“feels like you’re standing on the edge
looking at the stars
and wishing you were them” 

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Caity talking about Sara’s sexuality Facebook live - December 9th 2016

“There has been a lot of talk about Sara’s bisexuality and why she’s only been with girls and I think that’s .. something I talk with the writers and Sara is definitely bi. And someone – one of the fan’s said something, I think I retweeted it on Twitter but –  Like your sexuality can be fluid, it doesn’t have to be this or that. And everybody’s always trying to fit stuff in a box so that they can put a nice little bow and a label on it. You don’t have to know, you don’t have to figure it out either. You can just be whatever it is that you are. And right now, that’s what Sara is. – I mean, who is she going to like on the ship anyways? (makes a face)” 

I am so happy Louis has Danielle. They’ve either already had or are going to have their one year anniversary, and through this first year Danielle has almost always been with him in England, they took that vacation together and we can see in the pictures that he was happy, she did stand up to cancer after they found out about Jay, and now she’s tweeting to make sure people watch her love on the X Factor. It is such a relief that Danielle came into his life when she did and that he didn’t have to go through anything alone.

It was amazing. But I had a few too many drinks afterwards and we had a bit of a fallout. And it’s very important to him that I’m off that stuff so, yeah. But then he turned up at Kentish Town the other night, again, and it was great. It’s currently on that level where he turns up uninvited, unnanouced, just on a train on his own without his big machine of management and PR behind him, just picked up a guitar and play. That’s different. That’s the Carl I know years ago.
—  Peter Doherty on that recent fight he had with Carl (and it’s quick resolution), BBC Loose Ends 2016.12.10.

it’s truly amazing how much absolute joy i get from hearing someone talk positively about shadowhunters irl?? this girl in my french class was talking about it with me and she said she loved it and i got so ridiculously happy like i almost teared up this show is everything to me