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So I did as littlereptile told me, followed the snake shed sauna guide by chondropythons.  Cinnamon spent approximately 6 hours in a warm damp sphagnum sauna.  He didn’t, however manage to work any shed off himself while in there, but my partner roxythebat and I spent about twenty minutes after he came out of the sauna giving him damp strokings to roll the shed off him.  The first two images up there show the results of yesterday’s work (though I took the photos about ten minutes ago) in comparison with the third photo, which was about 5 or 6 days ago.  I’m not sure what to do about the bits stuck to his head and the top of his neck there.  He was extremely (like, I was totally blown away by how calm he was) accommodating and understanding of our efforts to help him and spent most of our rubbing session either not moving or using our fingers to squeeze some shed off.  He even allowed us to attempt to rub some shed off his head, but we didn’t get any done.  I’m pretty damn sure he has a cap stuck over his right eye; how do I deal with that?