sheds one single tear

Regarding Dean

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  Sam calls reader to babysit Dean after he’s cursed by a witch.

Warnings:  Angst-ish

Word Count:  1776

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Regarding Dean

The screen lights up on your phone, Sam Winchester’s name flashing on the screen.This can’t be good, otherwise Sam would never, ever call you. Not after everything that happened. Should you answer? You don’t really want to dredge all that shit up. But if he’s calling, it’s important. You’re thumb hovers over the green button. It’s on the third ring before you decide to answer.  


“(Y/N)? It’s me, Sam. Please, don’t hang up, just hear me out.”

“I’m listening.”

“Thank…thank you. Listen, I wouldn’t be calling if I didn’t need help, you know that I wouldn’t. But I need you.”


You can’t figure out how Sam knows you’re in the area. You haven’t had contact with Dean or Sam for over year. Is he still keeping tabs on you through the hunter network?  It’s touching in a way, you’ve always had a soft spot for Sammy. Truth is, you miss him.

Why the fuck are you driving to the motel right now? Why would you willingly put yourself in this position? Must be temporary insanity. It’s the only logical explanation. Maybe you should drive straight to the psych ward and check yourself in after this is over.

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If you don't mind me asking, how many versions of Jason out there?

Oh there are so many versions of Jason out there, my dear anon :)

But I will introduce you to the most important versions of him in this post. 

Pre-Crisis Jason (underappreciated gem):

“I’m Robin, and being Robin gives magic”

The First Jason, the one with acrobats parents who were killed by Killer Croc and then got adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was playful kid, kinda bratty, insecure and you can’t help but feel as proud as Bruce when you see him mature through the run. He had a better life than the other Jasons and better relationships. He also got the best Batdad ever (seriously, pre-crisis Bruce was the best batdad you will ever see). 

If you guys ever wondered what Jason would be like without all these tragedies, then just read Pre-Crisis Jason’s stories and you will find out.

Dark knight Returns Miller’Jason:

“But The Joker is out there….there’s no telling what he’ll do”

The first one who started the “Jason has to die in every universe” circle and his death pushed Bruce to retirement. We unfortunately don’t know much about his parents or how did he meet Batman. He was extremely brutal (There would be no criminals left in Gotham if this Jason got the chance to grow up) and protective of Batman. He was also trained to be the next Batman, but unfortunately died before he could take the mantle.

Post-Crisis Jason (the one tumblr is in love with):

”Try and catch me, you big boob”

The one who died by a vote and then returned as Red Hood. He was a street kid with a criminal father and addicted mother. He met Batman when he tried to steal the batmobile’s tires and become Robin later. He was killed by The Joker after his real mother betrayed him (and stayed died for almost 20 years) and then return later after digging himself out of his grave. 

Flashpoint Jason:

“Father Todd, but you can call me Jason”

Ever wondered what would have become of Jason if he never meet Batman? Well, we got the answer in Flashpoint, a world where Bruce died instead of his parents. Jason ended up falling in with the Church of Blood run by Brother Blood. He mysteriously still died and resurrected and his hair bore a white streak suggesting that he was brought back by a Lazarus Pit. After his resurrection, Jason was taken in by the church where he turned his life around and became a priest.

What interesting (and sad) about this take is it proves that Jason would have been better off if he never meet Bruce. That Bruce actually doomed him.

New 52 Jason (another underappreciated gem):

“You can’t tell, but I’m shedding a single tear underneath this hood”

The one with harsher home life and better relationship with the Batfamily. Like PC Jason, his father was criminal and his mother was addicted. But unlike the other versions, Jason’s father was abusive toward him and his mother. He trained under Batman, LoA and All Caste (he’s seriously strong). Teamed up with Kori and Roy for awhile (and become one of the top ten most wanted criminal in the world), Started a company with Roy and now he’s teaming up with Artemis and Bizarro.

He is the current version that being used in the main DC universe and honestly? I’m pretty fond of him :)

Arkhamverse Jason:

“It’s personal, very personal”

The one who never died, but you will wish that he did (seriously, his life freaking sucks in this universe). Jason was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured both physically and mentally for a year. The Joker brainwashed Jason to hate Bruce and even get close enough to telling him Batman’s identity before Joker shot Jason and send the video to Batman making him think that Jason was dead. After The Joker died, Jason become Arkham Knight and worked with Scarecrow to takeover Gotham and break & kill Batman. He formed a militia and had Deathstroke as his right hand.

At the end of the game and after Bruce defeated Jason and stopped his army, Bruce was kidnapped by Scarecrow which resulted in a broken Jason saving him.

Honorable mention: Bombshells’ Jason

“If all the good people left Spain, then who would be left to fight for her?”

