Did you have a nightmare?

  • Baby Holmes:*lying on her changing mat; playing with Sherlock's hat*
  • Sherlock & Baby Watson:*staring at her*
  • Baby Watson:*whispers* What do we do?
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* How should I know?
  • Baby Watson:You're her Dad!
  • Sherlock:*scoffs* So? John barely went near you when you were first born.
  • Baby Watson:*frowns* What?
  • Baby Holmes:*babbling; chewing on the hat*
  • Sherlock:*smiling* She is cute, though, isn't she?
  • Baby Watson:*tickles the baby's tummy; giggles* Yeah.
  • Molly:*enters the flat; carrying shopping* Hiya...
  • Sherlock & Baby Watson:*still watching the baby*
  • Sherlock:*kisses his daughter's cheek* I thought you were going shopping.

I feel like Erin’s nearly one of the only writers who looks at other episodes and takes note of the little things (like Deesk’ treadmill desk) and feeds them in so well and it makes for a great episode!

[Side note; can he also get his motorcycle back? Okay? Thanks]

here is a new undertale character called candy

shes a bar tender at grillby’s and lives in waterfall. she is good friends with napstablook and likes to listen to his music. she enjoys her work at grillby’s and works with a smile. she sometimes helps papyrus with his cooking and like teaching him. she enjoy the company of the skelly bros and finds sans’ puns very funny.

she some day wants to seen what lies above ground, what nature is like and likes to sketch and paint ideas of what it might look like. alphys makes her paint and makes supplies for her.

also drew her in the haventale au 

haventale au belongs to @deoxyrebornicleic / @haventale


that szpd feel when your flatmate and his girlfriend are always almost forgetting that you live there cause u dont talk to them or leave your room much so they leave the kitchen a mess and use your stuff like its theirs. apartments for one person are too expensive so next year i really have to look out with who im sharing flat with an say im not social from the first minute so still have me in mind and respect me


“I’m—-fine?” Verena gave her an odd look and then a little shrug. She wasn’t really sure what her answer was supposed to be. Discomfort swirled in her stomach and she shifted in her seat. Why do this to her? What was she supposed to say? She wasn’t hurting any body, wasn’t that a good enough answer?

Ena swung her legs off the couch to give Caroline a place to sit and eyed her suspiciously. “What’s this about?”

The blonde watched the dragoness contemplate her question. Her lips ticked upward in a smile. Sometimes, she loved being able to throw Verena a curveball like this one. Caroline moved toward the couch, swinging her arms by her sides before plopping down onto the couch. She rested her elbow on the back of it, her head resting in her hand. She didn’t consider it to be a trick question, but this was Verena.

“It was just a question. Are you happy? It’s not a trick, I promise.”


We listen to the song as just a song. Maybe it looks similar to our stories but actually it is Taylor’s stories. She remembers it whenever she sings it. With every part of it happy, sad, or dramatic.. Sometime, her tears fall out. Sometimes she smiles. I keep asking myself: How could a woman write her own stories & sing them.. and make everyone around the world lives them and thinks it’s about him?!

Do you have an answer, darling @taylorswift ?


His eyes gazed up at her, somehow surprised by her words. “Eh?” Were the only words that left his lips as he gazed at her, hands stuffed into the pockets of his thick coat. He stood there, eyes on her, as the snow fell. He didn’t exactly know how to respond, it wasn’t often that he would hear someone say that to him. “Are…you sure?”

the woman stared up at the man and nodded. “since you look like you’re about to freeze to death” she smiled cheekily. her innocence sometimes hid the fact that she was, in fact, smarter than everyone in the street combined. well maybe that was just too much. maybe she was smarter than ten people. “i can’t let that happen, so my arms are mean to hold you, and warm you up… that or a cup of coffee. but let me tell you, a cup of coffee doesn’t cuddle like i do”

