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reasons to love harrison ford

1. hates donald trump
2. got his ear pierced at claires because why the FUCK not
3. legit asks people to beat him up in action scenes EVEN NOW AS AN OLD ASS MAN
4. is arguably one of the most iconic star wars characters yet couldnt give less of a shit abt star wars
5. the universe tried to kill him (or at least permanently incapacitate him) twice in 2015 and it only mildly inconvenienced him
6. flies helicopters in search and rescue missions
7. was in his 40s for the majority of the indiana jones series which is fucking insane when you think about all the stunts involved
8. quote “the director yells cut and harrison cracks open a beer and then builds a fucking shed”
9. arguably sexy
10. points angrily and its super effective


“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

Enchanted Arrows

Business savvy wizards have taken up the craft of enchanting arrows with elemental magic and other sources of energy. The ability to combine spells and runes with arrows is a trade known only to a small number of Wizards, who have cornered the market and refuse to share their secrets. Further more, the arrows are designed for obsolescence – losing all magical abilities after one use. These arrows are pricey, but there’s nowhere else to get them. If a creature is immune to the damage type of the arrow, they are also immune to all effects.

Fire – On contact the arrow deals an additional 2d8 fire damage. Flammable object hit by this arrow ignites if it isn’t being worn or carried.

Cold – A creature hit by this arrow has its speed reduced to 0, at the end of its turn it regains 10 feet of movement speed, it regains 10 feet to all available movement speeds at the end of every turn until it.

Acid – A creature hit with this arrow has its armour structurally weakened on the point of contact. The creature suffers -1 deduction to AC. If the creatures armour is natural, the effect lasts for 1 minute. If their armour is made of non-magic organic material or metals it is permanent. A creature can only take a cumulative loss of 2 to their AC from these arrows.

Poison – A creature hit with this arrow takes an additional 1d6 poison damage. At the end of each of their turns they must succeed a DC15 CON saving throw or take another 1d6 damage. This effect lasts until the saving throw is successful.

Lightning – A creature hit with this arrow is surrounded with fingers of electricity that arc from them in a bolt of lightning to a creature of the shooters choice within 15 feet of the hit creature. The creature makes a DC15 DEX saving throw taking 2d6 lightning damage on a fail or half as much on a pass. If creature hit with the arrow is wearing metal armour – the saving throw is increased to DC17.

Thunder – When this arrow hits a creature a thunderous roar booms out over 100 ft. Each creature within 5 foot of the target takes 1d6 thunder damage.

Radiant – When a creature is hit with an arrow of this type, the next attack roll made against the target has advantage. Additionally, the target sheds 10 feet of dim light and loses all benefits from invisibility if they are invisible for 1 minute.

Necrotic – When a creature is struck with this arrow, all effects that would heal that creature are negated and the creature has disadvantage on all strength and dexterity saving throws for 1 minute.

Force – A creature hit with this arrow takes an additional 2 force damage from the attack. Also, the target is pushed back 15 feet.

Psychic – A creature hit by this arrow is wracked with crippling voices. Until the end of their turn the creature is frightened of the person who shot the arrow. Additionally, for 1 minute the creature has disadvantage on wisdom saving throws.

I made these arrows a little stronger than most would, in hopes it will give your higher-level players a reason to spend some of their gold. As always feel free to nerf or buff as you see appropriate. I like to make these readily available, but rather expensive.

juzcsuzuya replied to your post “guess who just got a new bby snake…”


isharan replied to your post “guess who just got a new bby snake…”


these aren’t my photos (taken by the breeder)

hes a beauty! 

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 5

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21.      Dana’s Ashes

Wondrous Item (Urn), Legendary

Among the Gods, romantic relationships are often seen as trivial, though many gods of the forgotten realms have fallen in love with mortals, but of all the legends, only one tells of the union between two gods – Oghma the God of Knowledge, and Dana the god of feeling. In his eternal quest for knowledge, Oghma slew his wife by feeding her to the Tarrasque – what he hoped to glean from this act is known only to Oghma. When Dana’s celestial body died, her physical corpse fell into the material plane – where it was found by a tribal group of elves, taking this as an omen, and in accordance to their death rights – cremated the body.

A player may grab a handful of Dana’s ashes from the urn and throw them into the air – when they do so Oghma’s spirit comes to the material plane to collect them – granting the user any information they request in the form of a natural 20 intelligence skill check of any kind.

There is enough ashes in the urn for 5 uses.

22.      Drow Bow of Darkness

Weapon (Bow), Rare, Attunement

This bow is made from the wood of a Luurden tree that grows in the Underdark. Ancient elven runes are inlaid up and down the limbs of the bow in dark silver, extracted from the mines of the Underdark. This bow gains a +1 to all attack and damage rolls, additionally every arrow fired from this bow sheds 10 feet of darkness for 10 minutes. This darkness is a 10 foot square that light can’t enter, unless it’s magic light from a first level spell or higher.

If this bow is exposed to sunlight for more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period, it loses all magical properties.

23.      Dagger of Damage

Weapon (Dagger), Uncommon

A hefty dagger, about half again the size of a normal dagger. When attempting to throw this dagger or use it as a finesse weapon this dagger has the heavy property. This dagger deals 1d8 damage.

24.      Boomstick

Wondrous Item (Ranged Weapon), Very Rare, Non-Magical

A long straight device with 2 barrels, over 2 feet in length, its inner workings causes an explosion that propels special projectiles that only the most skilled tinkerers seem to be able to recreate. It’s trigger mechanism is like a crossbow with 2 triggers, each one corresponding to the barrel of the same side. (Spoiler: it’s a Shotgun).

