Roppongi Hills


babeeee. the legendary M-C DEBRA! has me rollin on the floor

LEgendary quotes: 

5:22 - And you gonna always Get it, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

6:30 - she don’t have to see it cuz she knows it

6:35 - Ya small back lmaoooo

8:21 -Lemme give her some Bundles!


9:20 -dead color, dead hair

9:22 -She need some oil sheen

i live and died, came back to life and died again bitch!! *cryin



     I know today is probably going to be tough. I wouldn’t personally expect it not to be. I just want you to know, We, collectively, are here for you. Not just as fans, but as caring human beings, and in my part of being so, I wanted to make this as a reminder of all the wonderful things you and Monty have done together. That you are STILL doing together, for there is no doubt in my mind that his will and spirit lives on in you and your constant dedication to keep moving forward.

     I know I don’t know either of you personally, but I’m 100% sure he’s still with you. Every day, and I know he is so proud of you. What you two had was wonderful and amazing, and no one could take that away. You are, and will always be, Mrs. Oum.

     We love you both. ♡

Happy Anniversary, Monty and Sheena Oum.