shear terror

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Warning: Slightly scary

You had started looking around every corner before you walked on, but still that wasn’t enough. It’s not that you hated this time of year, it just seemed to put you on edge. And Loki was using that to his advantage.

Every chance he got, he was popping out from some dark corner to scare you. The first couple of times it was fine, just a prank, whatever, but now it was starting to tick you off. Your anxiety was on full alert and you were tired. Every bump or creak set you off now thinking that it was him.

“What’s Halloween without a little mischief?” he had asked, a devilish smile upon his lips. “It’s all in jest and good fun.”

“Oh yes, I’m so amused,” you said, sarcasm dripping on every syllable. You prayed that this time of year would pass quickly and leave you be.  

You enter the open hall and didn’t see any dark corners. You were only passing through but it was nice that there was no place for him to hide. Your mind went back to being at ease and you stopped a moment to give yourself a break. 

Even though it was night, the great hall was brightly lit and candles gave off a warm and friendly glow. In their bright light you felt safe and secure, or at least you thought.

Something out of the corner of your eye flickered around one of the large pillars of granite. The candle nearest the disturbance wavered for only a moment and if you would have blinked you would have missed it. 

Probably just the wind, you tried to convince yourself. 

You decided to get out of there as quickly as possible anyway, just to be safe. Staying in a constant state of movement didn’t hurt matters. You were about halfway through to the other side when again you saw something out of the corner of your eye. 

The cold sweats began at your forehead and snaked down your spine. The hair on your arms stood on end as you called out. 

“Loki, if it is you, speak now!” you tried to stay calm; it wasn’t working. 

No sounds at all could be heard anywhere near you. If it was Loki he had had mastered the art of hiding in plain sight and being as quiet as the dead. Again you started to walk, but you were met with a figure to your right that appeared out of the shadows. 

It was talk and slender, but not without muscle. The figure wore a face mask of pure white so you couldn’t tell exactly who it was, but by the stature you made a studious guess.

“Are you kidding me, Loki?” you all but yelled at him. “I thought my heart was going to stop. Stop it this instant!”

The figure continued to stand silently, uncomfortably so. You could feel his eyes piercing into you and the urge to run came over you.

“Seriously Loki, this isn’t fun anymore. Just stop it, please!” 

You were screaming at him now in an attempt to get him to break character, but it wasn’t working. All he did was stand there. At least when he was jumping out to scare you it was over quickly; this was terrifying. 

You wanted to leave, but you were frozen in fear. What did he want, to kill you? This was more than your body could take. You thought you would explode from fear, when all of a sudden the figure took off towards you in a sprint, a roar erupting from somewhere in his chest. It was so loud it echoed off the stone.

“Noooo,” you yelled as you took off towards the doors on the far end. 

Just a few more inches, you screamed inside your skull. Please just make it too the door!

You made it and flung it open and then slammed it closed, never once looking to see if Loki had followed you. You didn’t care; the next time you saw him he was as good as dead.

The heavy breaths you were taking now made it hard for you to think. You tried to calm yourself as you hung on to the handle, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths.

Without warning a pair of hands grasped your shoulders and you screamed out in shear terror.

“Y/N what is going on?” the voice of Loki asked. You opened your eyes to see the god of mischief staring back at you.

“Let go of me you ass,” you spat at him. “I was scared half to death in there and now you decided to do it a second time?!!?”

A look confusion stuck to his face. “What do you speak of? I haven’t been in the hall all night. Mother needed me so naturally I was with her.”

Never had you felt this way before. Fear, terror, those did not describe how you felt in that moment. If Loki hadn’t been in there all night, then who was the masked figure?

Urgent Message

455 words, so very short for me. A little piece about finding out some important information. A good start to Cullen - Family man day. I hope you enjoy!

He had received the message to come to her quarters immediately, and nearly shot out of his desk. Racing over the battlements and pushing through the rotunda he stopped for no one as he hurried to her quarters. Forgetting to knock he thrust the doors open, taking two steps at a time he pushed on until he was in the room, “Kiera?” his flushed face was tensed with concern as he rounded the crest of the staircase and entered the room.

