Magi Chapter 337 hit me like a truck so I drawed this picture for my most favorite character <3

I think Judar is still an innocent child, deep inside. I love him ;-;

The white lilys reflect the innocence of judar. They have a reddish tone because of the blood he sheded. wow such deepness lol :D

Watercolours have become my current favorite medium ^-^ even though i said i hate them hehe.

Also my Magi portrait collection is growing!  Morgiana, Yunan and Judar done so far <3

Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]

The first day I met you
You were such a frail being
A trembling wreck in front of me

The first death was easy
Your body laying down
And your next one was in crimson red

Then why, when did it become so hard to kill you ?
I don’t understand anything beside violence
Yet, now that I hold you, I just want to keep you away the world like my most precious treasure

Since your arrival
My need to protect you
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing this smile of yours
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would the others think

So tell me why, when did you start fading away ?
I never thought I would ever cry for you, sweetheart
So please my dear Angel, now that I love you, I just want you to stay by my side forever


Since my arrival
My need to help you all
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing that you showed care
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would I go through

So tell me then, why did you start shedding tears now ?
I never thought you would ever change your mind, Sans
So please, my dearest friend, now that I am there, let me fulfill my wish and release all of you

  • Badass Witch: this protection spell calls for dragon blood sheded on the night of the wolf moon, sage, and for you to cast this on the 10th day of the third night when the moon as at its fullest
  • Me: let's see. Protection spell... Well I've got some McCormick ground sage, yep. Mmmm, let's throw in some powered garlic cause hey why not and look. We got some pepper. Pepper makes people sneeze. PERFECT.

Minerva’s new new look strikes me as a combination of vintage and modern elements (although what’s modern is an issue for discussion, contemporary fashion mostly recycles the staples of the past), and i absolutely love it. It’s the first time we saw a god undergo such a radical change, not just a new haircut in the beginning of a new arc.

Her parents are dead and so is the guardian figure in her life, who turned out to be a murderous schemer willing to sacrifice her. Any coping mechanisms are good, including crazy hairstyles and bizarre outfits. She’s 13, of course she wants to have crazy hair. Oh, and now i cannot but imagine Persephone helping Mini to dip-dye her hair.

Previous Mini’s image was partially inspired by the Beatles and as big not-a-fan of them i am really delighted for her sheding that. However, the tie-dye shirt and the shape of glasses clearly suggest that she did not leave the 60-70s phase entirely. It’s difficult to let go and could be an expression of mourning. The jacket is clearly a modern design, albeit with an asymmetrical cut that reminds of her previous one, but look at the bird motives! Maybe the way Mistress Morrigan accessorizes her looks with feathers has given her an idea to introduce finally the owl theme to her image. 

Let us actually read the new arc first and then make conclusions about her going mad with grief. Delight going Delirium is a nice touch, but Mini’s a teenager surviving a hideous experience and maybe after it all ended it’s the first time she can do whatever she wants. One of strong narratives in Wicdiv is being whoever you want to be, being yourself and here’s another excellent example of expressing onself, just like Inanna’s transformation.

I applaud Team Wicdiv for conveying so much in that one pic they showed us and i can’t wait to see a new, different Minerva and what’s in store for her.

Teen Wolf AU: Zombie Apocalypse.

So apparently I can’t stop making TW AUs when I should be studying for finals. I have a serious problem.

Cora had barely spoken to any of her friends since they lost Lydia. It had been a huge loss for all four of them, and each one was handling it their own way. Allison had set as a personal goal to avenge her, which basically meant killing every zombie who got in her way. No mercy. Scott was a wreck. He didn’t talk, he didn’t eat and he barely slept, he just spent his days torturing himself for not being able to save her. And Stiles…Cora didn’t even know what to think about Stiles. He kept going on as if nothing had changed, as if Lydia was still there or worse; as if her death meant absolutelly nothing to him. Cora hadn’t seen him sheding a tear since it happened, he hadn’t even mentioned Lydia’s name and every time Cora tried to talk to him about it he immediately changed the subject. Ever since the zombie virus reached Beacon Hills and they started running, they had lost enough people for Cora to learn that it was better to leave Stiles alone until he was ready to talk about it. She had tried to give him space at first, but now she was starting to get worried.

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Strong people eventually come to a breaking point because they’ve held the fort for so long, so I’d love to see that for Sharon. We’ve seen her sheding a couple of tears now and then, shaken by Andy’s condition and suffering when Rusty’s in danger. But we’ve never seen her actually breaking down, crying her eyes out and allowing someone to hold her. That’s something I think we need to see this upcoming season, Sharon not being strong for once, just to go back to her amazing self afterwards. 

beauty thats on the  outside, but they forget to look and explore the beauty that lies in my mind. They fail to realize  this beauty is hard to find. I want someone to love me for my beauty but not my physical kind.

Beauty dies as you grow older with age .
I aim for  something that’s lasts like a books page. Once it’s been read it’s embedded. The affect of the words can not be sheded. To find someone that falls in love with the words that flow out of my  mouth as i speak. What if  the sound of their voice  made my  knees weak.

I don’t want a physical connection but a mental one . If i asked you to describe the sun, would i be able to imagine it in my mind? Could you paint a picture in my head with your words as if I was blind?

I want our minds to intertwine like vines on a house and merge our  thoughts.
Let me gear up and help defeat  the mental battles that are being  fought.

For once I want to know how it is be sought,  for what I know, and not how much of my leg is being shown. I want my wise words to touch your soul and  catch your attention. My intelligence should be  the first thing that  you mention, instead of the size of my ass, could i be  known for my sass? I’ll use my useless trivia to be impressive, instead of the size that my dress is.

I want something that touches my soul. Something that patches up the gapping hole, that others have put in my heart for only wanting my body but not the art, from the artist that live inside my skull our conversations would never be dull.

I want a connection as a deep as the sea.
for our conversation to go on endlessly
witty humor is what would make me  fall,
because I never heard of true love after a cat call. We would look into each others eyes and they would talk a mile a minute.
Things like that make me smile I’m not afraid to admit it.
(angelica gonzalez)