summary: One week later, when Klaus comes home to his pack, he doesn’t say anything but they already know. “What’s your excuse for joining her in the shower, water conservation?” Kol snorts.

You can see who loves who, for miles around. (Water Tower Town, Scotty McCreery)

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le note: I like Scotty McCreery. (And Phillip Phillips. And Heejun Han.) Sorry I’m not sorry.


You Take the Gun (Or You Pull Out a Bigger One)
Klaroline!Suits AU |

Conference call at eight thirty, deposition at nine, settlement meeting at ten. It’s an ordinary morning for top gun lawyer Klaus Mikaelson – until he spots a bouquet of flowers awaiting delivery to Caroline Forbes with a hand-written card that reads ‘Dinner tomorrow? - Marcel’.

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My Love is a Sonnet of Gold and Blue (X)

Dedicated to the two anons who figured out that Giuseppe’s, Mikael’s and Bill’s aristocratic titles are cheeses! :)