A Gift From Irene - Chapter 1

Pairing: Sherlock/Moriarty (Sheriarty)
Word count: 791
Warnings: no warnings??
Summary: Irene knows about Jim’s (denied) feelings for Sherlock. She enjoys sharing information and teasing the poor criminal.

It’s December, Irene has a gift for Jim, and she wants to deliver it personally.

(Sorta AU featuring Jim & Irene’s sorta friendship)


It was a cold morning in London. The ever elusive James Moriarty was hiding out in one of his many lofts around the world. He had been sharing a conversation between texts with Irene Adler, the woman. The woman who could so easily distract Sherlock Holmes with her wiles. Not that Jim actually cares.

In fact, that was the current topic of their conversation. Sherlock Holmes.

I loathe him -JM

No, you don’t ♡IA

He’s ordinary with his lapdog, what was his name again? -JM

You mean John? He’s nice ♡IA

I hate him, too. Just as I despise my nemesis -JM

Yes, yes, despise him. How does his coat smell, hm? Have you tried relieving some of your.. tension? Take care of yourself while wrapped up? ♡IA

That got her no reply.

What does he always say? That he’s married to his work. Oh, Jim he is certainly married to you.. That is, you are his main cause of work. ;)  ♡IA

You do know he likes you.. Not me. -JM

Don’t be absurd. He couldn’t possibly be able to see me at all with you always in his sights ♡IA

I mean, I know you aren’t stupid Jim. Are you perhaps blind? ♡IA

Jim twitched slightly at her comment. Irene Adler, closest thing James Moriarty could ever have to a ‘friend’. Sure, she played him for her own personal gain, but when she put together her own ideas on how he felt towards the consulting detective things got tricky. Normally someone so brazen would have been taken care of right away.. But in this case, perhaps he didn’t mind her irritating commentary.

Soon Jim was recieving  secret photos of Holmes. Personal images he knew Irene was obtaining from press leaks and through her own unique ways. It was relaxing to see stills of the detective. His curls, his face, and the determined look in those icy eyes; thinking about it made Jim’s chest flutter oddly.

No, he certainly wasn’t feeling anything towards the detective other than hatred and mild curiousity.  Of course, this made Moriarty contemplate more:

Why did he pay for Irene to bring him Sherlock’s coat? Was it normal to wear and smell it? Was that normal for a nemesis? Just like all the times he laid in Sherlock’s bed… Oh, he was getting flustered. Heart beginning to race.

Stop thinking about him, James. ♡IA

I certainly wasn’t thinking about ‘him’. -JM

He almost facepalmed at his weak excuse of a reply. She’s making him flustered and winning this conversation. He grimaced horribly, someone so ordinary, winning…

You make me laugh. ♡IA

Jim was about done replying now. Irritated and a tad bit flustered he decided to ignore Irene.

Jim, I know you like him. Maybe even love him. ♡IA

I will skin you, Irene, do not forget my offer to create new stilettos -JM

Aw, stilettos for me? You’re too kind. ♡IA

Jim rolled his eyes. She was probably giggling at him and getting off with her damn power complex.

Why are you bothering me? Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend.. -JM

Jealous, are we? ♡IA

Not even a second passed before his screen lit up again. Curious, he chanced a glance at it.

I have a present for you ♡IA

When have we ever given Christmas presents? -JM

Since now. Think of it as a thank you.. For all of your help ♡IA

It has to do with ‘him’ ♡IA

Jim’s mouth went dry and he deleted what he had began typing out.

Why are you doing this? What’s your game? -JM

I like seeing you pleased, Jim. ♡IA

Moriarty raised a brow at this text. She must be trying to obtain more power for herself.

I’ll send someone to get it -JM

Oh, trust me.. You don’t want anyone touching it except yourself, dear. Meet me in our usual spot, I’ll deliver it by hand. ♡IA

Jim was certainly curious. They only had met in person a few times. The last time was for the coat. Yes, Sherlock’s coat hand delivered to him.

Perhaps this time was a scarf? Oh, suddenly he felt giddy. Something so close to Sherlock. So, very.. Close. Jim smiled in delight, god yes.