The boomstick is a simple ranged weapon, with a range of 20/80. Instead of rolling to attack, the player firing this weapon rolls a d20, they then roll the result of that d20 in d6’s. (Example D20 result = 13. Damage = 13d6). When a creature rolls this attack with disadvantage, they roll 2 d20’s and roll the equivalent of the lower number in d6’s, advantage taking the higher. This weapon has the loading property, however a player can fire both chambers as one action (independent declarations/can be separate targets).

Note: It may seem kind of strange to introduce this weapon in your typical LOTR, Knights and Wizards D&D campaign. When I put it in my campaign, Githyanki raiders had time traveled to a 20th century world similar to ours, and looted some of our weapons, and now are raiding the material plane the campaign is taking place on. They’ll need to find ammo somehow; a setup could be a Gnome tinkerer who will sell them shotgun shells for a high price. (A good way to get your players spending some gold)

25.      Rain Chaser

Weapon (Longbow), Legendary, Attunement

This longbow is just a simple metal bow grip until activated as a bonus actions; lightning forms the upper and lower limbs of the bow the string made of a thin tesla strand. Arrows shot from this bow deal an additional 1d8 lightning damage. If an arrow from this bow hits its target, as a reaction the player can teleport to a spot within 5 feet of the target hit.


“Move it fatty” “Shut it skinny”
Chouchou and Inojin are gonna be the most fabulous of them all and I will forever be attracted to the Nara family

this would look so much nicer if I had a scanner

Why are some ‘feminists’ still hating on Missy because of those two (2) tears she shed in series 10 and saying she didn’t deserve redemption
God forbid a female character showing emotions without being judged and called ‘weak’ or 'annoying’ or worse, a 'sexist stereotype’

Also, you’re totally missing the point of her redemption arc if you really think she changed because she became a woman.

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A stoner dabi with a s/o who has never smoked weed before. They decided to try it out just because of curiosity. They decided to tell dabi about it. What would his reaction be?

As a tip of advice, if your friends pressure you into trying drugs, they aren’t true friends. Everyone has a different system, and reacts to drugs differently, so it’s not a thing that everyone can try and have the same effects. If your friends truly want the best for you, they’ll keep you safe.

Under the cut! tw Drugs

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1) Hiss Hiss Bitch
2) Don’t Give A Fuck
3) I’m a Queen and I Know it
4) Polishing my Grammys
5) I Have Too Many Awards
6) I’m A Badass Woman
7) I Can’t Hear You Over my Swifties
8) Screw the Media
9) Shedding the Haters
10) On my Throne
11) Ready to Slay
12) Fuck that Bitch
13) Teehe Sparkles

The 10 things I hate about you (Head Canon)  

1.       Dally, I hate your bad attitude and how you sulk for days when you don’t get what you want.

2.       I hate the way you stare at me when you think that I am sleeping (I’m not and I can feel your eyes trying to search my soul)

3.       I hate the way you snore and murmur strange things in your sleep.

4.       I hate the way we fight about the pettiest of things… even though the make up sex is pretty damn great.

5.       I hate that I’m so damn in love with you that my soul aches whenever we are apart and that my heart thumps so rapidly whenever your near.

6.       I hate that you love me so damn purely.

7.       I hate the way you say my name, like it’s safe in your mouth and that I’m your only reason for existing.

8.       I hate how you know my every single thought, even when I don’t speak them aloud.

9.       I hate it how you make me cry, and how you kiss away every tear I shed.

10.   Mostly, I hate that I don’t hate any part of you…. I hate how I’m so irrevocably in love with you that I’m so worried that I’m going to break your heart… I hate how you love me so purely and so innocently- I hate that I have so much power to shatter your heart into pieces.

Ghost sneks!

It’s funny to keep sheds and see how much much they grow. Actually i’m surprised that Little Prince’s growth hasn’t started slowing down yet, he’s still growing as fast at 5 as he was at 3. He’s still shedding every 6-8 weeks and gaining 1″-2″ everytime. He was such a small and dainty snake when he was younger so thought he’d stay on the smaller side but nope, 5 and a half foot and still going, he’s turning into such a long snek!

I don’t know exactly how old Yuma is but think she’s between 3 and 4 so her growth isn’t too unexpected. She’s still shedding about 4 times a year. The funny thing is that Prince will go in blue and shed in 10 days but Yuma takes foooooreveeeeer. she’s goes in blue for over 3 weeks and is so mega defensive during it XD


It’s a downward spiral, these crossovers get weirder every time. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I have lost all control. (Thank you to the anon who proposed this hilarious idea, I hope you don’t mind that I changed it a bit!)

Sorry if everyone’s getting sick of these, but… but… the newest episode, and… Free! just… FEELINGS, OK?!? 


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☺Lilith the Queen

Omg I got like three asks for her so here we go:

1. She has a crazy obsession with make up - so much so that she actually makes video tutorials. Doesn’t post online though because it’s scary but idk maybe someday??

2. Her favourite flavour of ice cream is mint chocolate chip

3. She’s half Korean - on her moms side. She doesn’t know any of her relatives (save for a cousin in San Myshuno) because they all live in their home country.

4. Surprisingly she never went through the typical emo phase when she was younger - she was actually a h core girly girl

5. She doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future - she’s very live in the moment

6. I’ve said this before - but she makes a KILLER spaghetti bolognese

7. Will 10/10 always shed a tear watching a kids movie

8. Want to dye her hair again - it used to be long and green but her mom made her cut it off. She’s thinking blue?

9. More of a cat person tbh

10. Loves the smell of sage and curry spices