In this version, Jason was taken under Kate and Renee care. He was born during a war and refused to leave when everyone did to protect his country. He was described as cunning and clever who helped out Kate and Renee a lot. He died later in Kate’s arms which affected her and Renee deeply.

Yay, another long post and I’m tagging this because I was planning to do a post about different versions of Jason anyway.

The Game {BBH}

Description: “Because it was all a game. A game of who could hurt who first, and you were determined that it wouldn’t be you.”

Genre: (rushed) Smut / Angst

Word Count: 1,627

Warning: infidelity

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader // Kim Jongin x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (this GIF KIM JONGIN IM WEAK)

Originally posted by blondejongin

Baekhyun had been cheating on you for a long time. Everyone knew it, but nobody would really admit it. He was waiting for you to say something…but not yet. You wouldn’t say anything just yet. You were waiting for the day you walked in on him with another girl, you were almost looking forward to it.

Because it was all a game.

A game of who could hurt who first, and you were determined that it wouldn’t be you.

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I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

313- Fake Tears

Dark Type: Ward. Wash away an opposing force by the power of tears, without ever having to shed a single one. This spell is designed to get rid of a negative person or energy without having to give them any more energy to unintentionally encourage them to keep going.

What You’ll Need~

  • A bowl
  • A piece of chalk
  • Salt
  • Water


  • In your bowl mix warm water and salt. Try to remain calm and cool as you do this, keeping all intense energy or feelings away from this.
  • Do not speak as you mix it, only think to yourself “I care no more for you, your energy, or your drama. I have nothing more to give you, and so you shall leave.”
  • Continue repeating these thoughts until the solution is thoroughly mixed.
  • Pour the mixture over a small piece of chalk, this representing your target, slowly. Stay straight faced and calm, repeating your thoughts. Do this slowly until the chalk is all the way dissolved.


  • I would suggest you do this in the dry sink where the chalk can wash away down the drain.
  • You can add cinnamon or pepper to your fake tears mixture for an extra kick, but honestly I wouldn’t bother. On one hand it could make this a little more curse-like, but on the other it counteracts the point of no longer caring about the person or thing in question.
  • The chalk can be a color to represent the subject!

Happy Freedom Day America!

If you’re not out enjoying some BBQ or gathering enough fireworks to rival a supernova, I sure as damn hope you at least remembered to salute the American Flag at least 50 times today while shedding a single tear! One for every state that is proud to be of AMERICA. FUCK YEAH.

Today’s daily recommended dose of freedom was brought to you by the artist ケンオー .

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why does sr2 hurt…….so much……………
i knew bleeding out was going to hurt but the dialog in the car……hurts………….s o m u c h .……… … …………..

ii got new earriing2.

OK KO Headcanons

- Enid once mixed takkis and red hot flaming cheetos with multiple different hot sauces and dared Rad to drink it

-Mr. Gar has also had this drink and shed one single tear

- Rad’s shade/tone (?) of teal changes as his mood (ex: greyier as hes sad, bright teal with excitement)

- KO doesnt like grape soda

-Enid has dyed her hair black

-Rad has a friendship bracelet collection from the kids he babysits

-Rad also actually needs glasses

- Dendy really loves listenin to stuff like The Adventure Zone when shes working

- Dendy has multiple fidget toys

- KO was the one to cause Carols tooth gao by accidently knocking her terth out as a baby

- Carol is mildly lactose intolerant

The Light Princess

Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen. They were a happy couple but, more than anything in the world, they wanted a child. It took years but the royals finally got what they wished for. A beautiful baby daughter. Her hair was a golden as the sun, and her cheeks as pink as roses.

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A/N: I am 100% convinced that this is not as good as Firsts, but it’s all done now and I am not even sure if this whole thing even makes sense. I just wanted a small explanation for why George would marry Angelina.

This fic has overwhelmed me a lot and I hope I could get the feelings across, somehow. Leave a comment or just any form of critism, because I really need it.

Summary: It’s his eyes and his face,his laugh - the spitting image of Fred. Until you notice the small but evident differences. And it’s Fred’s girlfriend he was consoling, understanding your sadness like no other. Until he falls in love.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader as main // Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 10777

Warnings: it’s post Battle of Hogwarts, so there’s some angst present. Mentions of death, Fred’s death, symptoms of Post trauma but overall fluffy.

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Hello! Can I please request from the "I never meant to hurt you prompts? Can I have a bad boy S. Coups with 18 and 22? Thank you~

ofc lovely i hope you enjoy!!! thank you for requesting!!!

18. it was meant to be nothing more than a harmless joke
22. I will give you one flower for every single tear that  you shed

You sighed and lazily swung your backpack over your shoulders and made (more like trudged) your way home. You tried to empty your thoughts but all your brain did was replay the biggest mistake you made.

“You… you what?” You couldn’t believe your ears.

