My Whipped Shea Butter Mix :D  I used a 16oz container of Unrefined Shea Butter.  I also used Peppermint Oil (12 drops) and Castor Oil (not that much only about 3 tablespoons) and it made the whole 16oz container of Whipped Shea Butter and another 4oz cup!!! So I got 20oz of Whipped Shea Butter on my first try! Yay Me!!!! P.S. I only dipped the shea butter 5 times 10 seconds each. I had some extra in the bowl that i couldn’t get in the cup and container so I got as much as I could out and used it on my skin.

(Pictured: Reviewing some new Shea Butter products! Can’t wait to share them with you because I absolutely fell in love.)

Shea Butta Baby! ::  High Quality vs. Low Quality Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is a staple in the natural hair community because of its exceptional moisturizing properties. But what makes a high quality Shea Butter? How can I spot a product that uses the finest quality? Imagine my surprise when I found out there was a Shea Butter Institute! A. WHOLE. INSTITUTE, lol. They provided some great tips on choosing Shea Butter. 

Some Info:

Shea Butter can be made without the use of any chemicals or chemical processing (like how our ancestors made it and many continue to make it). It is made from the fat taken out of nuts that come from the shea tree which are native to Africa only. It differs from other oils in the fact that it carries high healing properties –Vitamin A, phytonutrients and other vitamins and nutrients– that heal as well as moisturize; which is why it’s so great for hair and skin. Shea Butter is categorized in classes. It begins with Class A Premium Unrefined Shea Butter– which holds the most amount of nutrients–and ends with Class F –poor quality Shea moisturizer used in soaps and lotions. Below are some characteristics of each:

High Quality Shea Butter 

  • Color: Ranges from from ivory to faint yellow, faint green/gray to beige. Many times companies will refine Shea Butter because they find the natural color “undesirable”.
  • Smell: Nutty/Earthy. This is the natural smell of real Shea Butter since it is, indeed, sourced from a nut. 
  • Feel: High quality Shea Butter will melt easily once applied to the skin. 

Low Quality Shea Butter

  • ColorWhite or heavily yellow. If your Shea Butter is white, solvents have been added to yield a greater amount and/or the nutrients have been filtered out (refined).  If it is heavily yellow, color has been added or it is not Shea Butter. There is another yellow butter called River Butter that is not related to Shea Butter.
  • Smell: Has None or is perfume-y. If it has no smell, this means that the effectiveness and freshness has worn off; If it is perfumed, artificial scents have been added.
  • Feel: Creamy (usually lotion);Too Hard (doesn’t melt upon skin). 

Bottom Line:

 Many beauty Supply stores carry lower classes of Shea Butter because it’s “prettier”. It smells better and looks better but has basically had all the nutrients destroyed in it (up to 75%). Premium standard Shea Butter can be used to treat skin conditions (blemishes, Eczema, skin allergies, sunburns,etc.),  but lower class, poor quality Shea Butter is only good for moisturizing.  Also, although people think Shea Butter never goes bad, the Shea Butter Institute advises that it can be kept up to 3 years for maximum benefits. After that, it can become less effective and turn rancid which can lead to mold, yeast and micro-organism growth. While Shea Butter sold on the US market is now tested for safety, many people still purchase their Shea Butter from Whole Sellers or online.The seller is supposed to test for other things that can get mixed in with Shea Butter during the process like Mercury and Lead, but often dont. I am blessed to live in an area with a large African population and often get my Shea Butter from one of the African shops near me. It’s always been safe and of high quality, but if you ever purchase Shea Butter from a whole seller and want to make sure it’s free from chemicals or bacteria, the Shea Butter Institute lets you send samples in to be tested. 

To Learn about the benefits and information on Shea Butter, visit the Shea Butter Institute’s website

.Other Links:

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 (Sources Used:Shea Butter Institute || Shea Butter Guide )

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My new hair product I just bought. It is oil infused Shea butter. Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Soy Oil, Vitamin E, and Mango Oil. This is designed to be a leave in conditioner. I have only used it once and I am already in love. It melts in your hand instantly. I want to do a hairstyle with this product! Im so excited! 


