shear top

Perhaps 2nd century A.D.
Said to be from Trabzon, northeastern Turkey (ancient Trebizond)
Bronze inlaid with silver and black copper(?)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This piece is remarkable for its rich inlays.  Both sides of each blade are decorated with three registers of figures.  Whoever created the design clearly had a sense of humor; when the shears are closed, the top register brings a dog face-to-face with a cat on one side and a lion on the other.

The combination of vague iconography, attenuated drawing, and dour expressions marks the shears as in an “Egyptianizing” rather than actual Egyptian style.


I made a “Rustic” flat bread pizza!
1. I took a thing of Tuscan flathead from my local grocer
2. I brushed top and bottom with olive oil
3. Added garlic pizza sauce
4. Topped with fresh sweet basil
5. Topped with farmers cheese
6. Added salami then shear goat cheese on top
7. Finally, I added dried woodear mushrooms and walnuts
8. Baked at 450 for 8 minutes.

It came out great, smelt and tasted delicious

Master’s Sun

01. The Sun Meets the Master
pairing: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura
summary: When the man who doesn’t believe in ghosts meets the woman who can see ghosts.
chapters: (2)
a/n: Based off of 2013 South Korean drama, Master’s Sun, because I love So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin <3

A low growl rumbled in the far distance as a sharp pierce of lightning flashed through the night sky. Dark clouds rolled in and the sky shows an ominous tale of dread and fear. Down below on earth is an even darker situation. A widowed man by the name of Teuchi sits in his home as he faces the most despicable man on the face of the planet. 

“So you are telling me that a dead spirit resides in this house?” the man asks Teuchi with a questioning raise of the eyebrow.

“Yes, my dead wife still lives in this house,” Teuchi affirms. “For my daughter, I thought about selling this house. But my wife doesn’t want that.”

“So you’re going to be the obstacle to my golf course,” the man says quietly as he glances at the house. “Fine, let’s negotiate.”

"If my wife is here right now, how can I possibly drive her away?” Teuchi exclaims.

“She’s here?” the man asks. “We can negotiate together then.”

Teuchi points at a flower on top of a dresser. “My wife treasured that flower. When I had thoughts about selling the house, the flower suddenly wilted. But when I decided to not sell anymore, the flower suddenly came back to life.”

The man nods as he listens. “So your wife expresses her opinions through this flower?” he asks. Teuchi nods. The man smiles as he knocks a fist on the table. “That means I have to negotiate with the flower,” the man declares.

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