Fine. The usual spot. If you try anything… -JM

I know. I know. Skinned. Can’t you just say thank you? ♡IA

No. -JM

Moriarty stood from his chair. He pulled the oversized coat close taking in a deep whiff before shrugging it off. His eyes closed as he let out a sigh. Running his fingers over the stitches he frowned.

Placing the coat down he left his apartment to meet Irene.

His last thought as he left:

How could someone like him ever love someone like me?

Fred Weasley x Reader: Family Photo

Originally posted by radcliffeandphelps

A/N: Everyone was wild for more Fred Weasley, so I had to deliver! <3

Warnings: Vomiting mention, pregnancy

Y/N had known for quite a while. She and Fred weren’t trying persay, but weren’t taking precautionary steps to protection either. The both of them had wanted a family and figured that whatever would happen would happen – and this was the surprise they had received. Y/N had a sneaking suspicion when her period was late, but it was confirmed when she had told Ginny to run to the shop to pick up a pregnancy test. Two little lines marked the assurance of the little one, and Y/N ran from the loo with tears of joy in her eyes, squeezing the daylights out of Ginny.

“That’s fantastic!” She said, laughing. “How are you gonna tell Fred?”


Y/N hadn’t gotten that far.

Fred noticed she was acting odd at dinner, hardly touching her food and no matter how much he prodded, she wouldn’t accept a drink. He gave her a strange look, swigged down a glass of wine, and kept eating. Y/N felt like she was on pins and needles around him. She wasn’t a good secret keeper.

“Are you sure you’re feeling well?” Fred asked, skewering broccoli on his fork.

“I’m fine, Freddie.” Y/N said, with a smile.

“But you won’t have a drink. That’s not like you.”

Y/N frowned. Not like her? She had a drink now and then but she wasn’t some booze hound. Fred realized his mistake when her y/e/c eyes focused with thought.

“That’s not what I meant.” He said, grabbing her hand. The touch made her shift uncomfortably in her seat. She was either going to tell him soon or accidentally spit the truth out. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

Y/N brushed a y/h/c lock from her face, biting her lip slightly. She had hardly touched her food and Fred motioned to her plate as to point this out.

“I feel a bit… queasy.” Y/N admitted. A bit? Yeah, that was a bloody lie. She kept sneaking to the restroom to vomit her guts out. Nothing would stay down, and she scolded the little bean inside of her for causing such a fuss.

“Do you want me to take you to St. Mungos?” Fred asked.

“No!” Y/N said, a little too quickly. Fred cocked an eyebrow.

“Okay, Y/N.” He said, with a tone of disbelief. “Let me know if you change your mind. Let’s put a film on and take it easy, eh?”

The pair migrated to the couch, and Fred made Y/N sit down and rest while he took care of the dishes. He put on a tape, and joined her after he finished scrubbing the plates clean. Fred draped an arm around Y/N’s shoulder, pulling the blanket further up on her, and placing a palm to her forehead to check her temperature. Y/N shook him off, promising that it was only a small cold.

“I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow.” Fred said. “Don’t forget – we have to be at mum and dad’s for the reunion and family photo. Dad wants to talk to you about how to use the muggle camera.”

Y/N chuckled. While Molly had immediately taken to Y/N and accepted her as a daughter, Arthur was always overly ecstatic to have her near. She had grown up in a muggle family, and entertained him for hours with stories about non-magical items. During her school years, he would frequently write, asking questions about certain objects that he came across at the Ministry. It embarrassed Fred, but Y/N loved receiving his innocent post.

“Oh I’ll be happy to show Arthur how to set the timer and take the picture.” Y/N said.

“Er- timer? As in cooking?” Fred asked, scratching his neck in confusion. Y/N chortled.

“No, Freddie. I’ll have to show you tomorrow.” She said. Suddenly, she felt an unsettling feeling in her stomach, and jolted off of the loveseat, heading for the restroom.

“Where are you going, Y/N?” Fred questioned, extremely concerned. His head craned around to watch her leave.

“I’ll be right back, it’s just a small bathroom emergency.” She replied, as calm as she could.

