Ten years later, this is still my favorite fandom. The people are just so interesting and nice and UNFFFF

Anyway, I know that everyone and their mother has attempted the “JN gang in high school!” concept…but my God, if “JN: Teen Genius” aired tomorrow, I’d be all over that shit.

With that in mind, I sketched up a quick set of redesigns for the imaginary show. I’m really only happy with Libby and Sheen’s, but hey, I need to move on with my life now XD

So here’s how I see it.

Libby may not be the most popular girl at Retroville High, but she’s universally acknowledged to be the most sociable and the best-dressed. She never goes anywhere without her smart phone and ipod, and if something’s going down, she’s the first to know about it. While her mediocre grades give the impression of a girl uninterested in school, she is in fact a favorite among many of her teachers thanks to her extensive involvement in extracurricular activities. She’s the head editor of the student gossip magazine, “Girl did WHAT?”, plays five different instruments, sings solos in the choir, is a member of the school vegetarian club, and has her own blog about historical fashion faux-pas. She’s planning to go to college for a media and communications degree, and hopes to eventually produce music albums and design clothes for celebrities. (Many people make Libby into a total bitch in high school, but I like Libby and so decided to keep her slightly gossipy but still nice).

Sheen is that kid who’s a huge nerd his whole life and then spontaneously gets hot the day he turns 18 (after all, in JN, he does grow up to be a top male model). Libby’s girlfriends always questioned her sanity for dating him, but they’re eating their words now. Sheen has taken a liking to rebellion-for-the-lulz, and his obsessive tendencies occasionally get him into trouble. He is ABYSMAL at classwork, and yet is intelligent enough to remember detailed info about every comic book and cartoon superhero show in existence. He likes wearing tight t-shirts and flirting shamelessly with the ladies, but is ultimately loyal to Libby because she’s always had his back. He’s got all kinds of (hidden) piercings and even a tattoo, ‘cause face it, the boy likes pain. XD He doesn’t get along well with Cindy, who is convinced that he’ll drag Libby into bad decisions.

On the surface, Cindy Vortex is the perfect straight-A student. She’s goal-oriented, punctual, well-groomed, and a star athlete. She’s head of the school debate team, has won multiple arts and writing competitions, and has earned every karate belt that her dojo offers. She can recite the Iliad from memory - in Greek - and she spent the summer between junior and senior year earning her pilot’s license. And yet, none of her accomplishments are enough to satisfy her (I’ve always imagined Mrs. Vortex as a sort of white Tiger Mom, and I suspect she’s part of the reason for Cindy’s attitude in this respect). Deep down, Cindy wants nothing more than to run away from her responsibilities and all the expectations for her future. In public, she still pretends to hate Jimmy, but in private she can barely keep her hands off him. And to make matters worse, he knows it now and loves to rub it in her face. What Cindy needs most of all is a wake-up call, because until she’s honest with herself about who she is and what she wants from her life, she’ll never be happy or successful. But hey, who ever figured that out in high school? ;P

Now that Jimmy’s gotten better at creating inventions that actually work (you know, as opposed to causing mayhem and destruction), he’s a lot more popular around Retroville. He’s a star mathlete, world chess champion, and can build a hovercraft from the junk lying around in your garage. His inventions have already made life better for many people around the world, and the day he turns 21, he’s gonna be stinkin’ rich from all the cash waiting in his invention-sales trust fund. His naivete and desire to do good have kept this from completely going to his big fat head, but he can still be an arrogant prick sometimes. His hobbies include space travel, arguing obscure scientific theories with Cindy, and then waiting for the inevitable angry make-out session in his lab. He already has 3 college degrees, but he has secret plans to attend the same university as Cindy, just so he can waltz by and be like, “Oh, you go here too? What a coincidence. What’s that you say? You didn’t get in early decision? Vortex, Vortex, you really should try harder…”

Senior year of high school, and our favorite redhead is still a chubber with numerous phobias and medical problems. Carl has the fashion sense of the Michelin tire man if he were living in a nursing home (it probably doesn’t help that mommy still picks out his clothes for him), and most people tend to think he’s pretty weird. He obviously doesn’t fit in at Retroville High, but he’s been able to find happiness outside of school by volunteering at the local llama farm and community garden. He’s a late bloomer who tends to get along better with people outside his age group, especially really dorky old folks who wear their pants right up under their moobies. He’s in a long-distance relationship with Elke, his Swedish pen pal…although nobody but Sheen and Jimmy believe that someone as odd as Carl could have such a hot girlfriend. Carl occasionally panics about his future, especially at the thought of leaving home, but Jimmy assures him that he’s only a teleporter-dial away…

………and shit, I have to get up early for work tomorrow T_T WHY CAN’T I GET A LIFE

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JN © Nickelodeon
Art © me
Some ref pics used


gotta miss the 90’s cartoons and talking to a friend about jimmy neutron gave me a sudden urge to draw them in a high school AU AHAHAHH haven’t seen any jimmy neutron high school art so i hope im the first to do this yeahh

while drawing it i began imagining their character and how they’ve changed: 

sheen: one of those guys who were awkward looking back then but suddenly grew and turned hot AHAHAH thank u puberty. despite being a lot more popular with the ladies he’s still with libby and they’re a happy couple. of course video games is still his passion and ultralord will forever be his secret role model. 

jimmy: hasn’t grown as much as he wanted to, jimbo is always teased by sheen about being a head shorter. his relationship with cindy has become much more competitive as they both compete in school contests against each other; their crushes for each other have also grown. now however, jimmy’s genius inventions have become more recognized and many of the students look up to him and often ask him for tutoring.

carl: carl has lost a significant amount of weight after puberty, but he is still self conscious about his appearance. despite having asthma, he was encouraged by jimmy and sheen to try out for the football team as he discovered he had a great arm. he is only a benchwarmer, but he is looked up to by a lot of other students with disabilities. he is a complete nice guy who looks out for kids still being bullied.