Okay not enough people are talking about Taylor being the youngest women ever on the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list because it is a really really big deal and it’s amazing and everyone should be very proud because she has earned herself a place there, among the likes of Hilary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Chancellor Merkel, the Queen of England, Beyonce, billionares, Presidents, major corporation executives, CEO’s, and women at the forefront of the media, film and music. 

So Taylor… if you’re reading this… CONGRATULATIONS you deserve it and I’m so proud of/happy for you :)


#look at these two cuties #he is so proud of his girl #she is so proud of herself #the way he smiles and lets out a little laugh at how adorable she is #how she smiles and bites her bottom lip #she just saved his life #felicity smoak loved him enough to put on that suit and fly to him so she could save him #and the first thing she tells him is that she would be kissing him if she could get that thing off #he just loves his girl so much #they are so beautiful

Ok but can you imagine sixteen year old Kya realizing that she likes girls.

Bumi being the first person that she tells instead of her parents after months of denying it to herself: not just because he’s her older brother but before anybody else Bumi is her best friend and she trusted him with her life.

Bumi throwing his arm around Kya’s shoulders and pulling her close with a smirk because hell yeah he was gonna have so much fun dragging her out to Republic City to find some pretty ladies.

Bumi sitting next to her the night she comes out to their parents and Tenzin over dinner, his arms crossed over his puffed out chest, looking proud and ready to pounce to her defense should any of them say anything bad about it - and making sure they knew it.

Kya nearly crying with relief when Aang and Katara grab her hands and tell her they love her unconditionally, no matter what gender she liked, because she was so afraid of disappointing them when she already failed them once for not being an airbender.

Aang realizing with a sigh of relief that he no longer had to worry about any future boyfriends.

Tenzin staring awkwardly at his food, his cheeks going bright red because he wasn’t sure what to say or how to feel about it at such a young age but eventually opening up to it and feeling more comfortable about it.

Katara sitting down potential girlfriends and not-so-subtly making sure they knew that if they broke her little girls heart may the Spirits help them because then they’d have to answer to her

Just imagine the cloud family being adorable and supportive about Kya’s sexuality ok trust me

I’m so proud that I chose a woman as my idol that supports gender equality and human rights.

I’m so proud that I chose a woman as my idol who even though she got hated on for writing songs about her experiences in life still continues to do what she wants and is more confident about it and about herself than ever before.

I’m so proud that I chose a woman as my idol who surrounds herself with powerful and happy people.

I’m so proud that I chose a woman as my idol who never forgets to thank her fans at awards shows and communicates with her fans on social media like they’re actual friends.

I’m so proud that I chose a woman as my idol who never forgets where she came from and how hard she worked to fulfil her dreams.

I’m so proud that I chose Taylor Swift as my idol.

Lily Evans tells herself that she can’t remember the exact moment she fell in love with James Potter because there was no exact moment. It happened gradually over the years. Little by little as he began to finally grow out of his childish antics to become the man she new him to be today. Little by little she fell in love.

That’s what she told herself anyway. The reality was,Lily knew the exact moment that she fell in love with James Potter, or at lease a part of her did, the part of her that still believed in fairytales and happy endings perhaps, but it was also the part of her that kept her strong and fighting through a war there was no hope of winning. So she decided she was proud of that part of her even if it did believe in fairytales at the age of 20.

It was the moment that she had been rushing down the castle steps almost to the door that lead to were the whomping willow thrashed angrily in the pouring storm. Followed closely by Sirius Black. It was the moment that she froze at the top of the steps and saw him standing there dripping in rain and mud and what she hoped wasn’t his own blood, Severus Snape slung limply over his shoulder.

Sirius had rushed past her down the steps followed by Professor McGonagall and little Peter Pettigrew, but she had stayed frozen in her spot halfway up the stairwell. It was that moment when he became a hero.

Lily fell in love with the James Potter that had run out into the pouring storm into the lair of an angry werewolf to save the life of the person he hated most in the world. To spare his friend, who had been so unfairly cursed with that fate, the horrors of being labeled murderer.

Lily fell in love with James in the moment that she saw him standing broken and hurt in the castle doorway all traces of cocky attitude and inherent nobility gone and he was still the bloody reckless hero he’d always been, because that was the moment that it hit her, all the things that Remus had said about him, it wasn’t an act.

So that was the moment that it happened, Lily fell in love with the James Potter that had so recklessly thrown himself in front of an attacking werewolf for Severus bloody Snape. The James Potter that didn’t defend Sirius Black. The James Potter that had insisted he leave the Hospital wing early the next morning before Remus woke up so that he wouldn’t have to see what he’d done to his best friend. The James Potter that she has always told herself was not real.


i finally finished drawing out this thing for that one au i thought up where when, in Giant Woman, Steven is eaten by a bird instead of being alright he retreats into his gem and Opal stays fused because she blames herself for Steven being hurt and all he wanted to do is see her turn into a giant woman ya know?


Lauren kept reciting everyone’s names until she got them all right.

“…and that was my plate.”

Happy things

Never forget:
- how humble Maddie remained despite her rise to fame
- how Maddie was quick to learn from her mistakes and first to apologize while the adults around her used justifications for bad behavior
- how Nia stands up to Abby in such a polite but confident way that makes her so beyond her years
- how discreet Nia was about the situation with Chloe and the Hylands and how she remained in touch with them despite everything that happened
- how Nia is the star of her own life, and proud of it
- how Kendall is proud of Nia’s success and vice-versa, while the adults around them (minus Holly) turned it into a competition
- how adamant Mackenzie is on shining in her own right, even when all she has heard for years is that the only way to better herself is to be more like her sister
- how Jojo remains true to herself despite hate from almost everybody
- how Jojo remained in the Matty B shoot so Nia could have someone to share Abby’s wrath
- how professional Jojo actually is due to that incident
- how Kalani and Brooke acted like big sisters of the group
- how positive and encouraging Kalani was when the music started late in “Frost”
- how Paige brought happiness into every room she entered
- how Paige kept the group together with her charm and personality
- how classy, discreet, and polite Chloe remained despite the cruelty and negativity directed at her even after she left the show
- how Chloe insisted on meeting Brooke and Paige after they left despite the consequences
- how Chloe kept dancing her best despite repeated attempts to downgrade her while taking her well-deserved wins
- how nothing and no one (not even Abby) stopped Chloe from dancing
- how mature these kids have been despite years of bullcrap, and how much more they all deserve than the show

You just have to have faith in the fact that everything is a process. I’m really happy with today, the end result of what my life looks like. I love my friends. I love my fans. I love what I know I stand for. I love my lyrics. I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’m proud of this album more so than anything I’ve ever done before.
—  Taylor Swift to Elle Magazine on how she gives herself permission to change