“All quiet, Nobby?” he said, out of the corner of his mouth.
“Nothing going on at all?”
“Nossir. Not a pigeon anywhere, sir.”
“What, nowhere? Nothing?”
“There was trouble all over the place yesterday!”
“You did tell Fred he was to send a bird if there was anything at all?”
“The Shades? There’s always something–”
“Dead quiet, sir.”
Vimes shook his head at the sheer untrustworthiness of Ankh-Morpork’s criminal fraternity.
“I suppose you couldn’t take a brick and–”
“Lady Sybil was very speffic about how you was to stop here,” said Corporal Nobbs, staring straight ahead.
“Yeah, sir. She come and have a word with me. Gave me a dollar,” said Nobby.

– Vimes tries to get out of social obligations | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

Nichelle’s Drabble Masterlist

SilenceDean and reader share a bed on the job.

Wheel In The Sky - Dean sends a letter to his girl.

The Great Outdoors - Dean and the reader get away for some one on one time.

The Boardwalk - Dean and reader spend an evening on the boardwalk.

Louder - Sam tries out a new sigil.

Send Me A Picture - Reader sends Dean!Smith a distracting picture while he’s at work.

In The Ashes - Dean has to make a difficult choice.

Good And Hard - Just smut - rough sex.

Shake It Off - Reader catches Dean doing something very embarrassing.

Free Bird - Dean remembers a girl he knew in his teens.

Four Times - Sam overhears Dean’s extracurricular activities.

Burning - Prompt: Burnin’ For You by Blue Oyster Cult

Little Words - Reader regrets leaving Dean.

Wrong - Drabble about hooking up with Sam.

She - Angsty drabble from Dean’s POV.

Sunday - Cas is embarrassed to ask the reader a question.

Private Moments - Reader remembers moments with Dean.

Bait - The reader plays bait against Dean’s wishes.

Five Freakin’ Minutes - Smut with Sam.

OF COURSE, you need to come over here, there’s fucking bird carcass on my windshield.” if there was something jiyeon hated more than the predicament she had accidentally gotten into, it was probably her dimwitted roommate. “listen, i’ll just call my fa— hello?” she looked back at her cell phone’s screen only to discover to had run out of battery. everything had set her up for failure, the fact she left her car charger in her friend’s car and the fact that she had absolutely nothing to wipe windhsield with but her shirt and that was the last thing on her mind. god, that blood also, the female couldn’t stand the sight of it. “hey.” her voice called out to the nearest stranger, teeth biting the inside of her bottom lip. “can i borrow your phone? i, well,” all she did was signal over to the bloody mess on her car. “it was a bird.”

ocuvigil  asked:


👇 A pointless pet peeve of Woodie’s and Lucy’s


- Birds. No one understands exactly why he hates them but himself and… to an extent, Lucy. She tries to help him get past it.


- When someone has a little bit of their shirt sticking out when the rest of it is tucked into their pants. She always made sure this never happened to Woodie.

Send me a number and two characters - get a drabble.

Sent by anonymous and cosmicbun.

Pairing: Sam x Josh (Until Dawn)

A/N: THIS. IS SO RIDICULOUS I’M SORRY THE PROMPT GOT AWAY FROM ME. I regret writing this tbh but Imma post it anyway. Imma post it anyway.

74. Are You Challenging Me?

If you asked Sam how it all started, she’d say it was when Josh glued her flip flops to the ground at the swimming pool. She tried stepping into them only to land almost flat on her face. Josh insisted he was just accepting the challenge that Sam issued when she came over for a sleepover and saran-wrapped his toilet. Sam claimed that she had no part in it—it was all Beth.

Regardless, what mattered was that the two were now involved in an all-out pranking war and no one was safe.

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Raven Queen Headcanon

I feel like the Raven Queen is actually really fair and kind and a little happy to have a champion again, like her own brand new BFF.

Unfortunately she’s also creepy as fuck so every step she tries to take closer to Vax he awkwardly takes two steps away. 

I feel like she just watches him like “Why do you hate me? I SAVED your sister. It’s not MY fault they put a death trap around the armor that you people set off. I’m good, I’m nice, I swear. I just want to help. Let me help you, come ooooon, Vax….. You look really nice in my armor…. you want a Raven friend? I can send you a Raven friend. They’re really smart birds….. Vax? ….Vax? …..WHY WON’T YOU BE MY FRIEND, VAX?!?!?!?!?”


I went to the pet store to pick up some food for my loves and there was this adorable newborn cockatiel freshly hatched but abandoned by his mother. He was crying and screaming and he loves his owner- the lady who worked the pet store- but he was just having a bad day. She said she loved my energy and wanted me to hold him (she tries to socialize him with people she thinks are high-vibe) and I told her I was a reiki master so she wrapped him up in a tissue and let me send some love! Birds are acutely sensitive to energy particularly to the energy coming from the palms of our hands- just like sylphs are. I sent this little love bug some healing and he smiled and smiled at me until he flopped over into a deep, relaxed sleep. <3 It makes me so happy when I can bring another creature peace and rest. It’s hard being in a human/animal body because it is so dense and over time I’ve discovered what helps the most and what doesn’t. I love my sylph family and we are happiest when we are light and free and energetically harmonized! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this sweet interaction. =) <3 I was also able to help a dog in another bookstore today with her shyness and fear of people and now she greets everyone at the door with kisses! =) When you expect nothing of the creatures here and stop turning them into circus animals (requiring them to let you pet them etc.) you give them respect and restore them to their natural state on earth. When all is centered and peaceful in you it floods your environment and heals the storms in others. 