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                  they live together — and he keeps the windows open, and OWL-LIGHT ROOMS are showered in light. At DUSK, when the breeze is COOL & GENTLE, he leans on the white parapet and listens to the city and he smiles. sometimes, she watches the cars and ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS too and the two of them count the people on the streets and invent stories to their faces, wine bottles in their hands. sometimes, the woman laughs and lays her head on his shoulder and the man laughs and involves her waist and it’s that, only, FOREVER. in the cold light of DISTANT STARS, his green eyes seem darker and darker and sadder. in the witch hours, he stops to listen to THE GHOSTS in the many rooms of the house. & he is haunted, and she sits and tells him  of what he does not know. THE WORLD, he whispers and blinks and stares. show me the world, ‘lena.

                  joseph weiss is one of the omorî'trai — for many years he was deprived of all, forgotten in slumber. since his blood carried true immortality, an old enemy of his sealed joseph’s conscience and physical body within a world of illusions … he lost everything, but never himself. & finally free from his invisible cage, he found a friend in helena diehr, who offered him a chance to begin again in a new world. it was her who taught him our languages, it was her that told him human stories, human culture … it was her that gave him the only chance he ever needed … 

       from their conversations in the middle of the night, TRUE FRIENDSHIP was born.

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no but she smiles (sometimes even with teeth wow), sometimes clenches her fist like yeeeah this is cool, in general she seems more energized and less like she’s doing whatever she’s doing because she has too

oddly enough I could almost see her becoming a little more passive when she’s enthusiastic about something? because that’s not super familiar territory to her so she lets other people have more of a part in it like when mako helped her out describing the taste of their croquette dinner ‘ v ‘

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💌 reverse

Send in 💌 for my muse to ask your’s to be their Valentine or “💌 reverse” for my muse’s reaction to your muse asking mine

     “ Ah! Ana-chan doesn’t have training that day, either? ” 

       Regardless of what kind, dance or vocal, Sachiko knew they often took up the whole day. While most idols were not permitted to date, her company didn’t seem apposed to her spending Valentines day with someone.

     “ Sure! It might be nice to have a day in though, because the 14th is when the Valentines photoshoot will be released and I really don’t wanna be cruising down the street seeing our faces everywhere. A nice cosy movie day together? ”

    Honestly, the thought of spending the day with her friend and being able to spoil her with chocolates DID appeal to Sachiko greatly.

(ALSO ADDING THIS ONTO THAT LAST HEADCANON, BECAUSE IT JUST HIT ME. River’s baby-daddy Jamey was totally the one who got her into smoking the hookah, and she started doing it in her teens. Jamey was a big on cigarettes and pot, so the hookah bars would be prime places to be for him. 

He of course took her along to get her to socialize and loosen-up more.)

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Mouth: She has thin lips, but her bottom lip is a little fuller than her top lip; it was great for pouting with her mothers. Her lips are a light shade of pink, and are always chapped. It seems like no matter how much chapstick she uses, they’re always chapped. Not too bad, but noticeable. It doesn’t help that she’s constantly chewing on her lips and peeling off anything she can. 

She has a crescent shaped scar on her bottom lip, right in the middle from where her lip was split in one of her first boxing matches. Its very light. But it’s her favourite scar.

She’s always smiling, but sometimes it doesn’t reach her eyes; when she smiles, her real toothy smile happens only when she’s really happy or when she’s around someone she is fond of. When she’s working on something that includes motor skills, like writing, colouring, or cutting something, she sticks her tongue out and licks her lips, purses them if she’s really frustrated. When she sleeps, her mouth is just barely open (and yes she snores), she drools. 

Maylene takes very good care of her teeth. She brushes sometimes 3 times a day depending on how dirty her mouth feels. She takes advantage of her League offered dental care, and has check ups at least every 6 months, and her whole life she has only had 1 cavity. Her wisdom teeth were removed when she was 16. Though some argue that her two front teeth are a little too big for her.

Sometimes she goes out….. and sometimes she likes the people she goes out with. Sometimes she gets a little free time. Sometimes she smiles. Sometimes she means the smile. (at Major Deegan 87 South)