“Come sit with me, I have something I need to tell you, vhenan,” she patted the bed softly, her palm making a subtle shift in the furs under her.

“What is going on? Is everything alright?” he was confused as he softly took his place beside her.

Giggling she nodded, “well I do hope it is alright. We have been very busy as of late and I have not had as much time with you as I had hoped.”

Shaking his head, he reached up to hold her cheek in his palm, “my love, I too have missed our time together. I fear it has been nearly a month since we last had time for ourselves,” his cheeks warmed as he leaned in to steal a loving kiss.

“Mmmm,” she mumbled against his lips as she placed her hands upon his shoulders. Pushing him back she let out a chuckle, “that is why I called you here, now.”

Scrunching his face up in confusion he couldn’t grasp where this conversation was going, “do you wish for us to have some alone time?”

“Oh Cullen,” she sighed as she reached for his hand. “What are your thoughts on children? Have you thought of them?”

He half choked on his air, “children?! Why would I….” halting in his thoughts he looked down at their laced fingers, back up to her face then to her stomach, “are you…”

Nodding she nibbled at her bottom lip, “yes, you’re going to be a father.” Waiting in shear terror she scanned his face. It seemed to be frozen in eternity before his eyes lit up and he leapt from the bed. Pulling her up into his arms he danced her around the room, as if his feet were clouds. “Cullen!” she giggled at his boyish enthusiasm, “please put me down!’

Chuckling he placed her back upon the edge of the bed, “Maker, I never… this is amazing… I just can’t…” he was stumbling over all the words he wanted to say, needed to say. To thank her, to tell her he was both excited and scared for his life. But nothing was coming up but garbled gibberish.

“I know,” she smiled up at him, “I feel the same way too.”

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Request: Hi! Can I request for a newt x reader imagine where newt breaks up with the reader and goes with Sonya due to what he thought was loss love but then he takes her fro granted. So when the reader and newt breaks up his gets the worst nightmares start again, Sonya tries to comfort him but fails so they call the reader and the reader is the only one who can comfort and and make the nightmares go away. Newt realizes it and apologizes and makes up for it. FLUFFINESS PLEASE

**disclaimer- i included a song in this, it goes in the plot. However, I absolutely suck at writing song lyrics off the spot, I mean it takes me a long time. And i wanted to get this out as soon as i could so you werent kept waiting. so the song is called “sea of love” and its by cat power. so ya not my song lol but if you haven’t heard it give it a listen cause its a million heart eye emojis :) 

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“Time to retire, Newton?” Sonya rested her chin on Newt’s shoulder and looked up at him. 

“Um, ya…” you swore you caught a glimpse of shear terror on his face, but the fire flickered again and it was gone. 

“Well come on then silly,” she kissed him and dragged him up. “Goodnight everybody,” she waved and they were gone.

You didn’t even bother to acknowledge her. You and Newt broke up a few weeks back. You both agreed the relationship had run it’s course and that there was nothing left. You both seemed to be on fire for a while, the “it” couple of the Glade you could say. But things changed and you were both thrust into new positions. Had to make a lot of tough choices and calls. And one of those things was, again, your relationship. 

However, you didn’t think he would rebound this fast. And it actually pained you to even see him so happy, as selfish as that sounds. You thought you would be fine at first, even when you decided to make the split. The love ran out. But your emotions now showed clearly the opposite. 

And little did you know, Newt was struggling too.

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Fork in the Road

Driving through the graveyard hours of the night,
Because I’m a hopeless insomniac,
Rethinking my life on this drive, making sure I’m doing it all right,
I want to get my train back on it’s tracks,
My only sense of direction is the North Star,
As it gives me the directions from afar,
Leads me to a road with a fork splitting it,
The right side looks easy, filled with protection from harmful, scary things,
The left side looks fearful and haunting, dark and daunting, oh the horror it brings,
So… it seems like an easy decision,
But I chose the left because that’s the mission,
Choosing the road nobody goes by,
Because everyone’s to afraid to die,
But that’s the thing,
Fear is what keeps us alive, without it what would we live for,
We wouldn’t care about anything if we lived without being afraid,
Because the fear of death makes us want to breathe just a little more,
To live for the moment,
This is the path I have chosen,
Beginning to travel down the left side, I couldn’t turn back it was to late to evade,
But when the road ends,
I will have a meaning for me that transcends,
Through all the pain and shear terror the road made me endure,
I have nothing to hide from anymore, I faced my fears, now I’m cured.
I faced my fears,
And conquered them,
Now my purpose has become clear.
T. James