If It Pleases You (Madera Lavellan/Cremisius Aclassi)

Here is the sequel one shot to The Fall with ottabox‘s Madera Lavellan. <3

Madera opened her eyes to a clear morning. The skies outside of her large windows were shining azure, broken up with minimum clouds. Birds chirped out on the balcony while others flew by without a care in the world. It was calming to see everything back to normal. Corypheus was defeated, the breach was closed, and Thedas was safe. With a small yawn, she stretched her lithe frame before pain consumed her.

Hissing out a curse in elvish, Mads sat up in her bed, the sheets tangling around her body as she tried to grip her ankle. When she was able to wrap her hands around it, the throbbing intensified, sending another wave of agony through her.

Breathing through her teeth, Madera tried to mentally will the injury away. When that didn’t work, she counted backward from a hundred. She had forgotten about the twisted ankle. It was nature’s retribution for Krem’s nose, she supposed. An ankle for a nose. The thought made her giggle. Maybe she was going crazy after everything that had happened.

A soft snore came from her right. Confused, the elf glanced toward the sound. Krem was sitting in one of her enormous reading chairs, his head propped up by a pillow. He slept soundly. His hair was sticking up in places. She remembered briefly that it had been wet earlier the evening before.

The sight of him warmed her heart. He had carried her to her quarters before tucking her into bed. She had drifted off after taking some herbs to stop the pain. She hadn’t realized he had stayed to watch over her.

Madera watched him sleep for a few minutes, enjoying the way his chest moved as he breathed. He was peaceful, unaware of any danger he could face in the coming days. The thought of him possibly finding trouble made her chest tighten in anxiety. She couldn’t bear it if anything happened to him. She had felt similarly for Solas, still did in a way, but out of the two men, Krem was the one that had stayed. Krem was caring for her. Krem cared for her.

The near kiss the night before hadn’t been planned. They had been talking about Solas, about why he had stayed with the Inquisition after breaking it off with her. A kiss after talking about her lost love would have been a mistake. It wouldn’t have been real. Her first kiss with Krem should be real.

Krem stirred, his dark eyes blinking a few times before settling on the Inquisitor. His eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled. “How long have you been awake?”

“A little while.” She admitted, blush forming on her cheeks at having been caught. “You looked so peaceful. I didn’t want to wake you.”

Krem yawned suddenly. “You should have.” Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the warrior stood. “Let me carry you down to breakfast, Your Worship.”

Madera crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. “No. You need rest, Krem. You slept in an awful position all night.”

Krem ran a hand over his messy hair. “If you say so, Mads.”

The warrior turned away from her and Mads felt panicked. Was he going to leave her so soon? At the first step he took, Madera called out, “Are you leaving?”

Krem paused and glanced over his shoulder at the elven woman. She was still sitting in the mess of sheets that was her bed. “I thought you wanted me to rest.”

Madera turned bright red and with an awkward clearing of her throat, she turned her emerald gaze away from him. “You could… rest here?”

His eyes widened at her request. “Rest here with you, my lady?”

Madera’s cheeks were so heated with embarrassment that she covered her face with her hands. “Only if it pleases you.”

Krem didn’t respond. It worried the Inquisitor. Had she completely ruined her friendship with the Chargers’ lieutenant? Why was she so immensely stupid?

She stiffened when one side of the mattress compressed under extra weight. Her eyelids opened quickly and she faced the man who now sat beside her. “Krem, I-” She stopped her words, feeling like a fool again. “You don’t have to-”

Krem’s lips found hers, effectively cutting her off. He was gentle, aware of the pain her ankle was still in. His rough hand caressed the softness of her cheek. It felt wonderful, cool, against the flushed skin. Madera easily relaxed into the intimacy of the moment, knowing that this was what she’d hoped for. A real kiss. One with true feeling, with caring, with kindness.

Her hands rested atop his strong shoulders. The muscles flexed as he pulled her closer with the hand on her hip. Mads never wanted it to end.

Her head was swimming with ecstasy by the time Krem pulled away. Both were breathing a little quicker, air finally returning to their lungs. Krem’s eyelids were heavy as he gazed at her. It made Madera feel giddy again.

“Wow.” She breathed in awe, a smirk forming. “That was… wow.”

Krem chuckled, reaching out a finger to trace the outline of her lips. “I think wow covers it.”

Madera brushed her hand along the outside of his bicep. “Krem?”

“Yes, Mads?” He asked, lifting her hand and kissing the tips of her fingers.

Stay.” She whispered, loving the feel of his lips on her fingers. Her sprained ankle was forgotten. “Stay forever.”

The request brought a grin to Krem’s face. “If it pleases you, Your Worship.”