Fred sat on the sofa, watching the film halfheartedly. There was something Y/N wasn’t telling him – she was probably really ill! He worried for her health, clenching his jaw and trying to uncurl his tightened fist. They promised at their wedding to be there for each other in sickness and in health, and not to keep secrets! Resting his head on a pillow, he tried to clear his mind of scary thoughts. In actuality, he accidentally drifted off to sleep.

Y/N returned from the bathroom, wiping her mouth with a bit of toilet paper. Excuse in mind, she almost started into her speech about how she must have eaten something funny, when she noticed that Fred was out cold. Smiling sweetly, she curled up next to him and nodded off, dreaming happily since the whole family was together.


The Weasley Family Reunion was always loud, but undeniably fun. Molly raced around the kitchen, preparing the meals and scolding Bill on his newest tattoo. ‘You’re a father now!’ She would snap, but Bill’s only reply was that his children would have a cool dad. Charlie and Ron talked Quidditch, making bets quietly so that Hermione didn’t find out. Percy didn’t approve of this, but kept his mouth shut and assisted his wife Penelope with their child. Arthur set up the tables out in the garden, and the Weasley boys as well as Harry helped set them. Most of the Weasley women – Y/N, Fleur, Molly, Ginny, and Hermione – all bustled around the Burrow, trying to tidy themselves, their children, and also their husbands for the family photo.

Y/N’s demonstration of the camera to Arthur didn’t go over as well as she hoped, and she had given up when Arthur was unable to fathom that they all had to be smiling and paying attention at the same moment. Y/N decided she would click the button, dash over to the family, and wait for the timer to take the photograph. Arthur called out for the Weasleys to assemble, and the whole gang got into place. Miraculously being able to fit everyone in shot, Y/N adjusted the camera lens and made an announcement.

“Okay, so this is a muggle camera.” She explained. “I’m going to click the button but it won’t take the photo for a few seconds, giving me time to run over there and stand next to Freddie. Which means you all have to keep smiling until it flashes, because a muggle camera takes a snapshot of one precise moment in time.”

They all murmured among themselves, interested in the idea of a non-moving photograph. And then, Y/N had an idea. She had been wondering how to get the message across to Fred, and eventually the rest of the clan, deciding to kill two birds with one stone. She signaled to them to get ready, and bright smiles plastered themselves on everyone’s faces. Y/N clicked the button, trudged over to her open spot, and Fred slipped his arm around her waist. Just as the camera blinked, signaling that it was about to take the photo, Y/N called out.

“Everyone say: ‘Fred’s going to be a daddy!’”


Everyone let out a cheer of surprise, and Fred looked extremely pale in the face. He was no longer the healthy one. Ron and Harry were laughing, but Molly’s eyes were immediately swollen with tears. Many family members started to clap, and Charlie ducked into the house to pour everyone – sans Y/N – shots of firewhisky.

“I KNEW IT!” George shouted, pointing to Y/N’s stomach. He looked overjoyed at his prediction, and decided to point out the obvious to tease his brother. “YOU GUYS HAD SEX.”

Fred moved to hit him, while Fleur congratulated Y/N, the hands of two small children in her own. She explained to her that she would be more than willing to help with the pregnancy in any way she could. Hermione gave Y/N a hug, and the two chuckled about her demonstration of a muggle camera. When Fred and George stopped fighting, George gave Y/N a crushing hug, tears falling free from his eyes.

“I always knew you and the prat would have beautiful, red-haired babies.” He said. “Finally, the world domination can continue.”

Y/N laughed.

“Can I see my husband now?” She asked, and George released her, walking in the direction of the kitchen – and the booze.

Fred’s eyes were red with tears and he looked at her stomach shyly. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, and wrapped Y/N in his arms. Y/N could feel something in her stomach turning, hoping it was the baby happy to have its father close by. She knew that they were going to be a perfect family.

“I’m so excited and scared Y/N.” Fred said, holding her tight. “A little baby. Our little baby. We’re going to be fantastic parents.”

Y/N nodded, sniffing and wiping away tears of her own. Suddenly remembering the camera, she took Fred by the hand and pulled him across the lawn. As soon as the picture had finished developing, Y/N let out a ring of uncontrollable laughter. The Weasley reactions were incredible. Truly, they could have not asked for a better family photograph – or a better family.

