I’m sorry I’m honestly just really excited about Princess Marco because this is honestly the closest we’ve come to having a well written (as in not she-zow) trans character in a kid’s show.

Because Daron Nefcy is really, really good at getting things past Disney (I have never heard the word ‘turd’ said so many times in a children’s show before) and how well Princess Marco gives me confidence they can actually write a trans character well.

And while the “gender changing spell” trope is groan inducing at this point, if they can handle the subject matter well then it’s 100% possible for them to use it to pull this off.

I will admit having them go the full route having Marco Be A Girl for the rest of the series is wishful thinking. It’s still the first time that like, holy crap, this is actually plausible. (They could very well go the Korra route and have it be a last minute thing)

But even if they just have Princess Marco make a few more re-appearances on the show would be huge and so, so, so important.

Hello friends! For the past three years I’ve been bringing you spooky and creepy cute magical girls to watch for the season. 

The list is dwindling after the last two years but I have some more.

This year is gonna focus less on cutesy witches and more on horror (gore, psychological horror, etc.). As always I’m sticking to mostly animated series (last year’s had webcomics)

You can see my other list here:

So onto the list:

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