Hi 4C Lovelies, Im showing u gals how i make my Whipped Shea Butter, nothing new really, and yea, I used a fork…

Mocha Dier

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The Whipped Shea Butter Experiment.

Well it’s not an experiment because i’ve done it before honestly.

First a little note on the shea butter

I brought the shea butter from a African General store around the block from my house. It’s basically a no name, but pure and organic shea butter straight from Africa and unprocessed. Not always the easiest thing to find if you don’t know where to look. Though if you find yourself in a store that has a no name product without a nutrition label I encourage you to ask questions regarding the shelf life. Shea butter, like many naturally derived items has a pretty long shelf life, but without a indicator you could end up with one that is way past due. It should have a unique and noticeable nutty scent, but it shouldn’t smell foul.

Now onto the goody stuff.


Shea butter
Jamican black castor oil (I usually use jamican black coconut oil, but seeing as i already have coconut oil I just got the regular kind)
Jojoba oil
Coconut oil
Large mixing bowl
Hand mixer or whisk or fork
Air tight container to place finished product in

S/N- it’s not uncommon for lavender oil to be added to the mixture. This is an amazing essential oil that does wonders for improving the smell of shea butter if you don’t like it. I don’t mind the smell so I didn’t add it to my mixture.
Also extra virgin olive oil. It’s Of course a staple in the regime of many naturals and goes great in this mixture.

Now for the mixing. I got a large bowl and put the whole container of shea butter into it, chopping it up a bit to make the mixing easier. Breaking down the bigger pieces as much as possible. Next I added the oils. I usually eyeball it, not even going to kid you guys, but if you like measurements I would suggest starting with 2-3 table spoons of jojoba and the JBCO, along with any other oils of you choice. An oil like lavender I would recommend starting with 1 teaspoon.
After I put in a huge chunk of coconut oil. I love the stuff, it’s amazing with my hair. If say maybe a little less than a cup size. At room temperature coconut oil is a solid, but place it into your hands and you’ll see it melt. Basically there’s no need to break it up, just put it in.
The next step is based off you preference. Using a hand mixer you can mix the ingredients up until you reach your desired consistency. this should only take 3-6 minutes to get it nice and fluffy. If you stop and see it still has chunks too large for you liking simply get that hand mixer going again. The hand mixer is usually what I use, but I no longer have one so today so I just pulled out a good oil fork. It took longer, I’d say about 10-15 minutes and there are tiny pieces that weren’t mixed together, but I don’t mind at all and it still came out fluffy win/win for me. Others tend to melt their shea butter and coconut oil then, add the essential oils. Then mix/whisk them together. In this method the shea butter will cool from the liquid form to a nice fluffy consistency, though it isn’t uncommon for it to hand grainy pieces.
After I finished I placed the newly whipped shea butter in a old coconut oil container that I’d just been using to store hair pins. If you want you shea butter to last you the way you chose to store it is important. You want a nice air tight container! Make sure the lid fits properly and will keep out air and moisture. This should ensure you shea butter’s shelf life for a good 6 months-1 year. You can use it for your hair; after moisturizing to seal it in or while doing a braid/twist out. You can even use it on your skin, shea butter and jojoba oil work wonders on dry skin. I’m telling you it’s great! Even if you don’t like the smell try adding an oil of your choice that has a better fragrance. Also you can try getting the yellow colored shea butter which has been processed and often times does not have such a strong scent. also you don’t have to store it in a fridge. just find a nice cool place that doesn’t have it exposed to extreme temperatures.

Now I don’t do YouTube tutorials, but there’s is one I found about 2 years ago when I first starting doing this to my shea butter that I liked from youtuber ‘fusionofcultures’

Now go do an amazing twist-out using your wonderful new whipped shea butter.