[She smol with war paint look how cute]


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“˜She likes to shock,’ a Downing Street source says. ‘Her mindset is…”

Have you read the article this is from? It’s very thorough, and when I say thorough I do mean THOROUGH…covering everything from how she does her make-up to wear she buys lingerie. ;-)

OF COURSE I HAVE i even went as far as googling the lingerie shop because i’m the actual wORST

Ok so I’m on the same flight to New York as Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy/Tova in Orange is the New Black) and we were going through security at the same time and I was like ’!!!!!!!!! Hi, not to be annoying but you are so talented and I just really had to tell you’ and then she smiled real big and said ‘you are so sweet thank you. I love your hair!’ and I’m SHOOK.