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Can I suggest the "Green Beauty Channel" on YouTube & Insta. She's a black scientist or dermatologist I believe that breaks down the science of natural hair through illustrations and basically shows you what happens to your hair on a molecular level and she has her own products. Shea moisture could never



SheaMoisture apologized for their “whitewashed” ad — but didn’t mention black women once

  • SheaMoisture needs some of their own conditioner for this dry apology.
  • The family-owned business, founded by a black family that fled Liberia for the United States, has been around since 1912 and sells hair and skincare products that are popular among black women.
  • But you couldn’t quite tell that in an ad the company released on Monday, which featured white and fair-skinned women using the product.
  • The ad was an apparent attempt to make the company’s products attractive to white consumers. Users of SheaMoisture roundly rebuked the ad, calling the company out for not featuring a single dark-skinned black woman, or a woman with tightly curled hair in the ad.
  • The company issued an apology for the ad late on Monday, but didn’t once mention the black women consumers who’ve made them a household name — and highly profitable to boot. Read more (4/25/1710 AM)

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SheaMoisture just made a lot of their core consumers upset
After SheaMoisture released a video for their "A Million Ways to Shea" campaign, the company came under fire over its apparent whitewashing in a possible effort to expand its consumer base. Shea Moisture is a product that is predominantly used by black women. The company has since issued an apology.

Shea Moisture whY????

anthony_ramos_nyc: Yo but for real tho….. I love you because of this right here. 2 years yesterday/today (Anniversary spills into the evemornin). She’s incredible. Blessed to be able to see that smile almost everyday and watch all of the different phases of your hair. Love you beautiful. You are the 💣.com. Please let me buy the toilet paper, toothpaste, and Yucca shea moisture products for the rest of our days. Love you


For someone that has supported Shea Moisture products this commercial is extremely disappointing. It is hard enough for women of color to find hair products that are made FOR our beautiful texture, and by people of color for that matter. Black women with kinky hair have been vouching for Shea Moisture products because we thought the product represented US. To have a commercial that advocates to stop hair shaming, and love your hair no matter what texture that may be, it’s disappointing that women with texture 4 hair are not featured on the forefront of this commercial. If we are going to have a conversation about hair shaming we need to acknowledge that black women have ALWAYS been crucified for our hair being “nappy”, or too “short”, or myths like black women can’t grow out their hair, to calling our afros “ugly”, to saying our locs are “dirty”. Black women have endured this treatment since we were little girls! And to add salt to the wound we now have white women getting cornrows and bantu knots trying to tell US that they have cultivated a new style when we have been doing this for years! I will NO longer be supporting Shea Moisture as a brand and encourage those who feel like they were not represented in this commercial to do the same.