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after watching Kookmin World's video i honestly didn't understand why everyone excited with the "stare" i mean i didn't feel any "tension" or anything and i'm a Jikook shipper so don't get me wrong plz!

It’s okay ^^ 
How do I explain that…….first of all it’s not the first time they just freeze int he middle of talking or doing something to stare at each other. The Vlive Jimin did before one of their concerts (was it epilogue? or a muster maybe? my memory is bad tbh) where Kookie joined him with a poor excuse that ARMY’s wanted to see him. 

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There was a thick tensionn between them, do you just randomly stop talking to whoever u were talking and just stare them straight in the eyes for few seconds? I don’t do that. 
Tbh if they didn’t have dark eyes we would be able to tell if their pupils dilate when they stare at each other like this (u know, it’s scientifically proven that your pupils dilate like 50% when you look at something or someone you like) but unfortunatly we can’t :( 

Then we had this during the interview:

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Kook just turned around and stared at Jimin (was it cuz Hobi touched him?maybe), Jimin turned around too, stared at Kook for a sec and then said something to him. I was once so good at reading from lips but duh, I need to learn korean first. Did you notice that when Kook was turning his head back he glanced at Hobi? If you look at other gifs from then you’ll notice Hobi’s expression and honestly he looks like Kookie caught them doing something inaproprieate or smth like that.

And going back to the moment from yesterday:

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Look at Jimin’s shoulder - he leaned closer when Jungkook looked at him, you can clearly see it from the way his body moved. Then look at Kookie - he leaned closer too. If the second they leaned closer was in a slow motion - you’d see a cliche “they’re about to kiss so they’re leaning closer” moment from every movie and drama ever.  
And I’m not exaggerating, they didn’t have any reason to lean in like that, it was just natural. Plus the little smile on Jimin’s lips…..they were gone from the moment their eyes locked. 

Soo this is how I saw this ^^ And no one gifed it cuz it was at the very end right before the broadcast ended and it was hella pixelated but I believe Jimin rested his head on Kook’s when he was about to turn everyhting off. 


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