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Possible Closing Of SheCapsThat

So I just wanted to be the one to tell all of you that in a week SheCapsThat will more than likely be closing. If you visit the gallery you will notice that our host deleted all of our full sized screen caps, like seriously, you couldn’t just have told me to start looking for a new host before you did that?

During this time my computer’s hard drive crashed so their is no backup even for the site to be moved, I’m in the process of seeing if our host will be nice and release the full sized caps and if they do I can work from there. If not, then I’m afraid the gallery will be gone. For good? I don’t know yet.

Right now I’m just completely devastated and all I see is 3 years worth of work and 800,000 caps gone.  If I do return the site will be scaled down completely to our most popular shows Criminal Minds and The Mentalist being two of them. 

So at this time I just want to thank all of you awesome people for visiting the gallery daily for 3 years. For making me feel like I had a purpose and was needed by someone for something. The smallest comments made me feel the best. 

Like I said before I haven’t decided yet if the site will be back if indeed it does close, I just wanted to give you all a heads up, I didn’t want to leave you all wondering what happened if one day the site is gone.

If you are a capper and would like to work with us, just in case, please be sure to contact me here. This page will still continue to be updated and please check back here for any future updates in the next week!?!