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You and Echo for 39. (Sorry but I couldn't stop myself :p )

Pfft, think of this as the drabble that turned into a 2000 words fic :P

”Hey! I wasgoing to eat that!”

Drala stopped dead in her tracks with the spoon filled with pasta Bolognese hanging in front of her mouth. Quickly she glanced around in the room to see who had spoken. Not that she had to, because in the next moment she sensed him in the force.

Echo stepped out of the shadows, his disappointment evident both on his face and in his whole force signature. Quickly she dropped the spoon into the bowl, realizing that the bowl was hopelessly empty. A wave of guilt hit her like a punch in the face. Here she were munching on some leftovers because she felt like it, while men like Echo, her men, had to survive on ration bars for most of the time. What a great Jedi I make, Drala thought bitterly.

“I’m sorry, Echo. I didn’t know it was your snack. Believe me, had I known I wouldn’t have chewed it up like some starved bantha.”

Echo sighed before he gave Drala a small, tired smile. “It’s fine, Commander Bülow. I was just hoping that I’d have a chance to eat that before ship-out tomorrow morning. You couldn’t know, I should’ve marked it.”

Drala smiled sadly at him as he addressed her as Commander Bülow. “Echo, please. What have I told you about calling me by my rank? Would it hurt you terribly to call me Drala like everyone else? I’m no military genius, so don’t bother to address me as one.”

Echo’s smile grew genuine at her words, and Drala could let out a sigh of relief as she felt how some of his disappointment ebbed out. Not all of it, though.

“Hey, I haven’t baked in a while, and I’ve been told that my muffins could fit in any bakery” she said with a wink. “Care to join me? You don’t have to share them with Fives either.”

A loud laugh escaped Echo, and Drala felt how something tingled inside of her at the sound, as if making the ARC smile was enough to make her feel happy with life. But wasn’t that what being a Jedi was about?

“Well, I guess I can’t pass up such a golden opportunity. Just bear with me, I’ve never baked anything before.” Echo shot her a soft smile, and Drala found that a feeling of horror crept up on her. Why had she suggested baking? Hadn’t she learned by now that baking always ended in tears for her?

Drala swallowed and tried to put on a brave face for Echo’s sake.

“That won’t be a problem, I’ve done this a lot before.”


A loud curse escaped Drala as the paste spluttered all over her robes. Echo winced as she tried to brush it off with a hand, but all she managed to succeed with was to smudge it all over her even more. With a loud sigh she turned to Echo, smiling tiredly as if to show him that she wasn’t effected at all by this.

“I’m sorry about the curses,” she apologized. “It was a while since I baked.”

“Don’t worry about it, Drala,” Echo said with a warm smile as he offered her a wet towel. Smiling in gratefulness, Drala took it from him and begun to clean herself up. “I’ve lived with Cutup all of my life, it’s not like a little mess is going to phase me.”

Drala snorted as she tried to imagine just what kind of situations Cutup had gotten himself to over the years. Absently she reached a spoon down into the bowl of paste and scooped up some of it. Before she had even time to register what was happening she was offering the spoon to Echo.

“Here, taste it,” she encouraged him as he looked warily at it. “It’s nice and sweet.”

With a thoughtful expression on his face, Echo took the spoon from Drala and stuck it into his mouth. At first he just chewed on it, then his face lit up in surprise as the taste obviously hit him. With a wide grin on his face he turned to Drala, looking like a child who’d just discovered something extraordinary in that moment.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like that.” Echo said, his grin only widening as he saw Drala blush redder than the Chancellor’s robes. Then he did something that not even the force could have predicted.

Quickly Echo leaned down to kiss Drala on her mouth. It was a hasty, brief touch of their lips, but a kiss none the less. Drala was shocked, to say in the least. For what seemed like an eternity they just stared at each other as they both tried to catch up with what had happened. Then it felt as if Drala had slammed herself into a wall of horror. However, it took her a while to figure out that it wasn’t her own horror that she felt.

