Just like it was. Rated K.

“You know… sometimes, I never thought we could be like this again,” Sakura murmured, as they lied quietly beneath a sheet of bright stars with bottles is sake and balled up rice at their feet.


She smiled a bit nostalgically. “I mean, when things weren’t going well… when for a while, Sasuke-kun was lost to us…” Her fingers twisted with the green grass blades, eyes slipping shut softly. “I thought about moments like these a lot, and how we’d never have them again.”

A calloused hand brushed along the back of her own, and she fluttered her eyes open again, tipping her head to her left to look at Sasuke. His gaze held muted regrets, touch gentle like a silent apology, and she couldn’t help but to smile for that, twining her pinkie with his in a manner that could only be reassuring and forgiving. 

Her head shifted back to look up at the sky. “Of course, I should have just known you’d drag his ass back like you promised,” she went on, nudging her elbow to Naruto’s side. 

Naruto laughed and nudged her back, before he moved to jump to his feet. “Yeah, you should have, Sakura-chan! Come on, you know I don’t ever go back on my word!”

Sakura laughed, too. “Stubborn as you are, I don’t know how I ever doubted it,” she said, as she pushed herself up as well. She offered Sasuke a hand after she’d straightened her back and stretched, grinning as he didn’t hesitate to accept it. 

When Naruto skipped to her side and offered his hand as well, she couldn’t help but to laugh as Sasuke scowled and slapped his away, muttering, “What am I, an invalid? I don’t need two people to lift me up, idiot.”

“You’re such a bastard, bastard!”

“Couldn’t come up with a better comeback, knucklehead?”

Something in Sakura’s belly warmed at the familiarity of it all, and she grinned, reaching forward to clasp both of her hands around the quarreling men’s.

“Alright, alright,” she acquiesced, giving them both a softly chiding glance. “You can both stop your idiocy. We came here to celebrate our first six months back together as a team, not to encourage another one of your pissing contests!” She locked their fingers together tightly, squeezing. “And once Kakashi-sensei gets here, we can start on the sake and the onigri!”

“That’s Kakashi-sama to you, thank you.”

The three whipped their heads around, fingers still intertwined.


“Yo,” he greeted, eyes crinkling as he shut his book and took the steps to join them. “You three look cozy.”

Ignoring the remark, Sakura giggled and said, “You’re two hours late, Kaka-sensei.”

“Sorry,” he replied, scratching the back of his head. The sight was so familiar that it sent a whole new wave of warmth through her. “I got lost on the road of life.”

She glanced at her two remaining teammates. Sasuke smirked at her, and Naruto grinned. A teasing smile slipped to her lips, and she laughed again.

“Liar!” they all chorused.

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Omg can you actually do a scene where Eto and Tatara give Ayato the talk? Your writing is on point btw!

You have no idea how excited I was to write this

“Ayato, I think we have something we need to discuss.” Eto said solemnly, her hand firm on Ayato’s shoulder.

He made a disgusted face and tried to pull away from her, but Eto was a lot stronger than she looked. She adjusted her glasses with the tip of her index finger and looked to Tatara, who nodded once.

“You see, you’re a growing boy. You’re sixteen now, am I correct?”

“Yes? What of it?” He snapped, wanting nothing more than to rip from her grasp.

“As I suspected.” She turned to Tatara and shook her head. “Poor boy.”

Ayato was growing increasingly irritated, and it was showing. His fists were clenched and he was grinding his teeth.

“You see, young Kirishima, when a man starts to become, well, a man, he goes through many … changes. I’m fairly certain you’ve experienced these changes. They are not unlike that of a human teenager. Now, tell me are you getting hair in strange place?”

“Oh, FUCK no.” Realization dawned upon Ayato, and even with one hard yank, he still could not free himself from the eccentric woman before him.

“These changes can be both wonderful and scary. Ultimately, these changes are what is going to help you find a mate that you can procreate with. Do you know what procreation is, Ayato?”

“Fuck, yes! Let me go! I do NOT need to hear this from you! STOP!”

Eto held up a hand to silence him and plowed on as if she hadn’t heard him in the first place.

“You see, when a man loves a woman very much, he will experience tingly tingles - “ Eto leaned to his ear and cupped her hand over to stage a whisper. “- tingly tingles… down…. there.” 

Her eyes flicked to his jeans and Ayato turned at least twenty shades of red. He opened his mouth to retaliate against being held captive, but Eto merely clapped her hand over his mouth and went on.

“Now, when a man feels those tingly tingles, he will get the urge to, uh, do the do. Make the beast with two backs. Pump and dump. Have THE SEX.”

Ayato made a pleading glance at Tatara, which went completely ignored. Eto looked like she was enjoying herself more than she should’ve.

“You will then proceed to stick your happy stick into her garden of eternal majesty, and do so multiple times -” Eto stopped talking to demonstrate a vulgar hand motion. “That is, unless you find the same sex attractive, and it usually works the same way - just with a different garden -”

Ayato managed to break free, his face completely red. His arms flailed like mad and he finally swatted Eto away and broke into a sprint in the opposite direction. 

“I was just trying to be educational.” Eto huffed, crossing her arms. She looked at Tatara and sighed. “Teenagers.”