His friends grouped around him and heartily chuckled. Of course, the culprit was in the middle of them all. “Yeah, it was just a bet. It was meant to be nothing more than a harmless joke. You were great at playing along though!”

You thickly swallowed the lump forming in your throat. “Yeah… right… playing along…” You looked away and turned around. “I’m glad it was just a joke to you.” Seungcheol immediately ceased his laughter as he watched your back grow smaller with every passing second. It was just a joke… right?

You shook your head and heaved a heavy sigh. You lost count of how many times you’ve done that in the past week. The more you thought about it, the more tears welled up in your eyes. 

As you rounded near your house, you quickly wiped away your tears. “It’s ok, Y/N. He was a jerk, and it didn’t mean anything. God, why am I getting so worked up about this…”

“It did mean something. To me, at least.”

You stopped in the middle of your tracks. You looked at an all-too-familiar face who you tried to get out of your head all week. And he was standing right on your front porch.

“Why… why are you here? And how do you know where I live?” He sheepishly smiled. “Well, I’ll give your friend credit for informing me about that second part…”

“The first part still stands.” You crossed your arms. “Are you only gonna block my way to my own house, or do you actually have a reason to be here?”

He cautiously stepped down and approached you. “I do… I know I said it was a bet. It’s true; this all started because my friends dared me to.” You scoffed and looked to the side. “Don’t have to tell me twice, Cheol.”

“What started was a bet, but what I didn’t expect to come out of it were real, genuine feelings.” Your head snapped back. “What?”

He shrunk back, his figure appearing smaller in contrast to the tough black leather jacket and piercings decorating his ears. You noticed hints of reds, pinks, and whites behind his back. He followed your gaze and shyly revealed a large bouquet of roses, lilies, daffodils, and more.

“Cheol, why…” You blinked back fresh tears. This wasn’t supposed to happen; you were meant to stay upset about him, not swooning over his apology. “I will give you one flower for every single tear that you shed. It killed me to think that I was the reason why you were crying and moping around this whole week.”

“How do you know that?”

“Creds to your friend for that, too.”

“Well, don’t go to her anymore.”

“And why is that?”

You tugged on his collar. “Because you’re mine.”

oMGLSJGS I HOPE THIS WAS OK ANON AAA!!! That ending kinda suCKS but I tried!!! Send me more “I never meant to hurt you”!

Voice Actor Auditions For Galactic Grimm. By, Phantom Glitch Podcasts.

Creatures from the deepest fantasy kingdoms embark into the final frontier on the SC (space cruiser) Wyvern. Also humans but we have been there. Most fantasy creatures are not from earth but inspired myths in this narrative. Also, all creatures in this are non binary unless otherwise specified though their preferred pronouns will be listed. Alright, here are the available parts. Each character has a small blurb about them before the audition lines. If you would like to audition here is what you need to do. Email us at, Include your,


Tumblr URL

Do you have a discord/can you get one

Why you would like to be a part of this podcast.

Of course the Voice files If you are auditioning for more than one character please make sure you have put each voice file to the right one.

And please specify that you are auditioning for Galactic Grimm.

Also, if you cannot meet certain time constraints please take that into consideration before auditioning. The Audition lines are below the cut. Thanks, I hope to hear from you all!!!

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Teen Pregnancy with Draco would Include:

-You being scared to tell Draco for fear that he’ll get upset or push you away.
-Draco doing just the opposite and being extremely happy and excited to meet the baby.
-Both of you being nervous to tell Lucius and Narcissa.
-Narcissa being brought to tears of happiness because she’s so excited.
-Lucius: “Why couldn’t you use protection? Come on, Draco, even a muggle could do it.” But after a while, he warms up to the idea and becomes as excited as Narcissa.
-Draco going to every single one of your doctors appointments and shedding a tear or two when he hears the baby’s heartbeat.
-Finding out it’s a boy.
-“That’s mine!” Draco points to your stomach. “I helped make that. My son.”
-Getting gifts from all of your friends (including a knitted hat and socks from Hermione and a sweater from Mrs. Weasley).
-“Draco, I’m not naming my baby ‘Phoenix.’”
-“Why not?”
-“'Phoenix Malfoy?’ I don’t think so.”
-“Fine. What about Scorpius?”
-“Scorpius. I like it.”
-“Only two more weeks until I get to meet my son! It’s happening! I’m so excited!”
-“Yeah, only two more weeks until my womanhood gets ripped open and painfully destroyed. Hurray.”
-“You’re a ray of sunshine.”
-Labor hurts, but you forget all about it once you see your little baby boy. He gets all cleaned up and wrapped in a little blue blanket with a matching hat, some blond hair poking out. You get to hold him first. Draco’s jaw drops when he sees him and he just bursts into hysterics.
-“That’s my baby!” He cries. “My son!”

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