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Hey, a request for a Clarke/Bellamy POV of The Lines on Your Page of Memories if you'd want to do it! Thanks so much :)

Original fic on AO3, and alt-POV!

ALSO I totally forgot to put this at first, but this is rated M, please plan accordingly!

Clarke was the one who delivered Ariadne, and for hours after, she wondered if her mother could have saved Marina. If Abby had been there, if she would have saved the baby and the mother. If someone else might have made different choices. Better ones.

Bellamy came to find her once the baby was asleep, and that made her feel even worse. She should have been there for him, but her hands were shaking too much. So she let herself deal with the dead, and trusted the living to him. It’s a habit she’s still trying to break, seven years later.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, before he could say anything.

“You don’t have anything to apologize for.” He put his hand on her shoulder, and the sound she made came close to a sob. “Clarke–”

“You shouldn’t be comforting me right now. You’re the one who–”

“I’m still pretty numb,” he said, voice light. “Give it a couple days to sink in and you can come comfort me.” He clears his throat. “I meant it. You don’t have to apologize. It was–no one could have done better, Clarke.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Yeah, I do.”

Three days after, Echo came to her and said, “Bellamy already knows this, but I thought you should too. In Azgeda, we have a mourning period.”

Clarke nodded. “The Delphi did too, I remember. How long?”

“A year,” she said. “And two more for each child.”

“To wear mourning?” Clarke asked. She didn’t even know what mourning looked like in Azgeda. Making Bellamy follow the custom for five years seemed–excessive. Even to honor his wife.

“Before he marries again.”

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BtVS - Own It: It’s On You

Great finale – if it didn’t  present an awesome battle, it delivered some interesting closures and new beginnings.

D'Hoffryn was defeated by his own arrogance: it didn’t go through his mind even for a second that a creation of his could turn against him, and seek exactly what she was born to do: vengeance. Fake Anya had not only all memories of the real one, but also her feelings, and the understanding of what her boss really wanted from her: a willing slave to do his biding. So, she acted accordingly, and then we saw Anya having an heroic and emotional demise.

I think her time as a ghost with Xander had a big role in her choices in the end; as much fake Anya had the anger of real Anya, she also saw Xander in his most vulnerable state, which strengthened the bond between the two, something that D'Hoffryn didn’t count on. Buffy could have wished as much as she wanted – if it wasn’t for fake Anya, the Scoobies would have been in BIG trouble.

Lesson learned, the Scoobies decided to take the responsibility for the Book, finally – even being afraid, they know it’s what they have to do, and should have done since the beginning.

Willow (who gave birth to the New Seed), most of all people was the one who needed to take charge of things, and finally she has stepped up; and it seems in Season 11 she will have a relevant role in the magic world.

The New Rules are a reality, and the writing of the book has to be supervised (it couldn’t be dropped like if all were done, I think), so I like that the Scoobies have formed a new Council of Magic, and will deal with it; it’s a new approach, it’s cool and I liked it.

And of course, Lilah was ready to do some lobby in favor of the interests of her bosses – and they probably are back to Earth, having followed Xander and Dawn’s path home; I’m not much kin of Wolfham & Hart in BtVS, but maybe they will actually be in the new Angel title, and Lilah showed just to bring the evil lawyers to the books again.

The happiness in the end is contagious – Spike and Buffy happy makes me happy, for sure, and I’m glad that Xander and Dawn are back together. Eagerly waiting for Season 11!

Slytherin-to Your Pants

I think the title tells you what you’re about to get. 

This is for my 225th follower: houseofseekers who asked for a magical au. I mean, Harry Potter’s the only thing that jumped to mind. And I saw a post somewhere about Slytherin girls stealin’ yo girl, so this happened. It’s longer so it gets a read more line!

Slytherin-To Your Pants

Peggy didn’t really expect to be a Slytherin but after meeting the rest of her house, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. These people were going places.

She didn’t expect the girls to stay up and recount the times they had quickly and efficiently stolen the hearts of other house’s girls. Honestly the pickup lines were so bad, but delivered so well, she couldn’t help but like them.

Dottie, a year older than her and the current “catch” record holder, shared one of her favorites. “You know, my tongue’s almost as good as a snake’s.” That had all the girls in stitches of laughter before their Perfect came to hush them.

