Lexa please execute these treasonous crimes..”

Titus called Lexa “Lexa” and not Heda!!!! he is scared for her!! HE is basically pleading with her to execute these people to protect herself!!! HE CARES FOR HER SO MUCH!!!! HE HAS PROBABLY KNOWN HER HER ENTIRE LIFE AND IS LIKE A DAUGHTER TO HIM!!! HE IS PROUD OF HER AND IS SCARED!!! YOU CAN SEE HIM FALLING BACK INTO HIS CHAIR WHEN SHE IS KNOCKED DOWN IN THE ARENA!!!! 

her eyes have always been lovely to look at anyways

she brushed the hair out of her face because she always hated how the strands would be in front of her eyes

she brushed the hair out of her face and she took heavy sighs

she brushed the hair out of her face, she wiped the tears from her eyes and she decided to keep going

she brushed the hair out of her face and even though it would take all her strength, she wasn’t going to regret anything and she was going to smile

she brushed the hair out of her face and I’ve never been so proud

she finally was loving herself 

My parents have taken to a particular kind of music.
  • *In a cafe. A rap number starts up from their iPad sound setup*
  • Mom:Oooh, I like this one.
  • Mom:*Wanders over to investigate song and artist*
  • Mom:*Returns, looking them up on her phone.*
  • Me:.
  • Me:*imitating old lady voice* You parents and your rap music.
  • Mom:*laughs*
  • Mom:I really didn't expect Dad to get into Kanye, but hey it's what happened.
  • Me:I find it weird that you guys were the ones who got so into it.
  • Mom:Well, I just really enjoy the good stuff.
  • Mom:Especially 80s-influenced rap. Good 80s beats and rhythm.
  • Me:.
  • Mom:. *adopts rapper pose*
  • Mom:i like my beats phat
  • Me:never say that again

So we were having team bonding for bowling the other night and my friend started playing OOTW and she was like “I know Alexa knows this song” and it was so hard to fight the urge of going into a full on rant about ‘Out of the Woods’ like “Hell yeah! It’s one of my favs! There’s also the acoustic version and my personal favorite the concert version! Have you seen the music video? It is so amazing with all the symbolism and I cried when she found herself because I am just so proud of Taylor and…”. All I said after about a good minute of silently freaking out was “Yup"😂 @taylorswift

Daenerys has the strangest logic. If we’re in a place with like a billion dogs, like a dog show, she’s like “ah cool it’s cool there’s a lot going on I think I’ll take a nap now.”

If one solitary dog comes along our path like on a walk, she’s like “DANGER. DANGER. DANGER. THERE IS A STRANGER HERE. DANGER. DANGER.” until I pez her with treats and she shuts up.


Look at my Reba. She’s almost three and she has been mine since a tiny peep chick. She got up on the couch and made herself comfortable. I’m a proud mommy!

she is so beautiful!!

i want a house chicken