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finally adventured around @mayor-brianne‘s alluring town moonleaf! ♪ oh my gosh, it left me breathless~ ♡ I was so mesmerized by every gorgeous area and I adored all of the beautiful paths, colors, and landscaping!! the flower arrangements blended flawlessly with their surroundings and along with the falling cherry blossoms, I felt like I was in a wonderland of sorts~~~ the entire town was extremely creative and thoughtfully made and it had such a beautiful and safe homey feeling ♡

♡ 5E00 - 0011 - 244D ♡


Arsenal Season Review - 2016/17.

got chills from watching this. unbelievable edit.

Miss Perfect
Title Fight
Miss Perfect

You look so pretty in your sleep, tell me

Are you dreaming of me?

Or do you dream about the way that things used to be?

It never was this bad and I was good at more than just always making you sad

I know that I told you that if you just stay with me, things would be fine until the end of time

But you know that there’s no such thing, as a promise ring, that doesn’t lose its shine


this breathtakingly beautiful performance of rainy blue…it just…i just…i always feel a tug on my heartstring whenever I watch this.

Rhythm of the Beat- Part 3 (Final part!)

Based off a request by @thelittleredwhocould​​ for gender swap Wincest.

Summary: Sam and Dean get trapped in a vault after being turned into women by an ancient Egyptian god. Because of course they did. There’s only one way to get free. Because of course there is.

Part 1 Part 2

Word Count: 2450ish

Warning: Wincest, gender swapping, smut,

A/N: This one just happened. I’m not sorry. Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks for the love you showed the first two parts! XOXO

“What the hell are you doing?” Sam means to sound shocked, maybe a little angry, but his voice comes out low and hot instead, clearly needy instead of offended.

Dean leans in until their noses are almost touching, hands curled into Sam’s flannel so tight it’s going to rip any second. He’s not going to let Sam back out of this. There’s more here than that fucking curse, and Dean needs this.

“Tell me to stop.”

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I Only Want You | Part: 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

(Part 1)

Request: Hey hon, can you make one with YN and Daryl were together and one day he out for a run and he brings a woman with him (he saved her) that woman start flirting with Daryl and YN get really pissed and end up with Daryl proving to that she is the only one (Daryl x Reader).

Summary: Daryl begins to train Nina and she makes advances at him. The Reader becomes extremely jealous. Daryl proves to the Reader he only wants her. Ends in smutty loud love making. 


The next few days were stressful. You had to listen to the new woman in the group complain and ask for Daryl’s help just about every time he left your cell. Of course he obliged because he was a giver. But, that didn’t mean you didn’t feel a twinge of jealousy when he would help her hobble by your room, her eyes coming to yours as if she knew what fire she was playing with. On the upside you yourself had begun to train more, taking advantage of the small shed you and Daryl had to brush up on your boxing skills.

Daryl had found an old boxing bag in one of the rooms where the prisoners used to work out in and had hung it up in the shed, making it the perfect get away spot when you needed one. You punched, jabbed, and kicked the bag as hard as you could until you fell over exhausted on the mattress laying on the floor.

Your sweat drenched body heaved in and out as you tried to regain your breath after yet another intense workout. You stretched your body out onto the mattress and concentrated on your breathing. Your hands ran up the sheets of the bed and your mind wandered back to the night before Daryl had left, when he had treated you so good. You two hadn’t been together since and you knew the reason why.

As if on cue you heard Nina giggling outside, you sat up and quickly grabbed the tank top next to you on the bed and pulled it over your sports bra. You heard Daryl pulling at the door. You swiftly walked over and banged on it from the inside, “Hold on! I’ll unlock it!” You shouted to him from the other side. The tugging stopped.

You quickly untied the rope from your side of the door and pushed the door open. Daryl took in your sweaty appearance and smirked to himself, he always loved how amazing you looked after a good workout. Although the kind he had in mind didn’t involve anything but him. You two locked eyes and your hard eyes started to melt when you saw him taking your body in. You smiled sweetly back, almost forgetting you weren’t alone. 

Suddenly you saw Nina’s hand grab at Daryl’s shoulder harshly as she tripped over her own two standing still feet. 

Daryl’s eyes were forced back to her.

“Sorry. I am such a clutz!” She tossed her blonde hair and batted her eyes at him.

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