Silently she gazed over at Echo, who seemed to be beating himself up over and over for what had happened. When he caught her looking at him, the guilt he emitted became unbearable for Drala to stand. It was time to take action.

Before Echo had the chance to open his mouth, Drala placed a calming hand on his shoulder. She knew that she was crazy to do this, but regulations be damned.

“We both know that things are just going to get more awkward if we don’t talk, but give me a minute to put the muffins in the oven?”

The brave attempt at humor did little to ease up the situation, but it was something. As Drala knelt before the oven, she tried to sort think of something to say. The tingling sensation that she had felt earlier were still there, and with a start Drala realized that she had felt this before around the ARC. It was a tingling sensation of excitement, anticipation, happiness…affection. Love.

A Jedi does not form attachments, the voices of her old masters berated her. Drala had sworn not to fall in love. But then again, it was awfully convenient how most Jedi decided to break the Code when it suited them. Because weren’t Jedi supposed to be peacemakers, not warriors? And yet here they were, fighting a bloody war. How convenient to ignore that part of the Code.

Jerked back to reality by an anxious feeling tugging at her consciousness, Drala turned to Echo with what without doubt could’ve been the most ridiculous smile in the galaxy. The puzzled look Echo gave her only confirmed that thought. But for just this one time in her short life, Drala would not be held back by her inner fears, even if she died trying.

“Well, Echo…” she begun, feeling how the nervousness already had begun to tear at her. “Do you care for me?”

“I’m sorry, I-“ Echo stuttered, looking so scared and confused in that moment. In his mind, he felt even more like a frightened child than a hardened soldier.

“A simple yes or no is enough, you know,” Drala said with a smile as she once again placed a hand on his shoulder. She felt how his muscles tensed as he inhaled deeply, then relaxed again as the breath slipped out. “Yes.” he blurted out, closing his eyes as if he crossed his heart and hoped to die. Despite herself, Drala felt how a smile had begun to tug at the corners of her lips. He cared for her.

“Now since I happen to care a lot about you too, my sweet, di’kutla, friend, this could either be a problem or something very good, depending on your point of view. Believe me, Jedi do a lot of that kind of thinking.”

“No please, Drala, you’re not being responsible now,” Echo said, but despite his protests, Drala could feel a spark of hope in his force signature. He hoped that Drala was being serious. “You’re a Jedi, you’re not allowed to have relationships. If anyone found out…please, Drala, I don’t want you to throw away your entire future for me.”

Drala smiled and shook her head. It would be up to her to convince him otherwise, she realized as much now.

“Echo. None of us are irresponsible persons. I know for certain that this is what life has in store for me. I mean, think about it. You like me, I like you. It would only make things easier for us to admit this, don’t you think?”

Echo still looked slightly unconvinced, though. “Well, you’re not wrong…” he begun, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head as he spoke. “But I’m still older than you…I… it would feel wrong. As if I… violated you in some way.”

Drala had to stifle a snort as she heard that. It sounded so ridiculous, yet she felt deeply touched by his concern. And here media claimed that clones had no soul…

“Technically speaking, you’re younger than me. I’m fifteen, and you’re only eleven. So basically it would be me who exploited you,” she said jokingly. “Besides, loving someone is about way more than sex…even if I’m sure that’s not unpleasant either.”

Finally the ice broke between them. A low chuckle came from Echo as he shook his head at her words. Drala grinned widely at him in return.

“Just what am I going to do with you, Drala?” Echo asked, smiling fondly at her. Quickly Drala debated with herself whether the next thing she would say was so smart or not, but in the end she decided to go for it.

“Well, for starters you could kiss me properly.”

It was ridiculous, really. For a second she felt self-conscious about how she barely reached up to Echo’s shoulder, but in the next she had forgotten everything about her height as Echo once again pressed his lips against hers.

This time they got it right. To say that Echo was a fast learner was an understatement, and Drala felt how she melted into his touch as he wrapped his strong arms around her. Wait…speaking of melting, there was something off about how the room smelled. Then it struck her.

SHEBS!” she shouted, effectively making Echo jump in surprise. “I forgot about the shabla muffins…!”