dyobbi replied to your post “infinite”

i am not six - 3-

fine fine whateverrrr you’re seven~~~~

sheaunnie replied to your post: “Exo! (I’m not sure if someone already asked this… *~*)”:

*~* Darrrryyllll! You’re the Darlingest est ever! <3 <3<3<3 You’re too sweet it’s insane! Teehee.

nooooooo!!!! you are the bestttt. AND YOU’RE MUCH SWEETER THAN I AMMM~~ and so cute too ahhh

pinkseme replied to your post: “[whispers] nu'est”:

kjldfsa hi i adore you bYE

NO NO THIS IS NOT ALLOWED OMG like legit i’ve always thought you were really cool and now you adore me??? no this is not allowed nope nopeee

mrfanstao replied to your post “big bang :)”

Hehe thank u ! love U Also <3

you’re welcome!!! you’re just legit so lovely ahhhh ahhhh