shears tattoo

Shear Perfection Salon & Tattoo Parlor - Monday, 1:40pm

Nemesis paused. Sado had too, she noticed. It wasn’t lost on Nemesis the way Sado glanced at her from the corner of her eye before continuing with the tattoo. “Oh, he sounds like a sweet guy.”

“He is.” Nope. No more of this. Nemesis walked over, ignoring Sado’s hushed attempts to stop her. “Excuse me, did you say, Vega?”


“This guy’s name, it wouldn’t happen to be, Vega Rapp. Would it?”

“It is. Do you know him?”

“I did. Yeah. Anyway, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I’ll let you two get back. Tell Vega I said hi, okay?”

“I will. What’s your name?”


“Xhex. Nice to meet you.” Nemesis grabbed her all of her will power and decided to leave the salon before she completely turned the place upside down. She wasn’t mad at this woman, Xhex. She was more upset with Vega. He’d moved on apparently and hadn’t bothered to tell her that he was done with her.

To her face, in an email. Hell, she would’ve taken a text message too….and after she’d opened herself in that email to him.

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