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Remember when I originally posted about this I said I was going to go through this again, well I am and its in full swing. My edges ( the hair at the temples for those who do not know ) is looking much thinner than I am used to. Sigh, there is nothing I can do to reclaim them while my hair is still in the postpartum phase. Until my hormones is back on track and that can take up to a full year, I will be going through more hair loss than I’d like to experience. Only thing I can do at this time is grab a jar of castor oil and massage my scalp at the temples and hope for the best. Also to minimize further lost of hair I’ll be in low maintenance hair styles, not that I really style my hair since its mostly a wash and go with finger combing/detangling.


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I can only imagine the unholy screeching that will go down in the tg fandom when hide finally shows back up.

Postpartum Sheading

New mom times two is I. Been there done that with my first. I noted my hair lost after six months with my first child. What it is for those who don’t know is a hair lost that occurs three to six months after the birth of a child. “During pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen prolong the growth phase, resulting in less shedding of hair and thicker tresses. Some women also notice that their hair becomes shinier during pregnancy or that it changes in texture (curly hair might become straighter, for example), according to

I know that once again I shall be going through this hair shedding. What I did and didn’t do with my first was…

1. Take vitamins- So I was nursing but I got lazy as I never really took them during the pregnancy.

2. Continued to blow dry and press my hair. Bad move in that it made my natural hair even drier than it already had been.

3. Shampooed my hair as normal using a saulfated shampoo.

Since this is baby number two, I’ve learned a thing or two.  My shedding wasn’t bad the first time around as it was seriously noted around six months of being a new mom. Nice size hair clump pulled from the drain not including what actually went down it. At the time and I know I will feel the same this time I was seriously freaking. It saddened me to experience that. I know now what to expect and how to deal with it.

1. Continue to take prenatal vitamin and extra iron ( iron if need be. )

2. Stay hydrated

3. Get exercise.

Best of luck to me on my renewed hair journey  with postpartum shedding. 

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50:Does your OC cry easily?

-shakes out the alt-o-box- 

It really depends on a few things!  The Mechari, while physically unable to cry, do have a range of sadness.  Senyc and Omnix do to an extent - Senyc is a worry wart, he tends to think of possibilities and can get upset over them, as well as his phobia of Chua that can leave him BSOD.  Omnix however, is young and doesn’t understand some things, she gets upset when misunderstood or misunderstands.  Calibux doesn’t seem to get sad-cry but does anger lash out when he’s upset. 

Out of the Draken, Emarrak and Koresi would.  Emarrak is a dweeb and wears his emotions on his sleeve while he doesn’t have much tragedy in his life he can be easily hurt.  Koresi on the other hand, has gone through much and when she does cry its by herself or with someone she’s trusts.  Publically, no, she would rage first before sheading tears.

Chua…  Pix Pop.  Pix Pop is weird, they put their heart and soul into their work so for anyone to crap on that would cause the little Chua to burst into tears.  Berri’s crying is all crocodile tears. 

Cassians…  Quin, he feels a lot, and has done a lot for his goals.  But he is also prideful, not prone to cry around anyone.  Including Sinclair.  Yildiz is also a private crier when she is in control.  But her esper abilities can make her unpredictable and usually if anyone does see her cry without her full trust is not her persay but the physic energy is enthralled to. 

As for the Exiles…  Poetrie doesn’t hide her emotions, she’ll cry when she needs to but tries to only cry in laughter.  Tallahassee drowns his sorrows in booze.. 

Desh - Salsali, and not over something dramatic, but more so her own drama.  She can’t stand to see her own work after a few hours of creating it so most of those tears are nothing solid. 

Now Aurin..  Makoteh and Tundrean.  Tundrean is a softy, just reminding him about his missing tail will put him in tears.  Makoteh bottles everything up.  When he’s stressed he curses, he lashes out.  He doesn’t like anyone seeing him hurt, more liable to use a telekenic strike before allowing a tear to drop.  But he is in a lot of deep pain as much as he denies it.  He had been tortured and he had lost his tribe to his own foolishness.  It haunts him and thinks the only thing holding himself together is never give in to that pain.

why do people get pissed n judge if u get emotional over fictional stuff?? like. sorry bruv that i get invested in the story n shead a tear over video game charas.