Raven Queen Headcanon

I feel like the Raven Queen is actually really fair and kind and a little happy to have a champion again, like her own brand new BFF.

Unfortunately she’s also creepy as fuck so every step she tries to take closer to Vax he awkwardly takes two steps away. 

I feel like she just watches him like “Why do you hate me? I SAVED your sister. It’s not MY fault they put a death trap around the armor that you people set off. I’m good, I’m nice, I swear. I just want to help. Let me help you, come ooooon, Vax….. You look really nice in my armor…. you want a Raven friend? I can send you a Raven friend. They’re really smart birds….. Vax? ….Vax? …..WHY WON’T YOU BE MY FRIEND, VAX?!?!?!?!?”


I went to the pet store to pick up some food for my loves and there was this adorable newborn cockatiel freshly hatched but abandoned by his mother. He was crying and screaming and he loves his owner- the lady who worked the pet store- but he was just having a bad day. She said she loved my energy and wanted me to hold him (she tries to socialize him with people she thinks are high-vibe) and I told her I was a reiki master so she wrapped him up in a tissue and let me send some love! Birds are acutely sensitive to energy particularly to the energy coming from the palms of our hands- just like sylphs are. I sent this little love bug some healing and he smiled and smiled at me until he flopped over into a deep, relaxed sleep. <3 It makes me so happy when I can bring another creature peace and rest. It’s hard being in a human/animal body because it is so dense and over time I’ve discovered what helps the most and what doesn’t. I love my sylph family and we are happiest when we are light and free and energetically harmonized! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this sweet interaction. =) <3 I was also able to help a dog in another bookstore today with her shyness and fear of people and now she greets everyone at the door with kisses! =) When you expect nothing of the creatures here and stop turning them into circus animals (requiring them to let you pet them etc.) you give them respect and restore them to their natural state on earth. When all is centered and peaceful in you it floods your environment and heals the storms in others.