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A little bunny wanted me to tell you she's doing great. Straight A's in school and probably moving out soon. She asked me to tell you thank you, whenever she's feeling down she talks about you and how you'd always be there for her and make her feel better. She says you'll always be one of her most precious friends even if you don't talk anymore. P.S. this isn't her just a friend she trusted to deliver this message to you. Also she says she sends you lots of "super cuddles" and "bestest wishes"?

Was unsure if i wanted to post this as..its very personal and honestly warms my heart to hear about you again. And im proud of you so proud. I knew whst you had to deal with and getting all A"s well done fricken genius you are. And hearing you might have your own place..that is the best news i could get from you. So happy to see you forge yourself a path. X3 not a wee lil bunny anymore.

And…honestly knowing you remember me…makes md happy. Never forgot about you either you know..had days i worried if you was alright, hurt or such…its nice to know your well.

And yes i have missed you grestly, how could i not you are one of my best friends. But..i do realise people do sometimes move on, everyone has a road they choose. Hope you have more luck and good fortune!

/)O3O (\ (you get it)

Ah so much i wanna say but im blabbering enough…friend of my lil rabbit pal (if you see this) Tell her. Im so proud of her and she is always in my heart. Hehe super cuddles included =3 and should we ever meet again…tell her i kept her blueangel safe and sound.

DR3 Zetsubou Hen Episode 6 ‘A Despairfully Fateful Encounter’ Impressions

I still really freakin’ love the Despair Sisters, every scene of theirs is always wonderful to watch. And surprisingly DR/Zero events and characters continue to be delayed/unseen. A good trend! So this episode was 24 carat gold for me personally. Well, mostly anyways. Thanks, Kodaka, you spoiled me this week! Detailed spoilers under the cut. 

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"Happy that my kids were delivered via IVF and not by a pizza man": Farah opens up

After Aamir Khan, it is director and choreographer Farah Khan who is overjoyed about having her babies through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

The 51-year-old filmmaker recently said, “It is important that we come forward and take pride in this because it gives so much courage and so much hope to people who want to do it, but are scared to do it.”

Farah who was present at the launch of a fertility clinic light-heartedly added that she can proudly say that she has her children through IVF and were not delivered by a “pizza man.”

“I am not an actress. I had babies at the age of 43 because sometimes you just get so caught up in building your career that later you realize things,” she said.  

Farah during the event also revealed that she is overwhelmed by the technique and IVF is nothing less than a “god-sent” gift to her.

For the uninitiated, Farah married filmmaker ShIVF was a ‘god-sent’ gift and her kids were born through it and not delivered by a ‘pizza man’, says Farah Khanirish Kunder in 2004. The couple had triplets - daughters Diva and Anya and son Czar- who were born through IVF eight years ago.

Finished this. The ninth book in a series I suspect was never intended to be quite that long. It was moving in the end, but it felt a little curtailed. Like it was going to take in another chapter or two where Anna’s adopted family would finally come together again at Burning Man and some final resolution, some final smoking of some final weed, some final hugging and learning would take place and maybe Anna would slip into her final decline, surrounded by her friends as she headed off from the mortal coil she had for so long twisted crazily and beautifully out of shape.

But that was not to be. It was hinted, trailed, suggested, but never delivered. Maybe Maupin thought it would be too pat, too clean, too much what we would want, and since he has spent almost 40 years wrong-footing us, why would he want to cave now to the expected, predicted, predictable.

Still, I did feel a bit robbed, though I liked the final scene where the past and present merged and the waving became both a celebration and a goodbye.

Will it truly have ended? Will he stay away from these characters forever now? Hard to believe and all left open ended. He has said goodbye before. He may say it again.


I do not wish to bother you until you want to be. So instead of coming in or looking for you, I am writing this.

There are a few things I would like to talk to you about. Please just call for me when you are ready.


She wrote hastily, but by the handwriting, one would think she took her precious time. The Thalassian words were written in beautiful script. The ink seems to have been dry for quite some time, as if she had written it hours ago and was just now deciding to actually deliver it to him. It was folded in half and slid beneath Lain’s bedroom door.