Hi guys🤗!! My name is Reana and I am 20 years old. In 2016 I started making my own whipped Shea Butter. I’ve since then perfected my recipe (using white Shea Butter) and decided to open my own business✨ “Lizzy Jane’s”. (website coming soon). I plan to sell my homemade Shea Butter which will come in many different scents such as: Orange, Lavender, Tea tree, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. You can use it as a body butter or use it to achieve a bomb twist out. I will also feature my homemade lip balm. If you would like to donate I will leave a link below. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Hi! My name is Kyra Nicole!

I want to share my story. I was born & raised in south central Los Angeles. I was born on Friday the 13th, on a day that many saw fit to label me as a “bad luck baby”. I went to some of the lowest performing traditional public elementary, middle & high schools in LAUSD because they were in walking distance from my home. My working parents could not afford private school nor time to send me to a predominantly-white valley school. Regardless, with a thirst for knowledge I succeeded in everything I could get my hands on or my brain into, especially if it allowed my creative side to excel! With a 4.2 GPA, I became a first-generation college student at UCLA. I double-majored in Political Science & African-American Studies/Sociology with a minor in Labor & Workplace Studies. With the help of scholarships & working my butt off (sometimes 3 jobs at one time), I graduated in 4.5 years with no loans.

I continued to work in educational nonprofits that fostered the college access & retention of minority students from underserved communities. I started my own business from a hobby I developed in college (only because the surrounding area wouldn’t meet my hair/skin needs) & had no idea it would turn into a successful natural hair & skincare business that you all know as @KyraSheaMedleys ! My boyfriend John, who is my COO & Marketing Director believed in me, in us & somehow knew we would succeed. I am still awe-struck by it all since it has only been a year & 8 months today to be exact. God has truly played His part in every aspect of my life & I am so grateful.

At 26, I am the woman my parents have raised me to be. I am a growing daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, friend, girlfriend, mentor, artist, educator, CEO & business owner. I want my life to always reflect my values of love, perseverance & faith, so that everyone who knows or sees my journey will share in them. I cannot say where else this path is leading me, but I know I am going in the right direction. I will continue to praise & Thank God every step of the way.

- Kyra Nicole, CEO

www/Kyra’s Shea 

Black Don`t Crack...& It`s Because of the "Butters"!! :)

I came across this YouTube video yesterday made by a comedian named “Heady1313”. She is going IN about how the secret to the whole “Black don’t crack” theory is “the butters” (referring to cocoa & shea butter!!!! LMAAAOOO!!) I was sooooo done, ‘cause my mom/grandmother always a) INSISTED that I grease up every single day with these “butters” & b) ‘cause they were always pointing out that Caucasian women “age so early” haha smh. But hey, I’m a living testament that they work wonders!! lol :)

Here’s a few African American women that must use “the butters” by the GALLON, ‘cause they’re kickin their age in the ass haha #GoGirl ;)

Phylicia Rashad - 63

Stacey Dash - 45

Angela Bassett - 52

Tina Knowles - 57

Janet Jackson - 45

Iman - 55

Lisa Raye - 43

Toni Braxton - 43

Watch Heady1313`s video about “The Butters” below!! LOL!


My Whipped Shea Butter Mix :D  I used a 16oz container of Unrefined Shea Butter.  I also used Peppermint Oil (12 drops) and Castor Oil (not that much only about 3 tablespoons) and it made the whole 16oz container of Whipped Shea Butter and another 4oz cup!!! So I got 20oz of Whipped Shea Butter on my first try! Yay Me!!!! P.S. I only dipped the shea butter 5 times 10 seconds each. I had some extra in the bowl that i couldn’t get in the cup and container so I got as much as I could out and used it on my skin.


Invested into some African Black Soap. All organic. Ingredients: sheabutter, coconut oil, palmkernel oil, and cocoa pad ash. 😊 all natural and cruelty free, i recommend it hardcore for anyone especially someone who experiences lots of acne!!

I had a serious hate/love relationship for shea butter growing up. Not only did I hate it because it took me damn long to apply it and a hell of an arm work out. I simply didn’t care for it because my mother said it was good for me. I grew up with shea butter thrown in my face. I can’t recall a time where I had to actually purchase shea butter, my family would recieve it for free. So in turn I had no choice but to use it because if you know one tub of shea butter lasts FOREVER.

Now that I’m not as young and ignorant I can appreciate how special shea butter is. I’ve been making it a habit of putting it on every time I take a bath and every morning. If you would like baby soft and scarless skin. I am telling you now that natural shea butter is the truth.


My new hair product I just bought. It is oil infused Shea butter. Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Soy Oil, Vitamin E, and Mango Oil. This is designed to be a leave in conditioner. I have only used it once and I am already in love. It melts in your hand instantly. I want to do a hairstyle with this product! Im so excited! 

Hair Tip of The Day: Condition Your Hair!!!

its so important whether your hair be relaxed, natural permed, colored .. whatever, that you condition your hair.

it keeps the hair healthy and it does help grow your hair… that doesnt necessarilty mean that you have to get in the shower and shampoo and condition it.. you can just condition it.. and whether you leave it in or not is up to.

 when my hair is curly, i condition daily because i wear it wet often… my daily regimen for that is to put conditioner in my hair, use a paddle, vent, or denman brush and i comb through my hair section by section and i comb it in different directions.. forward and backward and then all together.. i let the conditioner sit until done washing and then i rinse in cold water.

Cold water locks moisture in your hair, leaving your curls defined, shiny, soft and of course moistured.

For chemically treated hair this is important because when you use chemicals you strip certain things from your hair and you need conditioner to replace whats missing, and be a filler and also keep it strong.

Not only can you use name brand conditioners, you can use oil such as argan,hemp, coconut, morracion and olive oil ….etc and also shea butter is a conditioner as well..

its so very imperative that your hair stays moisturized!! Water is also a conditioner too! it moisturizes the hair… so often you hear that people say it dries the hair out.. but especially for natural hair.. our hair LOVES water!!! Use it as often as needed!

Some recommended conditioners will be posted.. soon Hope this is of help to you! please share!