sheds tears for all the dead characters

Sometimes I remember how it’s canon that James never moved on from Thomas, even after a decade apart, and I shed a tear of joy because the show gave us that. His love was so strong that he couldn’t love anyone else, despite believing Thomas to be dead, and then Thomas turned out to be alive and they reunited in the end. It’s like one of those epic romance stories straight couples get all of the time, but with gay characters. I feel so blessed.

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I love your writing so much <3 you got me into taekook and vminkook and I wanted to thank you for that; I don't know if you've been requested this before but if not could you write the bts members reacting to Hansung's death? (sorry if I spoiled you >-<) if this has been requested before feel free to ignore c:

SPOILERS it might be a little late for that now but SPOILERS !!!

Without Taehyung Hansung = Jimin didn’t want to lose Taehyung.
» (vmin) tae!centric. fluff.

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Jaime x Sansa and angst. Do your worst: painful character death, tears, the lot, whatever you like :) thanks haha!

Okay, so there is some angst, but not a whole ton??? Hope you like it, anon! 

In the end, it was Jaime Lannister she relied on. 

It was amazing to Sansa, that such a thing could come to pass with all the bad blood between their families, but war made the strangest bedfellows. 

Or rather, the end of war. 

Arya dead. Bran, Pod, Daenerys (though Sansa and Jaime shed no tears for her), and Jon as well. 


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My headcanon for the Jiohnlock kiss: John will cry after their lips touch, Sherlock, obviously, too, but I need John to do it. Shed tears because of all this frustration, years of waiting, grief, Mary. Maybe say “So many years, Sherlock, so many” in that voice in which he said “I thought you were dead” when Sherlock came back. That, and then they’ll finally heal each other’s wounds.

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So I frequently see people talking about reasons why you shouldn't kill off a character, but I was wondering what good reasons are there for killing off a character, and how can I make their death meaningful?

  • They no longer serve a purpose. You can find this often in fantasy novels, where the protagonist usually has a mentor who often dies immediately after imparting meaningful lessons upon the young hero. 
  • It changes things. Where the characters may have done one thing while someone was alive, they will now do this other thing because they misinterpret the dead character’s wishes, want to honor/avenge the dead character, because they lack the dead character’s steadying hand/impulsiveness/trait, or basically act in a way that differs from how they would have acted with the character’s survival
  • Motivation. You want your character to do something. You’re fresh out of angsty teenage rebellion, out of the goodness of one’s heart is running low, and loyalty to the cause is in the red. There’s nothing like grief to spice things up.

“But clevergirl!” you cry, “These are the reasons you said we shouldn’t kill off characters for!”

Yes and no. You can kill off characters for these reasons but you must disguise the fact as best you can that you killed them off for these reasons. The character’s death shouldn’t come across as necessary for plot advancement. It should come across as a tragedy of the highest caliber. You’re writing from a character’s perspective. They don’t know that a character died because they outlived their usefulness. All they know is that their best friend is dead and they don’t know what to do with themselves.

To that end, here are some ways to make character death more meaningful:

  • Do it sparingly. I say sparingly within the context of the work. War, plague, or disaster novels might have people dying left and right, but secondary/main characters don’t die every other page. (Also, if you kill characters off too much, you risk desensitizing your readers to death.) If you’re writing about a softer topic, don’t murder the grandmother and the dad in one day.
  • Acknowledge the character’s existence. The dead character might have family or other friends who are also reacting to their death at the same time as the MC(s). The character’s absence should be noted in all aspects of their life, from the knitting club to the desk in the corner. The absence should have an impact on the proceedings of these aspects. The knitting club should disband without the dead character’s conciliatory influence. The desk in the corner should go unoccupied and is generally avoided for weeks.
  • Appropriate levels of grief. Another thing that annoyed me about the Inheritance Cycle was that Eragon bawled his eyes out when he had to kill some snakes and insects to gain their power. When actual people died, he shed “a single, shining tear”. Come on! Your characters don’t need to descend into a frenzy of grief for every dead character - indeed, they may feel happy or can only sympathize with people who were impacted worse by the sudden loss. Save the real grief for character deaths that really impact the MC. If there are multiple deaths, the MC should not react in the exact same way to all of them.
  • Emotions other than sadness. When one of my relatives died of terminal cancer, I was sad, but I was also relieved because they weren’t living in pain anymore. In the same way, a child might be happy their parent is dead so they can receive money they desperately need to pay off their debts, but still deeply mourn the parent’s passing. Some characters might feel anger or self-hatred if their actions led to the death. They might feel overwhelmed because of events other than the death or events stemming from the death. They might feel betrayed if the character died doing something stupid or contrary to orders. Grief is many emotions, of which sadness is one.
  • Grief is not overcome by a single reason/event/person. Probably the worst thing ever in the history of literature is the belief that romantic love will overcome anything. In this case, many grieving characters will soon find their emotions taking a backseat to their new love, who will teach them to find a middle ground. In an equally annoying and false trope, characters automatically find their grief satisfied when they avenge the dead character’s death by killing the character’s killer. NO. You don’t automatically get over someone with a new love or by satisfying some goal deep inside you. It takes time and a variety of factors, not just one.

