What about Captain South of Pink Team, though. What about Volleyball with the hugest crush on her CO, Volleyball six foot one and desperately trying to stay professional, goddamnit it, but her CO is just so… she does a lot of swooning as soon as South leaves the room. It gets even worse after South dyes her hair to match her squad’s colors, because South isn’t cute, she’s rough and loud and scarred and mean and she’s got blush pink kissing her jaw every time she moves her head and Volleyball spends a lot of time blushing under her helmet.

What about South who finds her Lieutenant smokin’ hot, but you know what? She’s not gonna go there.She’s got opinions about CO’s abusing authority, yeah? Not cool, no matter how bright Volleyball’s smile is, or how South might have butterflies in her stomach long after she thought they died off. And she dyes the tips of her hair pink, and hopes it isn’t too obvious that it’s not about the squad, it’s about her. It’s how she feels good with Volleyball at her back, walking into battle, but she also feels good letting her take point, watching her back. So she’s not gonna go there, she doesn’t want to make Volleyball uncomfortable so she just shoves it down.

And the rest of the New Republic watching these two dancing around each other and trying so hard to be good and professional, and just thinking like…please kiss. This isn’t even fun to watch anymore. Please, you giant lesbians, seriously you’re both over six foot tall and smitten with each other, please just kiss.

vanlivanlivanli asked:


Not the biggest in Tyria, but definitely on the large end of the scale. They fall just past the nipple line on her. Fun fact, I consulted Dusty and we did the calculations* and estimated that from base to tip, her ears measure in at about a foot and a half. The left ear is pierced at the tip and she has a small collection of rings for it (briefly: a simple gold hoop, a preserved passion flower, a rose quartz polished into a heart and an azurite earring so far). Kind of makes me think if I should get my ears pierced IRL.

They’re also moderately plump and above all else, floppy. She can’t raise them straight above her head like a lot of asura with smaller ears can (for example, how the ears stand when wielding a staff: that’s actually impossible for her). They tend to flop/trail behind her when she runs or hover slightly away from her body. 

Needless to say, they’re also quite sensitive to touch and also to temperature. Large-eared mammals usually have large ears for the purpose of discharging lots of body heat when they get hot. In a small way, it explains/factors in to why she can tolerate hot climates but not cold ones.

If you were to touch them, they’d feel substantially softer than the rest of her body. They have a silky sort of feel to them and would feel warm to the touch (refer to above).

Compared to other asura, she’s hearing-impaired. Large ears don’t mean shit in terms of hearing well unless they have rigidity. She’s based off an English Lop rabbit, and their hearing is far worse than your standard rabbit.

* Presuming Dinny is somewhere in the range of 3′3″ - 3′5″, and her in-game model is 4 - 4.5 heads tall proportionally.

hotazu asked:

۞ : )


  • the best height difference couple aka tsukishima not-so-secretly adoring her delicate stature which gradually becomes apparent to people as he’ll nonchalantly rest his chin upon her head at times, or he’ll use her shoulders as an arm rest to tease her but mainly he loves how he can just encase her in his arms with ease — which, coupled with a snarky tongue or icy glare, he does a lot whenever other boys get too friendly with her. he’d also quietly think it’s adorable how she has to rise on the tips of her toes to kiss him.
  • despite their height difference, they’d both be on equal footing in the relationship. gender roles would not be a problem; each person pulls their own weight around the house, but often they like to do the chores together to make the tasks go faster which then leaves more time for quality cuddling and kissing yes.
  • their relationship would be one strengthened by their long years of friendship, so they would know what they were getting into — what to expect of the other. their current dynamics would not transform with a dramatic flourish, but rather life would be a little easier as they’re freer to express themselves in romantic overtones. with her sweet, optimistic nature and unique perceptive, coupled with an amazing thoughtfulness, gou would definitely be able to offer a new, colorful approach to his life and support his endeavors as best as she can.
  • for the most part, they’d have a very steady and open relationship with hardly any hidden feelings or problems, being quite verbal with their affections. for tsukishima, his affections are consistently masked by a caustic tongue and instead would be heralded by his actions e.g. always being the first to hold hands, chiding her for wearing too thin a sweater while removing his own jacket for her, picking up her favorite sweets on the way to her place then pretending that they were just on sale and the bakery looked desperate for money. although she’ll teasingly call him out for these little acts every now and then, gou would absolutely adore these moments and keeps silent on his altruistic intentions for the most part.
  • their emotions are so complex that their relationship would really be understandable to none more than them (especially in lieu of his surface personality). everyone’s first reactions would be likely shock because that jerk with this sweetheart? but it’d be easy to see just how smitten they were for one another once people recovered from the initial surprise with the smiles, smirks, and butterflies in their stomach.
  • because he’s known her for years, tsukishima would be strangely receptive to gou’s every idiosyncrasies, no matter how subtle, and would act in his own unorthodox methods to lift her spirits e.g. picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder whenever her mood drops, placing his headphones over her ears and playing a playlist that he may or may not have made specifically for her in his spare time to quell her anxieties, just pulling her into his arms with a click of his tongue whenever the lie ` i’m okay ` slips from her tongue.