Big madam and snakes

I think that big madam has a lot of symbolism to snakes. Snakes symbolize cunning and she certainly is that. In the manga, they say that she got to be rated an SS ghoul because of her influence among the ghouls. This kind of reminds me of a politician. To achieve this status, I don’t doubt for a second that she’s done some untrustworthy things.

The thing that really tipped me off was the way that she’s devouring Urie.

Even someone with an abnormally sized mouth wouldn’t be able to fit a human baby’s head and shoulders in their mouth, let alone a teenage boy. An explanation for this is that her jaw can detach while she’s eating to give her mouth a wider range of things she can fit in there… like a snake.

&. open

            she smiles widely, standing up on her tip toes to place a 
            flower crown on top of the others head. she giggles a bit,
            stepping back to admire it for a moment. she had spent
            a lot of time making that flower crown just for them. 

                     “y-you look so pr-pretty now!!” 

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What grosses Ban out? Has she ever been embarrassed?

Dalaran sewer water grosses her out in ways I can’t quiet describe. It’s magical poop water, she’s invented so many horrible things in her head about those sewers and that water that  if she were ever to visit those sewers again, you’d all but see her actively skirting and tip-toeing around the water.

She’s also been embarrassed….a lot.


The Gilnean waited by the portal, watching the Horde citizens and troops walking out of it to explore, tame, conquer, or defend this new world. He had a pack on and the large Warsong mount he’d tamed next to him with saddlebags of more gear. After a moment, Kelliann stepped through with a small group of her companions. “Ma’am.” The Undead tipped his head in a small greeting as he approached them. Kelli returned the nod as she motioned for a scar-covered Orc to step forward. “I’m going with Tala on some diplomatic mission. The rest of the men I brought will go with you to the camp, Gauld.”

Kelli turned, following the Laughing Skull Orc towards the flight master while the rest of her crew turned to him. “Right. I’m guessing you lot have pack animals and we’re force marching to the camp.” A few nodded, though more seemed to be too busy looking around. The Undead readjusted his rifle before turning. “This way ladies and gents. We’ve a bit of a way till we get to the camp.”


How did we get here?

i. Her hair flows like a river from the top of her head down her waist, a shade of soft black and red to the tips like a faded violin. This is how you can identify her from the crowd.

ii. Her black eyes are sparkling and big- shaped like a nut with pointed edges as if both were able to see a lot of things, beautiful and tragic. She has that shadows under her eyes that don’t ruin the purpose of it. Looking at them is like having a glimpse of her soul, heavy and tough. This is just among the things you can never forget.

iii. The way she put her earphones on and plays Nirvana or the songs she heard from her father, the tiny dots on her arms from mosquito bites, the pointed chin she has and the way her lips expand to the corner as she smiles, her shoulder blades and the bones on her cheeks and that hair, oh god that hair.

iv. Little things that are worthy to get noticed.

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Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason? (Plus, you can write a drabble about it if you want)

Keirin has the usual scars just from living, but they’re pretty faint. The only scar that stands out is the one on her wrist caused by X. He can mope over her actions as much as he wants, but she physically bears a constantly reminder of his. The fact that she tries to be as understanding as has is near saintly.

Murienn doesn’t have any as only man made or cursed items would be able to harm her so much it would have difficulty healing. The benefits of being a kelpie.

Sonia has the usual scars from being an active kid. Lots of old scars from scraps. The most prominent one is mostly under her hair, but the tip peaks out. She had gotten in a rather serious car accident, a piece of glass just luckily grazing her head instead of impaling it.

Tips against overthinking:

1. Overthinking usually starts when you’re making up bad scenarios in your head. If you can do that, try it the other way around. Instead of: he has been hanging out a lot with that girl lately. Does he like her? Think: maybe I should hang out with her more too, since she’s also my friend and obviously a fun person to be around!
It might be hard to do so at first, but you’ll feel less miserable.
2. As soon as you start overthinking, talk to someone about it. This especially works when you’re overthinking about a person, because they can reassure you that it’s not true and explain things.
3. Try to calm down and write down FACTS about the thing you’re overthinking. Tell yourself only to think about these facts and not about your assumptions.
4. If someone is making you overthink everything, tell them. They’ll try to make you more comfortable and if not, leave them.

I engaged a cab driver.

During the ride he talked about himself.

Those who know me know I am particularly skilled at deflection. If someone asks me about myself, before they realize it we will be talking about them. It’s a gift.

Cab driver was born in Sudan. Hates it here! Women here are crazy! He and his wife moved here from Egypt. As soon as they got here she filed for a divorce. Grounds, he beat her! As soon as they get here, they go crazy!

He wanted to go back to Egypt. I gave him a big tip, because I felt sorry for him.

Today, on the news “Minnesota is a hot zone for these homegrown terrorists!’

My head goes to: That’s where immigration sent the lost boys, the people from Somalia, Sierra Leone. Many of them landed in Minnesota!

Jumping again. These guys (I’m assuming, too that a lot of them were born Muslim) get to this country. Certain freedoms. Certainly, less violence. They enjoy their freedoms. Enough to exercise free speech. Get on the interwebs, enough to become radicalised.

They latch on to this ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State) and aspire to sign up.

I haven’t been to every country. I don’t know if this is the best country in the world. BUT there are freedoms. Freedoms enough so they can join this ISIS. ISIS which seems to aspire to be worse then the horrid state of war they left?

I understand now, why I felt sorry for the wife beater…

…he was nucking futts!