Evidently, I'm in Good Company.

togetbackhomeward said: You pretty much described exactly how I feel about Toms.

I didn’t want to love them, I swear! 

thesearemyshenanigans said: ….I bought 5 pairs of pseudo-TOMS in China. $5 each. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Next excursion: size 8.5. Any colour except grey.

nerdyjess said: I had the black sparkly ones and I wore them every single day until holes formed and then I kept wearing them until my my boss was like, Jessica. Stop wearing those shoes. TL;DR I really miss them and need to buy a new pair.

I went with grey because I figured classic, goes with everything, etc., but ooh… Sparkles!

sheasylvia said: This post is 100% accurate on all counts.

bujnik said: Is Canada like 2 years behind? But yes they are comfortable, I wore mine out.

Not Canada; just me. It takes me two years to justify spending $50 on anything - especially shoes.

fosterlings said: I want some too, but they’re too ‘spensive! Xox

That’s why it took me so long to justify the splurge, but oh my… Worth every penny. The next time you end up birthday money, do it. 

anxietymom said: TOMS are the best. The freaking best. squigglesforbrains said: TOMS are ugly as sin, no joke. But I own 6 pairs. It’s like your foot is getting a hug every time you put them on! I did just buy the TOMS charcoal and white polka dot ballet flats that are legitimately adorable and comfortable. Get ‘em.

I was looking at those and decided I should stick with the classic style first to see if I even liked them… The fact that they have other styles is going to be a problem for my wallet.

the–kel–smith said: I’ve been resisting too but not that fall is coming and flip flops won’t do for much longer……I just don’t know….

Seriously. Worth every penny. I already know I’ll wear these to death. 

thepreppyhippielife said: same experience last week.

You! You’re the one I blame! I got started with the coupon code you posted (no good in Canada), then went down an internet rabbit hole and ended up with new shoes on my feet. (Thank you!)