  • as much pleasure as they get being around one another, their relationship would be a long-distanced and seasonal as the tottori and miyagi prefectures are nearly on opposite ends of the island, and so it makes it a lonely relationship at times. they would try their best to remedy this by seeing each other during their breaks however, and make sure to text each other on a daily basis, always starting each day with a good morning and ending it with a brief, but sweet text of love declaration.
  • he would be absolutely exasperated with gou’s muscular appreciation. it’s usually during these moments that his sarcasm is at its finest.
  • although quite uncommon, any arguments would be absolutely livid as tsukishima brandishes his snark while gou opts for stubborn silence in return. this would leave them in a non-communicative state for days, sometimes weeks as they’re both highly stubborn people also rigid in their separate beliefs. reconciliation would only occur when one, or both, of them are able to push aside their egos for the sake of the relationship.
  • sometimes she would want to try and be the big spoon too. (▰˘︹˘▰)

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"Happy mother's day." Hooking and arm around Yoshino and quickly pecking the tip of her head. "You should take a break from all this deer caretaking. Let me take you out."

(sorry for late response dear! ♥ )

Yoshino couldn’t help but smile at her son’s inexpected displaying of affection. Shikamaru could be so caring and gentle at times…
And a good looker as well. Actually, she did feel worn out due to the lot of activities she was forced to do after her husband was gone, but she didn’t want her son to worry.
“Are you sure?” she asked back, wiping some drops of sweat off her forehead, “haven’t you got any plan with Ino for today?”

kousein asked:

"do you think you can make everything stop spinning?"

                                        Random Sentence Starters!

 ❝ ━ what did you do that it’s all spinning in the first place? ❞ Her brows furrow as she is giving him a short glance, head tipping to the left side. Maybe he has been drinking. Hangover! Or maybe he hit his head. That was possible, too. Hm. Her thoughts roam, trying to find a few more reasons as of why he was feeling the way he did. She’s reaching into her bag, taking out her phone; google would give information and tips! And so there she was, asking google for tips and tricks on how to make everything stop spinning. After about five minutes later she had been reading quite a few articles, and her phone wanders back into her bag. ❝ ━ well. Google says sleeping is the best method. And drinking lots of water!

UPDATE: So my grandma is in the ICU at least over night. Her blood counts down to 80, her blood pressure is really low, her blood pressure was so low that they couldn’t use the regular under the tongue thermometer and had to use the butt one(yuck). Her temperature was 93 something when it’s supposed to be 98.6 so they brought a plastic blow up heated blanket thing.
The nurses were amazing. There was one who was a total bitch and was rude but other then her they were the sweetest. One even was talking to me about going to school and what I was going to do and when I said I wanted to be a CNA she was talking to be about it and giving me tips.
There were a lot of accident victims, one motorcycle(he had bad road rash and ripped off almost all the skin on his arms and legs, and his head was bleeding) and this other girl came in(her friend was taken by ambulance) and her elbow was almost as swollen as my arm was when I broke it and she couldn’t move it(when we were getting ready to leave we heard she was going to surgery), there was also 3 ambulances bringing in people from my town after a car accident.
When we were in the waiting room my dad and I took a walk to get Starbucks for my mom and I(my head was throbbing). My grandma had to go to the bathroom while in the waiting room and since nobody was around to help we were just standing in front of the bathroom till they finally went to get help. This little girl next to me in the waiting room kept watching me color so I asked her if she wanted to color and was going to give her my one crayon box and notebook to keep since I had another but her mom said no(I don’t think they spoke English so they didn’t understand) after we were called back I was like I should’ve just let the crayons and notebook there so the kids there could use it while waiting.

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Cupid smiles as she feels the kiss to the tip of the cock and the lick to it. It felt so nice as she leans her hand down and pets Hinata's head as a moans leaves her lips. "Ohh my such an good whore you are~ Just licking and kissing a cock without a single word or command to tell you to do so~ I am impressed. Now you better suck me off really good today~ If you do I will reward you with lots of cum everywhere~" Cupid coos happily at her as her cock twitches.

Hinata’s cheeks light up bright pink as she’s spoken to. Her knees spread a bit wider, like that would help relieve the pressure she was beginning to feel. Oral had always aroused her and it was obvious that with a woman or not this wouldn’t be any different.

She hollows her cheeks, taking the length into her mouth, swirling her tongue hotly against it, moaning when it twitched. She released it when it did, taking one long lick on the underside of it.

ahyunq asked:

Hello! And welcome to Asani! (' she smiles and bows; I'm Yura, main rapper of Girl's Day. I't nice to meet you. How's your day going so far? (' tilts her head slightly to the side, raising her brows as she looks at him;

Thank you. [ ; Smiling a bit before tipping his head to bow. ; ] Its nice to finally meet you too. I’ve been waiting to meet the members of Girl’s day, as embarrassing as it sounds, I’m a fan. [ ; Feeling sheepish, he can only grin at his older, nodding. ; ] My day has been a bit exhausting. We have a lot of schedules now but I’m not complaining. How about you?