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It was supposed to just be for the afternoon, just a quick mission Peter had said that was too dangerous for Groot to tag along on. It was going to be a piece of cake he said as he handed over the tiny baby Groot. Three, four hours tops. However having a child on board that only said the same three words and had the understanding of less than a toddler was starting to seem like a monumental task. By hour six Groot had already caused more destruction than both Yondu and Kraglin knew what to do with.

“Kraglin,” Yondu yelled from across the ship, “why does Groot have the damned control panel for the ship completely ripped out?” He was starting to get peeved as his ship was being thrown into chaos by a twig child.

Kraglin showed up at his side, a look of remorse on his face. “Sorry, boss, I asked him to get me my screwdriver… had to fix something just real quick and well..” he said as he pointed all around him. “I didn’t mean too.”

Yondu rubbed his temples with his thumbs. “Clean this up right now,” he said not bothering to look up. “You know you ain’t supposed to let him touch anything!” After the catastrophe of the kitchen this morning, Yondu was beginning to get drained. 

The sound of metal on metal hit their ears and both Yondu and Kraglin shared a look of shear terror as they only imagined they would find when they got into the next room. Both took off in a sprint towards the noise and what they found was a soul-crushing mess.

Groot had taken every single item out of each of the large cabinets in the supply closet. “I am Groot,” his tiny voice said happily. He smiled up at the horrified faces of his babysitters. “I….am Groot.”

Yondu started to put his lips together to whistle for his arrow when Kraglin stopped him. “He don’t mean anything by it,” he tried to calm his captain. “I’ll have some of the men clean it up.”

“I ain’t gonna take much more of this,” Yondu angrily said as he looked at the small creature. “Where the hell is Quill?”

@salazar-slytherin-8867 @that-random-ghost I saw your guy’s war again shortly after scrolling past something I’d reblogged and I panicked because I didn’t see the post break indicating my post ended and yours began so for a solid three seconds in shear terror I was like oh no oh my god they’ve jumped posts it’s like a virus this is all I’m ever going to see again it’s taking over the Internet post by post

Imagine Jin at a Sleepover

-Cooking cooking cooking

-Going to a 24 hour grocery store

-If he didn’t already bring his entire fridge, of course

-Ending up with thugs you really didn’t need

-Like a Mario themed chopstick set

-Making a mess in the kitchen at 2am

-“I’ll clean it tomorrow”

-Him scolding you for being lazy

-Helps you clean it anyways

-Momma Jin

-“Im hungry again”

-Finding a brownie box and baking that AFTER you already cleaned everything

-Falling asleep while waiting for it to bake

-Waking up in shear terror as the fire alarm blares

~Admin F

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Meeting face to face


Toby had gotten bored of staying in the now large woods for so long, and Now that he looked, well more human then before he thought he could more easily fit in with humans,and if he was lucky he could just say his mother was effected by radiation before he was born which was why he had antlers so after a long period of time he decided to move on to find a new place… Maybe one by a new city, preferably one that wasn’t in ruins.

Travelling for around a few weeks Toby had managed to find a new heavily wood area he knew he would be comfortable in and just on the outskirts looked to be another city, this one looking to be in good condition.

Smiling Toby was interested to see if he could spot any people, So he started wondering the area. After entering the city it didn’t take him long to note the city was abandoned rather chest fallen Toby sighed turning to leave, when he heard the most unearthly scream.

Turning slowly he saw exactly what he feared he would as a rather nasty parasite stared down at him, scream a call of shear surprise and terror Toby hid in the first building he was near running down to the lowest underground floor in hopes he couldn’t be reached.  

Though the parasite seemed more then willing to dig for him as with a loud crash what he believed to be the rest of the building came crashing to the earth.