sheagar art


uhh so, never done one of these, and I’m not exactly thrilled with it, i’m sorta satisfied. the original clip was longer by about 40 seconds, but LORD i could only do 20?? I am WEAK.

but shit this was fun. hope you like it.


My Favorite villains if they lived up to their tru potential.

Chase embraces his draconic side more then he did in the series.

Wuya get’s stuck between ghost and human, and becomes more powerful and level headed because of it.

Jack gets a wake up call because he wasn’t going all out against the Xiaolin Dragons. He fixes his body with his mechanic skills, learns Heylin magic, becomes a Heylin Lord and Monkey King.

And then they conquer the world. The End.

(✿⊙◡⊙ ) 

but really, mom and dad get their shit together and raise the best heylin baby lord eveeer~

 Here you have Radio Host Phantom and his intern Dani (…or her double Elle. We just aren’t quite sure.) on a break enjoying a beverage provided my StrexCorp…Welcome to Amity Park. 

something i did while procrastinating actual work. ever since last summer where the Welcome to Amity Park AU showed up in the tag briefly i’ve been meaning to draw it. and here it is. 


milesofpbrblues HERE YO GO, ENJOY THE DORKS.

my story for this: yusuke is appalled by the fahsion photos for his team, so he schemes to get a “real team photo”. he get’s kurama to help him capture hiei for obvious reasons. kurama only agreed to torture hiei and with the requirement that yusuke doesn’t actually put is nasty shoe in kurama’s hair (his foot is held up by vines). Kuwabara was tricked into holding everybody just by yusuke saying he couldn’t. 

someone asked me to draw Valerie a few months ago, because I never drew her before, and honestly that is blasphemous and i don’t know how i fucking managed that in the number of years i participated in the phandom. i chose the color palette this time, i think it works. i don’t think danny is gonna happen anytime soon. i’ve lost the ability to draw his face in a way i like. 

here are the other’s i’ve done on the same vein: 

Sam / Tucker

requested by @gr8stoneddragon and quite possibly a sequel to this which was actually also drawn for them. 

anyway, this was incredible fun to do. Tho, i just couldn’t give Hiei a child leash knowing he could probably break it, so again, Kurama’s plants are used. A daisy chain to be exact. 

I love these stupid boys. (i can finally draw kuram’s awful hair)