A-ah.. Is it still too obvious it’s me? Omo.. [/she pulls at the bill of the cap, trying to hide her eyes more, then having to look up just to see her surroundings well] Yours look like it’s in place, mhm. Shall we go?… [/she gulps at the thought of what they were about to do, seeing as they were going to go out in broad daylight] Do you think we’ll be able to shop in Hongdae without getting recognized, Jieun-ah?

Hmm. {` she took a step back and observed the other’s appearance, tipping her head from side to side whilst a finger tapped on her chin } You’re good. Just make sure you won’t do anything that would probably stand out. Your beauty would definitely catch a lot of people’s attention. We better hide that. {` a smile oozing with sweetness followed suit after her last statement then she looped her arm around the other’s } Hongdae is a place wherein youth and culture co-exist– so yes. We will be recognized. {` she laughed with mischief at her silliness before reassuring the other } Don’t worry, unnie! We just have to blend in!

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Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. (Kale to Lynette)

Oh! That was very nice of him to say. It made her feel really happy to know that Kale had those thoughts, that she had done something to make him feel good. She reached up, standing on her tip-toes and only able to pat his cheek.

“Well, I’m glad! You need to feel better about yourself, you silly head!” She gave him the brightest smile she could. Something to help him through the days or weeks they aren’t together. “You make me happiest when you’re around, you know!”

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Okay, truth, then. What's the most awful truth question you've ever had to answer while playing truth or dare? You don't have to answer it. I'm just curious what it was.

{ ❤ }
    “Mm.” Alice gave a pensive little hum, her eyes slipping shut and her head tipping back as she thought. Her fingers took to twisting through her hair again, coiling and looping the soft tangled strands around her knuckles. “This is a hard question.” See, she’d been asked quite a lot of questions through the years but none of them had ever been particularly bad. There had been attempts at embarrassing questions though they had quite missed the mark as Alice was quite difficult to embarrass.

   “Oh, I suppose the worst was in high school, right before I got taken out. I was playing with a group of girls and boys and one of the boys asked if I liked him. I didn’t, and I told him so and he was so offended. I felt bad for him. I don’t think he anticipated me being so honest.”

Between shots, Winslet says, she and DiCaprio would snuggle under a blanket in his trailer and talk about sex. “You know, some very, very personal things, asking each other for advice,” she says. “Not necessarily comparing notes but sort of, `No, don’t do it like that, do it like this.’ He’s very good at that. I have to say, a lot of those sexual tips he’s given me have worked. And I know it’s vice versa.” When I tell Winslet the tips might also be useful to our readers, she smiles and shakes her head. “No, it’s too despicable,” she says. “In fact, it can get really graphic. It’s going to turn into a porn piece.
My dick head hurts.

She was slamming down on me, jamming it up into her, a lot. It felt good at the time. Especially when she would grind her hips which cranked on my dick head quite a bit and hit that good spot. But once it was over, the tip of my dick stung and it hurt to pee. If something don’t hurt when you’re done fuckin’, you ain’t doing it right :P

Name: marianne/mary
Species: human
Age: 19-ish
Skin Tone: pretty tan idk
Preferred Hand: right handed
Facial Type: round, big nose & lips
Eyes: dark olive green & slightly almond-shaped
Hair Color: dark brown with teal tips
Hairstyle: straight hair, shorter in the back (reaches base of head), longer in the front (reaches collarbones), pretty long fringe she usually pushes to her right side
Makeup: likes wearing colourful lipstick and eyeshadow, the only thing she does regularly is wear mascara
Body Type: small & chubby
Build: chubby cheeks that make her face look very round, narrower shoulders and wider hips, lots of tummy fat, thick arms and legs, smaller than average
Facial Hair: pretty bushy eyebrows, other than that no facial hair
Shoe Size: idk average?
Birthmarks/scars: some birthmarks on back and shoulders, some freckles on cheeks & nose
Jewellry: sometimes rings or bracelets
Clothing style: bright colours, almost always wears skirts/dresses, likes big sunhats

I’m getting a mani pedi this morning and… Can’t help but re read the @nytimes article in my head and wonder, “what is Susan’s real name?” “Where does she come from?” “Does she live in horrible conditions?” “What does the salon pay her?” “She looks new - is that why she’s doing pedicures?” All I do know: I’m tipping her a lot. In cash.

Wood Watches from JORD + Summer Rompers

Hey! Today’s post features wood watches from @woodwatches_com! Head to StushiGal Style for more details! #jordwatch

*This post features the Sidney Maple and Rose Gold wood watch from JORD which was given to me as a gift for a product review

Hey Everyone!

Mother’s Day weekend was perfect! The weather was beautiful, breakfast was delicious and my mother loved her gift. I put a lot of thought into it so I’m glad she liked it. I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. My mother wasn’t the only one…

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