“Alyssa Arryn had seen her husband, her brothers, and all her children slain, and yet in life she had never shed a tear. So in death, the gods had decreed that she would know no rest until her weeping watered the black earth of the Vale, where the men she had loved were buried. Alyssa had been dead six thousand years now, and still no drop of the torrent had ever reached the valley floor far below.”

Happy birthday, Corinne!

Who from EXO would be either a murderer or a victim in a horror movie?


This little puppy who is even startled by flies would be a perfect victim.

I really think that he would be one of the first to die, because he would scream like a little girl or start to talk to himself in order to calm himself.

Also he would leave a trail of “Kkaebsong’s” so the murderer would find him very easily. Sorry Baekpuppy, you would be sooo dead.


Just how can owner of this face could be a murderer?! So victim it is.

With his bubbly personality he would be the joker of the movie and would probably be the most likeable of all the characters.

He wouldn’t be first or last to die, somewhere in the middle and probably after a good fight, so prepare to shed some tears.


Either he would be the hottest killer in all horror movies history…

…or he would be the most ‘i don’t give a fuck’ victim ever.

He could be a killer who would seduce innocent girls and after he’s done he would kill them or he could be a victim who would make some herbal tea to his murderer and ask to hear his story why he become like this.


When it comes to Kyungsoo is there even a question?!

Probaly he would normally look like a cute, but quite shy and weird college student…

…but really he would be cold-blooded criminal.

He would rip out your heart and set your house on fire…but he would keep your bunny and just stand in front of your house, petting your bunny and looking at your house burning to the ground…


Because we all know that our beloved Kai is a schizophrenic, I think he can be both.

He would probably kidnap, rape and murder his victims at night..*cough*

And investigate his own crimes at day…

The transformation would happen, when Kai would hear a particular song that he always dances to at the end of the day, to relieve his stress…and his hair turns black from blonde too, so it would be a lot harder to find him… brb…need to write a script for my first movie…


He is too sweet and kind-hearted to be murderer…

With his long legs he could easily run away and his stubbornness would help him not to loose hope. I think he would be the last to be killed or even the only one survivor.

…but naaah, with his clumsiness, he won’t make it alive…


Although he can sometimes look quite intimidating…

actually he is just a little dork who can’t even run properly…

And if it wouldn’t be horror fairytale where a unicorn in a sexy man’s body could heal himself and win against bad guys with his dancing skills, then sorry bae, you will be sacrificed…and by saying sacrificed I really think that he would die because someone would trick him and get him killed instead of them… Poor Yixing…don’t trust everyone…


I think some of you will be surprised, but I think Luhan can be a pretty good murderer…Who could suspect this baby face?!

But when his manly side shows he can become quite scary…

I see him as braty rich boy, who get’s everyting he wants, but when his dream girl rejects him, he starts to kill of everyone who gets in his way…

please don’t forget his psychotic laugh…


He’s to emotionless to be a killer and he would suck as a victim, because he wouldn’t even scream or call for help. He would just say something like this with a really calm voice…

And of course he would want to have his last wish…

and his last word would be…


Suho would probably be murderer. I really hope he gets invited to act somewhere before he kills of his members.

He would be that kid that no one takes seriously, so he loses his shit and kills them all…

…but when he realises what he has done, he just sits in the corner and cries…


This wushu master would be an unstopable killer…

if he wasn’t so emotionally weak…

and a complete scaredy-cat…

and just too cute in general!

And if he was in a horror movie, he would probably faster accidentally kill himself or just get a heart attack the moment he sees the murderer…


Because of his cute face he also can be a “I fooled you all” murderer…

but I would love to see him as a victim. He would be the one to win agianst the murderer and become the only one survivor…He would become a hero!