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5, 11, 13, 24 & 29. :)

5.  If you could pick any companion to travel with any Doctor, who would it be?

Twelve/Martha, no question. She deserves someone who could see her as their equal, and I think he would really appreciate her wit and bravery and strength. Also, he would be willing to make amends for his past treatment of her in a way that I feel Eleven wouldn’t.

(Honourable mention goes to Allonswin.)

11. First Doctor you saw.

Nine. I watched the show on Netflix for the first time like four years ago, so I started with S1.

13. First story you saw on TV.

The Bells of Saint John. I’m really glad that was my starting place, because it’s a beautiful and fun episode and it engendered in me a deep and lasting love for Clara Oswald.

24- already answered

29. Thoughts on the current Doctor.

Capaldi’s Doctor has less of the mad frenzy or silliness of Ten and Eleven, and he brings a thoughtfulness and doubt to the role that is refreshing and interesting, yet he retains the heart and the adorableness.

Whittaker is a talented actress and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what she brings to the role.

Thank you! =)


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Summer is a lot closer than it seems, and if you’re anything like me, losing all the winter weight is pretty hard. Here’s a short (jk it’s not even close to short) post on how to achieve what you want from your body this summer.

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well everyone knows that shooting stars arent actually stars and they’re just meteorites on fire pretty much, but did you know that there is an actual shooting star called mira the red giant is a star that basically flies around the galaxies shedding a 13 light year long trail of basically what is stardust and whatever is left from that trail will then be born into new stars