shea taking a bath

Headcanons part II:

Whose ready for more? No one? That’s okay, I was bored anyway.~

Prompto Argentum:

  • Can play the drums. It was helpful in getting out a lot of pent up energy.
  • Has a bad habit of not sleeping enough.
  • Paints his fingers and toe nails.
  • He likes to go to raves. La Mort in Insomnia is his fav. He completely disconnects from himself mentally and can have a good time. Snuck in when he was under age with fake ID’s.
  • Is a total Mama’s boy.
  • His parents travel all over Lucis surveying property for future Exineris substations and they are gone for months at a time. The last time he sees them is a month before his sixteenth birthday. They are killed by daemons. It’s months before he learns of their deaths.
  • He’s really good at juggling.
  • He also can tie cherry stems with his tongue.
  • He can sew.
  • There is a plan to cover up his barcode: a tattoo of a gun shooting out a bouquet of wild flowers.
  • Smells like Suavacito hair gel and strawberries (usually gum).
  • He attaches easily to people and can be misconstrued to being in love. It’s happened more than once.
  • Always refers to himself as ‘mama’ when dealing with animals.
  • Is head over heels for Cindy Aurum.
  • Is petrified of horror movies. Still watches them with Noctis anyway.
  • Has an obsession with shitty b-movies.
  • Smol but beastly. Has a lot of fight, but scares easily. Sometimes that amplifies the fight (or flight).
  • Sterile, as are all the clones; Verstael Besithia himself is sterile.
  • Early morning is his favorite time of day.
  • Loves Insomnia’s nightlife. PARTAY!
  • Has gauges and other ear piercings. Has his right brow pierced as well. Punk rock, baby!

Ignis Scientia:

  • Noctis is his best friend.
  • Has dreams to open a bakery one day. Also knows it will never happen.
  • Doesn’t like candy.
  • Likes musicals. Will not admit it.
  • His favorite food is, surprise, pizza. Also will not admit it.
  • Does not dislike Prompto as much as he pretends to. He loves his group very much. It’s merely how the pair gets along. Prompto knows this and rolls with it. They don’t talk about it.
  • Fusses over Noctis terribly when he’s ill. Denies this when called out on it. Hush, Gladio.
  • Is very fond of cats. Also very allergic. Noctis gave him a stuffed cat when they were young because of this. He still has him; Sir Pumpernickel.
  • Makes the worst puns to torment Noct.
  • Has had his skull necklace since his tenth birthday. Noctis gave it to him and said he would be his crownsguard and he wouldn’t let anyone tell him otherwise. He started training when he was sixteen. He’s never taken it off since.
  • Driving is therapeutic for him.
  • Hates when Prompto uses his Suavacito. Let’s him anyway.
  • Finds it difficult to soak in most baths because his legs are much too long. Is easily irritated by this.
  • Tried to take up painting when he was a teenager. Failed miserably at it. Never got over this fact.
  • Thinks King’s Knight is boring. Doesn’t get the appeal.
  • Doesn’t understand memes. Noct sends them to him religiously.
  • Hates emojis.
  • Enjoys ballroom dancing. Enjoyed teaching Noctis.
  • Is a little obsessive with cleaning.
  • Can read people fairly well.

Nyx Ulric

  • It’s incredibly devoted to the crown and his people, that includes the people of Lucis, not just Galahdians.
  • Ears are very ticklish.
  • Is learning how to knit and is absolutely rubbish at it.
  • Likes to live simply.
  • Argues with Libertus all the time about Mad Mal and about how great the cartoon is. Libertus hates it.
  • Uses his left hand to write, his right hand to brandish his kukris.
  • Is partially deaf in his left ear from birth. Sometimes can hear disembodied whispers. He ignores them. He can’t understand them anyway.
  • Practices yoga.
  • Like romantic-comedies. Crowe is the only one that will watch them with him until Luna comes along. The three of them have movie night every Sunday.
  • Enjoys the smell of old books and the sound of the pages turning.
  • Memes the hell out of Noct. Meme wars ensue.
  • The spicier the food, the better.
  • Slept with a guy once just to see if was his thing, he was curious and the guy was hot. It wasn’t, but boy what an experience.
  • Feels responsible for his sister’s death. Is trying to atone for his sin. Will never forgive himself. It’ll be the death of him yet.
  • Thinks Luna is the most stubborn, determined, devoted person he’s ever met and it drives him up the wall. He loves it.
  • Smells of shea butter and cumin.
  • Likes to take bubble baths and light candles.
  • Hates when people pop balloons. Don’t. Be. A. Dick.
  • #hatesTredd
  • Hungry at all times. Omfg Libertus have you cooked yet he’s starving and needs something to eat before he withers away and dies, then that’s on you buddy.

Yeahhh. These assholes.~

anonymous asked:

What do you do for yourself when all you want to do is give up on life?

Take a bath. Rub shea butter into my skin. Listen to a good, sad song. Eat something comforting. Make tea. Find a friend to sit with. Practice talking to myself; this feeling won’t last forever, I’m going to be okay, there are things I enjoy in the world, I will find more joy the longer I am alive, I already have so many beautiful things in my life.
Take a breath. Center yourself. You are meant to be here. I’m sorry it all so much. I’m sorry it can be very heavy. But you’re going to be okay.