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sheasouffle replied to your post: What is bubble tea? I’ve never even heard of it, haha.

That sounds so good! I’m definetly trying it if I get the chance! (Also, I’m not a fan of tea either, hehe.)

Oooh then you might really like it!! ^____^

 crookedceremonies replied to your postTaro is actually a root vegetable. It’s similar to what poi, the traditional Hawaiian treat, is made of. Poi looks like purple goop and doesn’t taste like very much.

I had an avocado smoothie with tapioca pearls in it once and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted! No tea in it, though.

Oooh my! Avocado, really? I’m a bit hesitant to try things like avocado or sweet potato because…oh, in a drink? Haha but you say it’s good, now I definitely want to try it! :D